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National Steel Car and Greg Aziz, aka James Aziz, Hiring

Attention, people seeking to make some decent money – all from home. A computer and a creative mind are all that is required. Find out more. Gregory J Aziz wants you.


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Greg’s NSC is a new content website that seeks to tell a story with the world, and its newest platform needs you, entry-level writers or seasoned writers alike. Editors, web designers and traffic analysts of all experience levels are welcome as well; if you wish to work any time of the day and make as much – or as little – cash as you desire, then this team of experts wants to welcome you onboard. You will need a PayPal account to get started and must fill out a simple W9 and Subcontractor’s Agreement to get started; you may even start this week as we have amassed a large batch of new clients and potential domain sites up and running, so what are you waiting for?


To apply, send 3-4 detailed paragraphs on your experience, interest levels, topics you can research or write about, position sought (freelance content creator, analyst, web traffic or SEO expert, writer, proofreader, social media guru) your thoughts on why you love teamwork, your writing comfortability and availability and anything else on earth you wish to share with us and can even have shared on the Twitter and YouTube page!!!

If you wish to apply for writing assignments as well, please submit two original – non-copied and Copyscape passable – pieces of your writing on each of the topics below. The word count below is listed for both, but feel free to exceed our expectations and put yourself at the top of the list with some great input and well-structured arguments – there is no maximum word count, only a minimum. Show us what you’ve got!

Our QA editors will spend this week thoroughly reviewing your writing and can reach you soon with a final verdict; if selected, you will be assigned an initial pay rate, based on cents per word and quality of your writing topics. Good luck, and let’s make a buck!


Test Topic 1

Why is it important to budget your finances? 150+ words (That short? Oh, my! The sky’s the limit!!!)


Test Topic 2

What is your favorite word in the dictionary and why? 100+ words (What does it mean to you?)

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