All About Academy of Art University

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Academy of Art University began in San Francisco in 1929 as an advertising art school. Richard Stephens was a painter and magazine editor who founded the school. He served as the president until his son Richard took over for him a few decades later. In 1992, his granddaughter Elisa took over as president and has been ever since.

Academy of Art University currently has just under 12,000 students. This includes full-time and part-time students. The school offers about 25 different programs and gives associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

They have a 100% acceptance rate which is great because it promises anyone who is willing to put in the effort a chance to get a degree from a well-respected institution. Additionally, the school owns a vast amount of property in the city so they have plenty of resources to accommodate their students.

The university has been partaking in New York Fashion week for years and recently ran its 21st show. Ten graduates who recently finished school at Academy of Art University debuted women’s wear collections and men’s wear collections.

The designers were a diverse group from all over the globe and they definitely impressed the audience.

Hailun Zhou is a graduate from China who showcased lots of outerwear, separates, and dresses with many unconventional materials, like vinyl and PVC. Eden Slezin was next and was noted for using lots of vintage denim in his collection. He is a big supporter of sustainability in the fashion world.

Dina Marie Lam was inspired by the passing of her aunt and wanted a feeling of transition in her pieces. Carlos Rodriguez wanted a sense of warmth and comfort to be part of his collection, so he used a lot of wool.

Joanna Jadallah was inspired by the story of her ancestors fleeing Palestine. She made sure that her culture and these emotions we apparent in her work. Cana Klebanoff showed pieces that were inspired by the armor of Japanese samurais.

Ryan Yu focuses on the construction of his garments because he thinks this is very important. Jelly Shan was very inspired by Chinese culture.


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The World of Ted Bauman

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The world of Ted Bauman is something of a mystery for a number of people. It is not that there is not a lot6 of information out there regarding this man, it is due to the fact that many that exist outside of the investment world have never heard of this man. There is a lot that this man has done for those investing in their future and to help them get out from the thumb of government oversight. In the years since he graduated and earned his degree, there has been a lot of advancements that he has made in his world to help those that are not as fortunate to share his wisdom.

The journey for Ted Bauman began when he received his BS in Business administration from the State University New York. From here he would go on to Georgia State University and got his MBA in finance. His last educational stop was at the University of Cape Town. All of this experience has positioned Ted Bauman as being an expert in the world of finance. More and more people are coming to him and seeking out the advice that he has for those that are new to investing.

The experience that Ted Bauman has provided to people over the years could fill a textbook and yet he gladly gives this advice away for free to those that are looking to make a difference in their life. Young or old, there is never an age where you are too old to get started with investing. This is one of the biggest lessons that people have learned from Ted Bauman over the years. There is no doubt that this is a man that knows what he is talking about and is a man that has experience under his belt. To learn more about us click: It is a well known fact that when Ted Bauman talks people sit up and listen to the words that he has to say. Even today, there are thousands that everyday put to use the words that he says when it comes to investing. Maybe it’s time that you begin to take his advice as well.


Guilherme Paulus-A Reputed Business Magnate and Face of Tourism in Brazil

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Guilherme Paulus-A Reputed Business Magnate and Face of Tourism in Brazil

If there is one business magnate that the world is paying much attention to is none other than Guilherme Paulus. Mr. Guilherme is widely acknowledged and admired for his contributions and dedication to the investment sector. He has been an inspiration not only to the people of Brazil but also to the world in general. His business ideas have been a great inspiration not only to people of his age but also to young entrepreneurs worldwide. This can be easily attributed to his courage to start a tour operator business at the age of 24 years and he is still making more fortunes from his ventures to date.

At a young age, Guilherme Paulus co-founded Latin American biggest tour company, CVC Brasil Operadora. This journey has not been smooth, but he has utilized every opportunity that came his way. Mr. Guilherme started his career path as a trainee in IBM, and after this spell, he decided to take things into his own hands and decided to start his tourism firm. Through his leadership and experience, the company has grown extensively, and by 2009, the company was able to sell more than 63.6 percent of its shares to Carlyle Group and this was estimated to be about $420 million. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at crunchbase.

