Louis Chenevert’s Career in Innovation

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Louis Chenevert is a famous Canadian businessman who has become very successful in the competitive market. The businessman was working as the chief executive officer of an institution known as United Technologies Corporation. Louis was also the chairman of the organization. At one point in his career, Louis Chenevert was serving as the president of one of the most successful companies in Canada, known as Pratt& Whitney Canada. Serving in these prestigious enterprises is not just a walk in the park. These professionals have been highly experienced and well educated to get the positions.

When Louis Chenevert was growing up, he did not know that a great career was ahead. His parents, however, realized that the young boy was very hardworking and dedicated to his studies. After completing high school education, Chenevert was fortunate to enroll in the best university in Canada, known as the University of MontrĂ©al. After several years, the businessman graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in product management. In the year 2011, Louis was given a doctorate from the same institution. Before the end of that year, Louis was fortunate to be honored with the Person of the Year recognition by the prestigious Aviation Week & Space Technology. The United States trade magazine is very popular in the international community, and it only recognizes the professionals who have excelled in various industries.

Louis Chenevert rose to fame when he was given the position of president at UTC several years ago. As the president of the giant institution, Louis Chenevert was responsible for most of the management activities. During his tenure, the company did very well, and it increased its sales and profits. The institution moved into great levels while under the leadership of Louis. His hard work and dedication in his activities played a critical role in this organization.

Louis Chenevert is an advocate for modern technology. As a leader in one of the leading companies, the businessman did all his could to make sure that the institution used the latest technology so that it can beat the tough competition in the market. His efforts paid off by the time he was leaving the company.

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