The Future According to Shervin Pishevar

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Since leaving the company he founded, Investment company, Shervin Pishevar has been silent and reclusive, then he suddenly logged into Twitter, and created a storm. One after another self-numbered tweets took the world by storm with more than 50 tweets over 21 hours predicting the future. He forecasts a substantial downturn in the U.S. economy, including:

* A 6,000-point stock market decline;

* A drop in the value of bitcoins to under $5,000 before bottoming out and slowly climbing;

* The unpredictable volatility in both the stock market and the bond market creating major disturbances in our national economy;

* The economy of the United States being passed up by more tightly controlled economies like that of China.

Shervin Pishevar referred to the big five US monopolies: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft as having the power and influence of nationalities, “destroying one startup after another,” and predicted that they would be broken apart like Ma Bell. Pishevar believes that the “near future economic disaster” may result in far future economic revamp and a new, leaner, and more competitive economy.

Within the tweets sent out, he explained his conclusions. Shervin Pishevar also explained that the United States has a long history of exporting inflation and there are few places left still able to accept it. He referred to a worldwide tectonic shift,” spreading the twin spirits of innovation and entrepreneurship from within the United States outward.

An early investor in companies like Uber, Dollar Shave Club, Postmates, Slack, and Warby Parker, Shervin Pishevar now predicts the general decline of the American economy, but with pronounced side effects. He sees “Yankee ingenuity” as no longer belonging to America but being out number 1 export. According to Shervin Pishevar, American immigration policies are keeping out talent, while the internet allows talented entrepreneurs to raise funds, recruit talent, and “grow in place, feeding the economies around them.”

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Randal Nardone: A Self-Made Billionaire

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Randal Nardone: A Self-Made Billionaire

Randal Nardone: A Self-Made Billionaire

Randal Nardone in an expert in finance and had productively worked with clients before. His passion and proficiency inspired him to establish Fortress Investment Group along with Wes Edens. Randal is currently the C.E.O of the Company, and his outstanding experiences has empowered him to contribute to the immense growth and development in the company. Fortress Investment Group has gained substantial reputation from the high-quality services it offers to its clients. Through the years, Nardone has acquired incredible experience with tremendous growth as a financial. He has facilitated companies to rise in different facets and improved their financial situations. Additionally. Randal Nardone has provided intense mentorship to clients and different companies. Visit to learn more about Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone has transformed the company into a diversified global investment management firm. From his numerous achievements as a financial working with Fortress Investment, Randal has received recognition in the Forbes Billionaire list as number 557 with Net Worth of $ 1.8 billion self-made fortune. He had initially pursued law, but his immense interest in asset management compelled him to pursue a different career. Having pursued Law in is education, Randal Nardone not only works as the C.E.O. of Fortress but also considers the legal matters of the firm. His background in law has guided the executive in most cases to make decisions that are appropriate and beneficial to the company.

At Fortress, Randal serves diverse positions within the company and also other subsets and organization. At Newcastle Investments holdings, Nardone served as the Secretary and Vice president. Some of his notable achievements include FIG winning the award of the best Hedge Fund Manager on the year in 2014, HFM Week was named the management firm of the year through his guidance and not forgetting his company Fortress Investments, which was named Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the year.

Passion, dedication, commitment, and hard work are the factors that have driven Randal to prosper in his works. He is one of the self-made billionaires in the world.

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OSI Food Solutions Gains Customers in 18 European Countries

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The Aurora-based OSI Group, L.L.C. has completed its acquisition of Baho Food and as a result, has gained a broader presence in the European market. Baho Food is a Dutch company that manufactures and supplies convenience foods, deli meats and snacks to the food service and retail sectors. Baho Food has five subsidiaries in the countries of Germany and the Netherlands. The five subsidiaries of Baho Food provide services to customers in 18 different European countries. OSI Food Solutions was founded in the city of Chicago in 1909 as a family meat market. Since then, the company has expanded its business operations to such an extent that it has become a leading global food provider. OSI Food Solutions consistently provides innovative food solutions to the world’s leading brands.

