How Sandy Chin Found Success As A Portfolio Manager

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Sandy Chin is a financial adviser who lives and works in New York City. She is presently a portfolio manager and Tidal Bore Capital, a firm she has been with since September 2014. She attended Barnard College which is a private women’s college located in Manhattan. She graduated with a political science degree in 1996. She decided to go back to school in 2005 and chose New York University – Leonard N. Stern School of Business. She earned her master of business administration degree there in 2007, specializing in corporate finance and global business.

She started out in the financial industry at the investment firm Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette where she was an analyst. She served this same role at Bank of America and then, in July 2003, she was hired at Neuberger Berman as one of their vice presidents. Sandy Chin’s career next took her to Moore Capital Management in 2008 where she was a senior analyst. She worked in this same position at SAC Capital for nearly three years. She first became a portfolio manager at Visium Asset Management in March 2013. Sandy Chin has said that this last place was one that she enjoyed and learned quite a bit from.

Sandy Chin has now acquired over 20 years of experience with a specialty in covering consumer staples. The hedge fund she operates exclusively invests in the companies in the consumer staples industry. She says that companies in this sector of the economy often feature attractive returns and their stocks are not as volatile as is seen in other industries.

Sharing her thoughts to what newcomers should be doing who are just starting their careers, Sandy Chin says that they should always be asking for more of everything. She says people ought to be asking for larger salaries, additional work, promotions, and asking to be provided with more opportunities by their supervisors.

In her private life, she has two young children and lives with her partner. Her favorite activity when she finds alone time is to read. She has an amazing collection of books and named her children after two of her favorite fictional characters.


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Anthony C. Constantinou’s Contributions In The Field Of Bayesian Networks

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Anthony C. Constantinou has dedicated his career to research in the area of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence and its application in casual discovery and intelligent decision making in times of uncertainty. In collaborations with major organizations and academics from different parts of the globe, Constantinou intends to apply his research findings to a variety of fields including the field of sports, economics, gaming, finance, and medicine.


The academic Background of Anthony C. Constantinou

Anthony C. Constantinou has had a passion for academics from a tender age. When he was applying to join the University, the academician from the UK knew exactly what he wanted. He enrolled in the Hertfordshire University where he majored in Artificial Intelligence and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in the year 2008. Being inquisitive and determined as he is, he sought to learn more about artificial intelligence with robotics so he enrolled in the same Institution for the Master’s program in 2008. A year later, Anthony C. Constantinou graduated from the University with a distinction. See Related Link for more information.

This was not enough for the bright academic; he applied for a scholarship from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council in the United Kingdom to fund his Ph.D. level education. The council was more than glad to fully fund his studies at the Queen Mary University in the heart of the UK. At the University, he did a dissertation in Bayesian Networks and its application in prediction, decision making and assessment of risks.


Anthony C. Constantinou’s career

Anthony Constantinou has worked for several organizations as a consultant, decision scientist, and a researcher as well. From the year 2009, he started working at Queen Mary University as a researcher in Bayesian Networks and a teaching assistant for the BSc and MSc modules in software engineering, software risk assessment, and programming. In 2012, he began his research fellowship that went up to 2017 when he was promoted as an Assistant professor and the head of the Bayesian IA laboratory.

Anthony C. Constantinou is also a former soldier in the Greek Cypriot Nation Guard.


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PSI Pay: The Way Of The Future

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Britain experiences at least of its transactions by the use of a credit card. Cashless payments are perhaps the way of the future. PSI-Pay is working to dominate this growing market. The financial company has partnered with Kerv Wearables to create a contactless payment system to launch to international markets. Contactless payment involves using credit, debit or other non-cash payments. PSI-Pay has built a respected reputation in the industry of being a leader in offering these types of payments. Kerv Wearables is creating a ring in twelve sizes for both men and women that will use PSI Pay’s transaction system. Anyone wearing the ring will be able to make a payment by just tapping their ring. No PIN number or signature will be necessary when purchasing something with this ring.


Items like these have the potential to shape the market. As technology increases, the way people shop and purchase items will change. In overseas nations in Europe, purchasing items through contactless payments is even more rampant than in the United States. PSI-Pay and their partner are looking to expand their reach in other countries. They are also looking to get this ring into the hands of millions of people living in other countries. More people are learning about contactless payments and thus will choose to wear this ring. People will want to wear the ring because it has many benefits that cash does not offer. Wearing this ring makes purchasing a faster and simpler process. This ring also does away with the process of having to wait for a card validation.