While enjoying success in the tourism sector, Mr. Paulus went on to establish GJP Hotels and Resorts. This tourism company has grown rapidly, and today it operates more than 15 hotels and resorts in Latin America. Guilherme Paulus has also contributed greatly in creating employment opportunities in his native country Brazil. His hotels have employed more than 20,000 workers and have been great attractions to tourists. Brazil has been growing its economy over the years and it is right to say that Mr. Guilherme has played great roles thanks to his timely investments.

The best thing about starting a business is how one impacts other people. One great way is through creating job opportunities, investing vastly in areas that bring in revenue and inspiring many people. Guilherme Paulus has achieved all this. Today he ranks amongst global billionaires, and this is a feat that many Brazilians are proud of. He has also received accolades for his contributions to the tourism sector. A good example is the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award and he is also a member of the Brazilian Tourism Department advisory board.

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Malcolm CasSelle Puts Faith in WAX Taking Cryptocurrnecy into the Future

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Malcolm CasSelle really believes in his new P2P market platform WAX, in fact he believes in it so much he is calling it the future of cryptocurrency. Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX for short, utilized blockchain technology to operate in decentralized markets. This means any games using the WAX network can trade digital assets and currency between each other, offering players a return of investment for their virtual wares. As experts are looking at blockchains and tokenizations to carry cryptocurrency to the future, speculation is that in the next decade traditional banking may be virtualized. CasSelle certainly thinks so, and as an early stage investor of Bitcoin his opinion carries a lot of weight.

CasSelle has a bachelor’s degree from MIT, which he followed with a Master’s degree from Stanford, both of which are in computer science. He formed his first company in 1995 and has staying in the virtual sector ever since. CasSelle is a top level executive, entrepreneur, and talented investor. Currently he is the CIO for OPSkins, and now the president and CEO for WAX.

CasSelle has been part of numerous companies that have been involved in various sectors of the digital marketplace. He has gone from website creation, to online paywalls, to social media, and now to in-game asset sales. CasSelle has a wide range of experience and is primarily responsible for OPSkins being a global leader for in-game asset sales, as well as the top Bitcoin merchant on the planet.

WAX allows for cross game trading and selling which many peg as not just the future of gaming but of finance in general. With blockchains and tokenization the possibility of a universal marketplace looms ever closer. Digital assets which can represent any currency or trade medium, bought and sold over a market that requires no middleman, giving each side what they need in their respective currencies.

CasSelle sees WAX as the beginning of all this, the first step towards the mainstream of gaming taking interest. Such a development would change the way in-game assets are sold, and would add trade to the market. Such a development could lead to the whole finance sector going completely virtual.



The Rise of Rodrigo Terpins in the Brazilian Rally Racing Sport

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Rodrigo Terpins is a famous and successful rally driver in Brazil. He is a rider and member of the prestigious Bull Sertoes Rally team, and races alongside his equally skilled brother, Michael Terpins. The two compete in professional circuit racing in one of the toughest and most challenging circuits in the Brazilian rally racing. The Brazilian Cross Country Rally championship features different forms of terrain that a two-member crew must maneuver and complete as fast as possible. Motorsport racing is a tough sport that demands not only skills and perseverance but also the ability to work as a pair.


In the recently concluded 24th Sertoes Rally edition, Rodrigo Terpins finished the first leg of the exhausting T1 Prototype category in about 2 hours and scooped a top ten position, which for him was an impressive performance. At some point, the organizers of the event were configuring the possibility of suspending the car the pair was racing with as it was using a V8 engine to make it more powerful to maneuver rocky terrain. The crew drove through a rough terrain stretching to two states and covered seven stages of the race. Rodrigo Terpin’s skill and calmness even under pressure enabled him to finish 8th out of 38 in the overall competition and sealed the 3rd place in the T1 prototype class. You can visit Inspirery to know more.