OSI Food Solutions is also a winner of an award for being an environmentally conscious company. On November 2016, the British Safety Council recognized OSI UK for its excellence in terms of its ability to manage environmental risks by awarding the company with a Globe of Honour Award. The award was presented to OSI Food Solutions at a luncheon that took place at Drapers’ Hall in the city of London. To make the pool of candidates for a 2016 Globe of Honour Award, a company must achieve the maximum number of stars (five stars) in the British Safety Council’s audit scheme for the period beginning from August 2015 to July 2016. The company must also have demonstrated excellence with respect to environmental management to an independent panel comprised of industry experts. Aside from OSI, 17 other organizations received a 2016 Globe of Honour Award. This is the third time that OSI Food Solutions has won a Globe of Honour Award; the company also won the award in 2013 and 2015.

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How Mentorship Shaped Sandy Chin to be a Refined Leader

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Sandy Chin development became conversant with hedge funds while working at Vision Asset Management. She also gained experience while working as a senior analyst with SAC Capital Management. Other firms that Sandy Chin has worked include; Moore Capital Management, Neuberger Berman, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ) and Bank of America. The MBA holder from the infamous New York University Stern School of Business founded Tidal Bore Capital. She is also an alumni of Columbia Universities Barnard College.


Relationship with Bill Leach


Sandy Chin cites good mentorship as part of the reason why she has excelled as a manager. Her mentor Bill Leach has been a senior analyst of the stocks market for several years. Starting as an associate analyst at DLJ, Chin was able to tap into Leach’s extensive experience knowledge and experience in the industry. As a strategy to build her, Leach tagged along Chin to various forums where she learned several things, including how to value staple stocks. She was also able to gain critical interactional tactics necessary to succeed in the industry.


Lessons Sandy Chin Leant from Her Mentor


According to Sandy Chin, she learned that every meeting is important, a company’s size and influence notwithstanding. From Leach, she borrowed the concept of developing own quarterly and annual models. In any forums, meetings, conferences, one boost’s her understanding of issues by asking questions to help build relationships with other investors and learn more about the approaches that peers use. Investing personal money is stocks is crucial in getting the real feeling when stocks disappoint due to bad earnings.


Sandy Chin’s Advice to Upcoming Associates


Sandy Chin recommends mentorship for any upcoming associates as it is the best way to get a proper understanding of how to value stocks and gain more insights into the approaches of consumer staple companies. Having to be mentored by a person already in the space and can narrate past stories past scenarios that associates can learn from. Sandy Chin currently mentors other peoples interested in the industry.


For any associate jumpstarting his/her career in the industry, Chin advises them to be aggressive and confident in asking for opportunities to attend meetings and participate in analyses wherever possible and not to be afraid to demand high compensation.


Mentorship has played a critical role in Sandy Chin’s career. Despite being semi-retired at the time, Bill Leach was able to come through, providing his expertize for Sandy Chin during the creation of Tidal Bore Capital. He still maintains a close relationship and provides advice on a need-basis.



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The Fortress Investment Group Journey

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Every journey in business has both its ups and downs and the Fortress Investment Group’s is no exemption. The publicly owned company firm boasts over $70 billion with real estate being among the assets it manages. It has more than 1600 investors and its offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Philadelphia, and New York City. After a few months of going public in 2007, Fortress Investment Group suffered a huge loss during the 2008 economic decline, trading for as little as $0.77 per share.

In 2015 Fortress Investment Group sealed its leading hedge fund after recording heavy losses caused by Brazil’s unstable market. It, however, opened a real estate fund valued at $1 billion. In the same year, Fortress sold its stake for Stuyvesant Town apartment complex at $5.3 billion. Fortress’s subsidiary company acquired in 2010 with the aim of venturing more in the real estate industry CWCapital owned the complex. Today Fortress owns Alabama’s Inverness retail center, bought in 2014. It has also helped in funding other buildings in New York City by giving credit including Bruce Eichner’s Flatiron Condo.

Fortress Investment Group has recently bought a building on Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue after it was in the market for two years. The Tiffany & Co building was sold for $20 million half the amount that the agency was to sell it at. Tiffany had earlier leased the building since 1991 and invested a lot on the building’s upgrade. Owned by the Madden Family Associates for decades, they decided to sell it following market conditions and family planning issues. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Management Group is at the moment raising two real estate funds. By the end of this year, it aims to have closed a $1.5 real estate fund and is raising a different one for the real estate credit purchase and buying additional assets too. The second fund will also finance aeroplane leases following Fortress Management Groups’ private credit activity expansion plan. Last year SoftBank bought Fortress Investment Group at $3.3 billion with the aim of expanding their firm to having an arm dealing with asset investment.