Kerv Wearables is a company known for its contactless wearable technologies. Partnering with PSI Pay is aiding this company to tap into new markets. Together, the two companies want to transform the way people pay. These rings may be seen as accessories but may become the debit card or credit card of payments for the future.


PSI-Pay has been serving customers for the past decade. They desire to be an innovative company and a progressive brand has pushed them to new heights. They are responsible for creating many new technologies for contactless payments. They are a principal member of Mastercard and issue out MasterCards to their customers. The world is changing and PSI Pay wants to be at the forefront of how shoppers begin to shop differently.



Madison Street Capital Names New Managing Director

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Jill Kirshenbaum has been named as the new managing director to oversee the origination team of Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking firm. She is taking this new position after a successful run in her previous role as Vice President of Strategic Accounts with another large firm. It was there that Jill honed her skills advising recruiters, HR teams and talent management to the companies she serviced. Jill Kirshenbaum has been a successful entrepreneur coach as far back as 2006 when she first began work at Sandler training. Madison Street Capital reputation is highly respected; Jill Kirshenbaum will add to that not only professionally but also with her charitable works. Kirshenbaum has worked with the Posse Foundation for more than 11 years. There she advocated for Chicago youth to gain admissions to Posse Foundation partnered colleges and universities with scholarships.


As the managing director overseeing the origination team, Kirshenbaum will support Madison Street Capital in their endeavors to provide the best merger and acquisition services available. The company works not just domestically but internationally to provide valuation services as well as independent and corporate governance. With Offices in North America, Africa, and Asia, Madison Street Capital is an international powerhouse. They don’t just match buyers and sellers; they recognize the true selling potential of companies and help them achieve their goals. Whether a company is looking for a responsible exit strategy or to expand into a new market, Madison Street Capital will provide strategies that fit the client’s unique needs.


Established in 2005, Madison Street Capital saves middle market business owners the overwhelming experience of finding a reliable advisor. Whether a client is a buyer or a seller, once they find Madison Street Capital there isn’t a reason to keep looking. Clients are always met with the highest quality service.


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Best Bottled water in the country-Waiakea Water

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When you buy water from the stores, do you ask yourself where the water came from? Most possibly even the company cannot tell you how they get the water. Every company will try to convince you that they supply the best water, but very few will take you through the process of getting the water. They will brand their bottles in some of the most attractive images that portray the purity of the water. However, one thing is that these companies do not disclose the source of their water, which means that they cannot be relied upon to offer the cleanest water. Some can even get tap water, put it in a branded bottle and sell like it is branded water of the highest quality.

The water industry recognizes the dire need for pure and safe water. People need a brand that they can trust with their wellbeing. The worst thing about taking water from unverified sources is that you might fall victim of contaminants that can affect your health. It is economical for a company to filter tap water and sell it as bottled water. However, it is good to note that no matter how well they filter the water, it is still tapped water.

To ensure that you are drinking the right water, you need to verify that the water you are drinking comes from a safe spring or aquifer. The source of the water is an important factor that determines the quality of water that you are drinking. Since there are no regulations requiring companies to reveal the source of their water, some may use that gap to sell contaminated water. It is your responsibility as a consumer to verify the source of water you are consuming. You are paying for it, and it should be of the best quality possible.

About Waiakea Water

Waikea Water is the best brand of bottled water in the market right now. This is a company that not hide the source of their water. Transparency is an ethical practice they believe in. They get their water from the Volcanoes of Hawaii. Right now the Hawaiian volcanic water is the best in the country because if the level of environmental preservation that is maintained in this area.

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Neurocore Reflects On The History Of Brain Understanding

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Neurocore points out that the human brain is the place where we get our emotions, behaviors, thoughts and perceptions. Our brain consists of tons of tiny neurons that regulate electrical activity throughout the brain with chemical signals. These tiny neurons are what gives us our emotions, functioning and thinking ability, and our ability to understand complex information. It’s our brains we are using to gain a better understanding of how the brain works. Even though the understanding has increased throughout the years, there is so much more to be discovered.