Rodrigo Terpin’s family has a broad background in the world of sports. Michael Terpins, his brother, is an equally talented racer while his father, Jack Terpins was once a decorated Brazilian basketball player. Rodrigo Terpins developed an interest in physical activity and sports at a tender age. The role sports played in the childhood of Rodrigo Terpins prepared him for a career in the car rallying sport. Rodrigo Terpins always strives to stay connected 24 hours so that he can use his commute time to run his ventures. Mr. Terpins always discusses any business idea with his crew members before executing it. Environment conscience is one of the trends that excite Rodrigo Terpins as people continue to wonder where to get the raw material for their furniture. According to Rodrigo, this trend reflects how people run their business.



Jeff Yastine Provides Investing Information through Total Wealth Insider

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Jeff Yastine was recently featured in the Affiliate Dork article “Banyan Hill Publishing Offers Investors Information They Won’t Get from Wall Street”. The article was written by Brandon Ferguson and details the growth of Banyan Hill Publishing. The company was originally founded in 1998 as the Sovereign Society but was rebranded in 2016 as Bayan Hill Publishing. The focus on investments like income-producing investments, options plays, commodities, and natural resources.

The company was rebranded to demonstrate the shift in focus. Prior to 2016, the company was focused on providing readers with global investment strategies like private foundations, offshore bank accounts, asset protection trusts, and U.S. dollar diversification. Now however, they focus on providing actionable advice. They have expert editors that help the average American understand how to invest their wealth and make financial decisions. This helps them continue to grow their wealth without enduring as much risk. Visit to know more.

The new model is working, the site has more than 400,000 daily readers. Jeff Yastine has been with the company since 2015 and brings more than 20 years of stock market information to his newsletter. He has also worked in the financial journalism field. He wanted to provide high profit making opportunities to his audience to help them understand the latest economic trends. He is the editor of Total Wealth Insider, which helps investors find opportunities to live a more prosperous life. Yastine uses his experience in investing and journalism to provide information to his readers to gain profits through stable companies.

Yastine was also featured in the Ask Reporter article by Robb McKinsey titled “What Jeff Yastine Thinks of Consumer Debt and the Stock Market”. The article reveals that Yastine believes the debt bubble will continue to hold as long as the debtors don’t default on their loans.

Jeff Yastine reveals that the debt today is acting very similarly to the mortgage debt of 2007 which cause an economic downturn. Americans have more than $1 trillion in debt this quarter. The average American has nearly $8,000 in credit card debt alone. However, American’s can’t have unlimited debt because the problems associated with it have a huge impact on the market. He reveals that many Americans have credit card debt piled on top of student loans and car loans. To learn more about Jeff, visit:



Equities First Holdings – French Tribune

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The French Tribune is a popular publication and has a lot of readers worldwide. People flip through the pages to get a glimpse of media being showcased. Equities First Holdings is waiting to discuss all new details with any given report. The French Tribune is an important publication in its own right these days. People trust these details and want to learn more about the concepts in real time. That could convince many to read up on the facts.

Equities First Holdings is waiting to share details related to their funds. They own a lot of stocks and can issue loans based around those stocks. People want to consider the facts and think through the report that they make. Equities First Holdings is waiting to issue details and offer guidance in real time. That could convince borrowers to make good decisions. Follow their guidance and come to recognize the facts.

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International businessman Felipe Montoro Jens

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Felipe Montoro Jens is an entrepreneur mainly focused on investing in the infrastructure building. He is primarily concerned with a corporate that can eliminate waste and make huge profits from the task. Hi, leading roles in ensuring that eliminating economic waste and providing solutions to the state government that they need to be financially responsible. Felipe Montoro went to the best business schools in Brazil. He pursued his business degree in Getulio Vargas Foundation. In this school, Felipe Montoro Jens was equipped with skills and techniques needed to thrive in the competitive economic world.

