Madison Street Capital Understands Corporate Finance Transactions

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When Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala decided to start an investment firm and make Chicago the home office, the men wanted to deliver corporate advisory services to small and medium-sized private and publicly held businesses. The ingredients that Botchway and Marsala wanted to implant in their new venture was integrity, financial leadership, and tenacity. Botchway understands the sensitivity of corporate finance, and Marsala and the executive team made sure they could respond quickly to merger and acquisition opportunities that benefited business owners and investors. The art of matching buyers with sellers is a delicate endeavor.

The blending of two businesses into one takes knowledge of the companies involved as well as the experience to know how and when the deal should be executed. The M&A game is a delicate, orchestrated, combination of deal structuring, valuation, financing, market pricing and design and implementation objectives.

The methodology used by Madison Street Capital has made the firm one of the most respected investment firms in the United States and abroad. Madison Street Capital’s reputation as a solid leader has not gone unnoticed. The firm, and specifically Tony Marsala, have been recognized by the M&A Advisor for outstanding leadership, and excellence in the medium size merger and acquisition industry.

The services offered by Madison Street Capital’s executive staff include capital restructuring, corporate governance, ESOP and buy out advice, bankruptcy direction, business valuation and tax compliance. Those services along with portfolio valuations, restructuring advice, tax planning, business exit strategies, and wealth management make Madison Street a full-service investment firm.

In order to expand their global services, Madison Street Capital opened offices in Asia and Africa. One of the most important aspects of the today’s merger and acquisition industry is matching companies in emerging markets with companies in thriving economies. Madison Street Capital excels in the emerging market mergers and acquisitions because of their diverse executive team. Being an international investment firm takes a great deal of economic trend knowledge, and the awareness of political changes that could spoil a merger or an acquisition.

The bottom line is, Madison Street Capital is always aware of the bottom line. Madison Street Capital has few peers when it comes to matching businesses that can grow together as one better than they can grow separately. No firm in the country is better equipped to bring corporations together in the energy, construction, manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare, technology, and mining industries than Madison Street Capital. The list of mergers and acquisitions executed by the Botchway and Marsala executive team is impressive by anyone’s standards.

Even though Madison Street Capital calls Chicago home, the executive team is constantly traveling around the world in order to provide companies with the information they need to plan for the future.

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