Advances In Understanding

Evolution in neurofeedback, brain mapping and EEG technology has come at a great pace and has provided scientists better clarity on the workings of the brain and how functioning can be improved. Neurocore and other similar companies have using this understanding to help our mental acuity and resolve mental issues including anxiety, ASD, ADHD, and depression. Even though the public is only recently gaining access to neurotherapeutic applications, these applications have been researched and development since the mid-twentieth century.

How It All Started

Long before Neurocore, one of the initial contributions to learning about neuroscience came from a couple of Italian scientists in the late 18th century. Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani are respected as the forefathers of bioelectric theory and electrophysiology. Galvani experimented during lightning storms, connecting frog legs on a iron fence. The frog legs would contract when the lightning flashed. Galvani proposed that the contracting was caused by animal electricity built up in the fog legs. Volta correctly proposed that the contractions were caused by different electrical properties in the saline interfaces, he could prove his theory until 1800.

History Of The Electroencephalogram (EEG)

An EEG is a test used to find electrical activity in the brain. It uses metal discs known as electrodes to sit on the scalp and find any electrical impulses the brain releases. The impulses is how the brain communicates at all time. The impulses then show up on an EEG recording as wavy lines that help the brain get diagnosed. Historically the EEG was used to diagnose epilepsy, but today, Neurocore can use it to find and remedy brain disorders and other mental issues such as brain damage, inflammation, tumors, stroke, dysfunction, and sleep disorders.

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Felipe Montoro Jens And Others Offer Brazil Sound Advice

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Long ago, Brazil fell victim to the capricious nature of the market. Unfortunately, they’ve made no substantial efforts to deviate from this path of economic ruin. In fact, their poor infrastructure only intensifies the severity of their already critical state. Industry specialists are broaching this matter with grave concern and hope that their shrewd advice will inspire Brazil to take action. According to a recent study, Brazil ceased nearly 2,800 construction jobs in 2017. Brazil continues to put a pin in ongoing infrastructure works, and it’s depleted their financial resources by a startling $10 billion. Visit on his twitter account for latest updates

No doubt unconducive to a thriving economy, Brazil will soon be clinging to hope if they don’t revamp their infrastructure operations. Felipe Montoro Jens, a knowledgeable industry expert, predicts that Brazil will cease to exist if they continue to impede the progress of their construction works. Jens maintains that the public sector is to blame for this fiasco, stating that their “inability to execute projects” has left Brazilians paying the price. Meanwhile, Ilana Ferreira with the National Confederation of Industry upholds that the “stoppage of work is technical.” Moreover, José Augusto Fernandes pins Brazil’s declining economy on the country’s flagrant disregard for the “losses and conflicts their operations generate.”

While getting to the root of the issue could prove advantageous, Brazil’s barely staying afloat, making immediate action mandatory. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, numerous solutions could mend Brazil’s infrastructure. Said resolutions include training employees, refining macro-planning techniques, evaluating execution modality patterns, carrying out all proposed plans, and streamlining contractual agreements. If Brazil continues to sit idly by while their economy unravels, the demise of the country will not only be probable but inevitable. In the hopes of avoiding that unfavorable reality, Fernandes, Jens, and Ferreira strongly urge Brazil to heed their advice.

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Guilherme Paulus Succeeds in the Tourism Industry

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It is not every day that an entrepreneur invests all his money into a business and runs the risk of losing it all. Guilherme Paulus spent $600 million of his own money to establish hotels across Brazil. Because of this, he was awarded 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year. He was also featured on Isto É Dinheiro’s Magazine cover. The hotels have a staff of approximately two thousand Brazilians. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

Background information

Guilherme Paulus is a native of São Paulo born in 1949. He went to college to study business administration then worked at IBM. Guilherme has worked in the tourism industry for about half a century. He has been part of the National Tourism Council as a member for 15 years. In 2006, he purchased a small airline called Webjet. He grew the company to the third largest Brazilian airline. Afterward, he sold it in 2011 to Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA (GOL). Watch Guilherme at Videos.Band.