During his academic life in the school, he joined the elite group for academic training where the young minds exchanged business ideas and learned about the essential requirement of being a successful entrepreneur. He was ambitious in receiving the best business studies that are needed to enable someone to thrive in the business world and become one of the communities’ best business people. Due to the passion, his quest for education landed him to Thunderbird school of global management an important business school in the Arizona state university. Felipe was involved in various international holding firms like the former alumni’s of the business school. The business school has produced various leaders in the business sector who are thrilled by the power of establishing international firms producing quality products and services. After being prepared with a quality education in the business school, Felipe was ready to go to the world and compete with the fierce business people. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

He is a principled man who is only prepared to win and learn a lesson in every activity he is involved in. He moved to distinctive industries such as water and waste concession, energy generation and chemicals development. His expansion into the Brazilian world of business was accelerated by accepting numerous board affiliations which enabled him to expand his experience to new industries. As he navigated in his career life, he held several positions in different companies. He had a situation in Enron, price water cooper an international firm. This firms had a strong international presence which provided a platform for Felipe Montoro Jens to the global business world. Due to his extensive knowledge in the market of oil, energy, and mining in the developing parts of Africa and Latin America, he was responsible for overseeing the firm’s investment capital. For more updates, follow:



Ted Bauman In An Annual Conference

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Ted Bauman is a man who spends most of his life trying to help others. He works at Banyan Hill publishing and started in 2013 where he serves as the editor of the organization. He lives with his family in Atlanta, GA. He has been helping the people to be able to touch directly their resources that they require so that they can also live a life that is free from the government oversight and also corporate greed. He was raised in Maryland eastern show but born in Washington. Visit his twitter to get the latest updates.

He later migrated to South Africa and attended Cape Town University where he was awarded a degree in History and Economics. Ted Bauman also worked in South Africa for a period of 25 years where he was able to serve in major executive roles where he was dealing with nonprofit sectors. He was able to also work as a fund manager in low costing house projects.

In a total wealth symposium, Ted Bauman was also present together with other investors in Banyan Hill. The even comes annually where they try to address many important issues which interest the people that have investment interest. The records show that those who attended it a year later have already realized profits that have amounted to 1,665 percent. It was a symposium where Ted Bauman and his colleagues are having the years plan where they will help those that have attended to also earn $1 million as the next year comes to end.

For example is where in the previous year, the issue of cybersecurity was talked much about it. In the conference, those attendees were also waiting to hear more about it again in this year. They had said that in early times, the issue was not a major concern but it started about 15 years ago in the corporate world. What is known is that it has become something impossible to prevent those hacking to get into the systems. What they are trying is to be able to detect as the intrusion is happening so that they can strengthen their abilities in data encryption and is something of help. To learn more about Ted, visit:




Gregory Aziz: Inspiring A Whole New Generation Of Business People

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Unless something major happens to change your mind when you find a product that you like you typically stick with it for quite some time. This is something that is true for all consumers, even consumers that purchase items as large as a freight car for shipping purposes. CEO and owner of National Steel Car Gregory James Aziz understand that people will continue to come back to a business if they appreciate the product that they are being given. Not only did he work with the company to create a product that keeps consumers coming back, but he is sure to offer a price that makes them competitive in the first place. In fact, National Steel Car holds both the ISO 900I: 2008 certification and the TTX SECO award for having one of the highest qualities. This honor has been bestowed upon the manufacturing company since Gregory James Aziz took over in 1994.


Greg Aziz began his career in business by obtaining an economics degree from the University of Western Ontario. From there he saw an opportunity to purchase National Steel Car from the Dofasco company. Dofasco had been having a hard time keeping the company under control due to distance problems and they believed that it would be better for them to sell the company instead. Hamilton, Ontario looks like a great community to Greg James Aziz, so he moved forward with the purchase and started to work on the company immediately. He saw so much promise within the walls of the building and he pushed the existing employees with encouragement towards a better level of quality.


Now, his efforts seem to speak for themselves. The company is a worldwide manufacturer of railway freight cars, but they have also earned a stellar reputation as an engineering company. National Steel Car is now standing on the cusp of innovation with a leader who is dedicated to furthering their presence in the global community. Gregory James Aziz has been dedicated to the company for about as long as he has been a part of it. Instead of purchasing the company and letting it maintain the same level of quality and simply exist, he pushed it to create a product that has many people professing a profound commitment to his brand. He is a champion of the industry because he has pushed harder than many people in his field. It is his hope is that his legacy with this company will secure many other future businessmen desire to produce the same results.


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