Eli Gershkovitch Contribution To The Popularity of Craft Beer In Canada.

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It is no longer a secret that Canadian are beer lovers, and more so their own beer. Today Canada has over 600 microbreweries.

Beer consumption in Canada has been rising over time. All the same, sales have been standard in Canada dating back from 1995. However, there has been notable revenue growth on the sales of craft beer since 2009 which has really gained popularity especially in the highly populated provinces such as Quebec and Ontario (LinkedIn).

There are some craft beers as a Canadian beer lover you would definitely love to have a taste of, and here is a list of a few.

1) Red Racer Pale Ale- this is a beer manufactured by Central City Brewing, the 2012 brewery of the year award winner. It is more bitter compared to other pale beers, but normally very fresh.

2) Gutenberg Belgian Double- is a warm and spicy gluten-free beer, a product of Brasseurs Sans Gluten in Quebec. It is one of the few traditional beers that are gluten-free.

3) La Fin du Monde- this is a Belgian style beer a product of Unibroue breweries in Ontario city. It is one Canadian beer that has won several medals.

4) Traditional Ale- This is an English-style brown ale beer but in the Canadian style first made in 1989. Big Rock Brewery, Alberta is responsible for its production. It comes in chocolate and caramel flavors (http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/09/eli-gershkovitch/).

5) Steamworks Signature Pale Ale- Is an American-style beer with a rich colored ale and a manageable hoppiness. It has a citrus flavor and a product of Steamworks Craft Breweries.

Eli Gershkovitch and Craft beer

The discussion about craft beer in Canada is not complete without the mention of the famous brewer Eli Gershkovitch of Steamworks Craft Breweries. Though a lawyer by profession, Eli developed an interest in craft beer after he had a visit to several breweries in his Europe tour and loved the distinct flavors of the beverage.

He opened Steamworks Brewpub in 1995, where he produces beers and sold directly to customers. The pub rapidly grew and needed expansion from the original capacity of 184 seats to 570 seats. He also incorporated an eatery and also started sponsoring events in the area, which raised awareness of the business.

In 2013, Eli Gershkovitch established a larger plant in Burnaby which would help produce more beer. This was a great development and today Steamwork products have already crossed the borders to Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Germany, and Italy. The company products include pale ale, traditional beer, and keg beer.

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