About CVC

When Guilherme Paulus was 24 years old, he partnered with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari and opened CVC. He used the knowledge and skills he acquired in school to create travel packages that attracted clients and propelled CVC to becoming a household name in Brazil and other countries. Guilherme then acquired assistance from a global investment fund to increase the company’s success. In 2013 it became a public company and started trading its shares on the stock exchange. Currently, CVC gains about $5.2 billion annually as its profits continue to increase. CVC travel agencies can be found in about 400 shopping malls, and Paulus plans to open agencies all over Latin America.

GJP Hotels & Resorts

Guilherme Paulus sold CVC for about $750 million and began a network of hotels in 2005 by the name GJP Hotels & Resorts. As the Chairman, it grew from a small business to one of the largest hotel chains in the country with about 14 resorts and hotels. The chain includes five-star Wish group, four-star Prodigy group, and three-star Linx group. The resort also offers a private condominium. Recently the Wish Foz do Iguaçu received the “best golf hotel” award.




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OSI Industries began as a small business operating under the name Otto & Sons. It used to sell ground meat to restaurants in early 1909. Later on, the organization became the official supplier of ground beef mainly in West Chicago. Around 1975 it changed its name to OSI Industries and continued to supply McDonald’s business.

Recently, OSI has been working on expanding its domestic and international market. A significant player in this achievement is Sheldon Levin who joined the company in the late 1970s and contributed to developing the business to several parts of the world. The achievements involve acquiring ownership of various companies around the world.

In order to penetrate and expand towards North America, OSI in the year 2017 acquired ownership of Tyson Foods. It was specialized in production and supply of poultry products to Northern America. OSI Industries opted to purchase and expand the poultry products and also introduced a variety of products and services to meet the growing demand. Tyson Foods was a large company, and its purchase increased production and supply.

Not only did OSI Industries penetrate the domestic market but also expanded to other places such as Europe. In the year 2016, the company purchased Flagship Europe, a firm that distributed sandwich fillings, sauce, dipping, and several other products all over Europe. After the purchase, the name was changed to Creative Europe to give an impression of better service delivery to its customers in Europe. The name was also to help it achieve a strong position in the marketplace. The purchase was a great achievement as it created new territories and a better market in Europe and its surrounding.

In Spain, the company set up a plant known as Toledo. It is well known for its high production of poultry products and safe food handling services, as seen in its capacity to handle refrigerated produce. It also has a recycling and cleaning plant, which places it in a better position in the Spanish market for its environment-friendly operations.

Netherlands and Germany were the other regions that the company ventured into. It purchased Baho Foods, a company that dominated the Netherlands, Germany and many other European countries. It supplied meat and several food products to the greater region of Europe. Purchase of this company meant a big deal to OSI as it was able to provide its products and services to evolving customer needs in Europe.

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Contribution of Gareth Henry to the success of Fortress Investment Group

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Gareth Henryis a seasoned businessman who better understands the global investments arena. He has established global relationships, a fact that has helped market him to companies seeking to build strong relationships with clients and led to his position as the Managing Director of Fortress Investment Group. At the company, his key responsibility was to oversee the wealth and pension funds and maintain good insurance relations with clients across the globe.

He’s a phenomenal figure in the business world rising through the ranks to become a managing director at a young age. One of the reasons why Gareth Henry has been successful as a leader at Fortress is because of his prowess in his line of duty. His commitment to efficiency and quality of service provision was attractive to Fortress as an entity, which eventually sought to tap into such by engaging him as their MD. Prior to joining Fortress Investment Group, Henry worked for Fortress, London where he achieved milestone in creating and implementing sales strategy for institutional and consulting relationships. He demonstrated a deep understanding of the business dynamics and helped create feasible strategies to steer the company towards growth. He helped to establish great business relationships with sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and pension funds.

Gareth Henrystrong educational background has contributed to his prowess in the business world. He graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a fist class honors in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics (BSc). His educational achievement points to a smart person. His hard work continues in the business world as he continues to positively influence companies in the area of investment relations. The Institutional Investor Magazine named Gareth Henry as one of the investors rising stars by the Institutional Investor Magazine due to his remarkable contributions to, and accomplishments in the investments industry.

At Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry played a critical role in giving financial advices, making smart decisions that saw strong relationships with clients. His extensive knowledge of, and experience in the industry both at the local and global level acted as valuable resource to the company. He steered Fortress towards increased productivity and ultimate success.

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