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Dherbs, Inc., Explains The Difference Between A Detoxing And A Cleansing

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Dherbs, Inc., is a Los Angeles, California-based firm that distributes herbal supplements. It is a privately owned company that was founded by it Chief Executive Officer A.D. Dolphin. Their best selling products include full body cleanse products and detox products. This company has been shown on The Steve Harvey Morning Show and has been endorsed by celebrities such as Elise Neal and Brandy.

So, what is the difference between a full body cleanse and a detox? You might have a friend who recently dropped some weight and referred to doing one of these two things. Dherbs cleared up the differences between these so that you know what you’re getting into and which one is right for you. Related Links Click here.

These are two different types of diets although both get toxins out of your body. The background of detoxing is when a person is being treated for substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol. Cleansing, on the other hand, is a term that originated in removing parasites and getting a house cleaned up.

When you detox you want to get the bad stuff out of your body such as chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and cigarette residue. You do so by eliminating it as waste. A detoxing diet also improves the functioning of the kidneys and liver which are always hard at work detoxing the body.

A cleanse, on the other hand, is used to remove stuff out of both your stomach, intestines, and colon. This includes food that hasn’t been digested, parasites, and fecal matter that hasn’t been eliminated. If a person is cleansing they have to not consume eggs, dairy products, alcohol, meat, processed food, soy, and gluten.

Dherbs states that there are signs your body needs to be cleansed. This includes fatigue, water retention, high blood pressure, constipation, and depression. They offer a 20-day Full Body Cleanse which is better than a juice cleanse as you get to still eat solid foods. If you only drink juice you aren’t getting any fiber which can lead to constipation and other negative issues.

This company’s Full Body Cleanse and other products can be purchased through their website and other online retailers such as Amazon. Half of the customer reviews on Amazon are of the 5-star variety with one saying that she felt refreshed after completing this program in both mind and body. She was very satisfied and is thinking of doing another cleansing in the near future.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong on’s Incredible Shipping Speed

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The man currently increasing the speed of Chinese shipping to less than 20 hours for all products purchased, even including rural areas of China, is Richard Liu Qiangdong of

In a recent interview entitled “An Insight, An Idea with Richard Liu” on, Richard Liu Qiandong responded about the state of Chinese businesses, his wealth, goals for expansion into other countries, possible barriers to more immediate success, and many other topics ranging from family to President Trump.

Richard Liu started has recently invested $400 million into luxury fashion site Farfetch but is focusing most of his energy into expanding into Southeast Asia and increasing the quality of existing services in China. For example, in Thailand, the goal is to work with local partners instead of building from scratch.

The economy in China grew over 8% over the 14 years while grew over 100% per year. This has made way for increasing quality in partners, users, supplies, and better profitability to shareholders. Richard Liu started out life as a poor boy living in rural China. His parents could barely make ends meet and couldn’t support their sickly grandmother, and so growing all that Richard Liu wanted to do was to be able to help his family out. In this way, he went to the big city of Beijing in order to go to college as most young adults do. Read This Article for related information.

Richard Liu got a degree in sociology from Renmin University and continued on that path to get his masters from the China Europe International Business School in Beijing. This allowed him to get a job working for Japan Life, where Liu’s entrepreneurial brain kicked in and he started selling computer parts and cellphones for a profit. The company got so good that it grew into over ten locations, but once SARS hit in 2004 it forced Richard Liu to sell online, and this was his biggest blessing yet.


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Barbed Interviews With Charlamagne Tha God

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Charlamagne keeps “The Breakfast Club” show captivating by bringing on barbed interviews where he is always making his guests squirm. In 2012 when Justin Biber came to promote his album “Believe” Charlamagne told him off with the people he had started hanging with. He said that it was well and okay to work with black rappers on records but that he hanging around would only bring him trouble in the long run.

Having Lil Kim on the show, he went ahead to praise her for her beauty. However, he couldn’t hide his dislike for her numerous plastic surgery where he claimed he couldn’t understand why she would have so much plastic surgery. The next turn was with Jay Z earlier on the year where he wanted to know if Jay Z would have had it so prominent in the industry if Notorious B.I.G who was his close friend had not been shot and killed.

When talking about his interviews, Charlamagne Tha God says that he hardly ever thinks about what he is asking. He claimed that he only loved having stimulating conversations’ with people. On all his interviews the recent one with Kanye West is the one that geared up so much attention. During a 40 minutes interview, he did his best to pummel away at Kanye where he referred to him as “Kanye Kardashian. He dismissed Mr. West most recent album, saying it was whack. He also called him a hypocrite for denouncing corporation yet calling on them when he is on stage. See This Page for additional information.

Mr. West who is also known for his prickliness on the media decided to take this one on a stride. He requested for more airtime for Charlamagne to talk which he did even calling Kanye “Walking Contradiction” for his strange relationship with the fashion world. When the video went viral, it became the talk on various blogs where Charlamagne was declared to be smart and a hero.


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Krishen Iyer Helps To Get His Clients On The Right Marketing Path

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Krishen Iyer has built his company utilizing his extensive expertise in online marketing. That, coupled with his highly refined technical skills, has brought him a high level of success at Managed Benefit Services. He the CEO and founder of the firm.


The company provides its clients with customized marketing solutions that entail bringing them together with lead-generating firms. Krishen Iyer excels at client relations, and he effectively meets their company’s unique marketing needs with client-specific strategies. Managed Benefit Services primarily focuses on the needs of healthcare, dental, and insurance professionals. They provide full-service marketing services and consultation services.


Krishen Iyer grew up in California and continues to live in the Fresno area. The headquarters of the company are in Fresno. He graduated from the San Diego State University, and he achieved his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Urban Development. After his graduation, he took a position in the insurance industry. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in, among other things, his curious nature, his interest in technological developments, and his attention to the smallest detail. This has helped him in school as well as in his career endeavors.


His days are busy working with clients and accomplishing his other responsibilities and daily activities. Krishen believes it is most productive for him to work with his clients in the earlier part of the day. This then allows him the time to plan for their needs throughout the rest of the day. He places a great deal of emphasis on communications with other people. The input obtained from conversation and collaboration helps create great ideas. Krishen Iyer provides provides his clients with insightful marketing ideas that help build their businesses with a strategic, cost effective plan.


Deirdre Baggot Shows How to Succeed in the Healthcare Business

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In the healthcare industry, few professionals have stood out as did Deidre Baggot, a PH.D., MBA, and BSN of the healthcare industry.

Deirdre became an expert in administration and leading businesses in the healthcare world. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and has graduated from the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville where she became a nurse and from the University’s Quinlan School of Business in Chicago, Illinois, the University where she acquired her MBA.

Deirdre has more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry, having started her career in 1997 at a local hospital named “Northwestern Memorial Hospital.” As a nurse and a resource coordinator, Deirdre acquired a couple of years of experience with nursing before moving to the University of Michigan to work as a manager of the local health system. Her role in the University would earn Deirdre her first-ever award for excellence.

Deidre Baggot maintained this position until it was time in her career to move back to Denver, Colorado, where she worked at the Cardiac and Vascular Institute as a senior manager and business developer. In the institute, Deirdre Baggot worked with duties and departments she had never tackled before, such as sales & marketing or merging & acquisition (M&A), effectively increasing her portfolio of professional experiences and skills.

The Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Colorado, during her role as administrative manager of the corporation, established numerous new clinics in different locations. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on Crunchbase

It wouldn’t take long for Baggot’s impressive experience in the healthcare industry to call the attention of other companies in the business. She was approached by the GE Healthcare Partners of California, where she became one of the company’s Vice Presidents.

Her fame wasn’t limited to the business world only, as the media featured Deirdre in a variety of programs and shows, telling the story of the nurse who became a business manager and a successful leader in the healthcare world.

Deirdre Baggot has shown many professionals around the world that it is possible to start humble and work your way to the most influential positions of the industry. Baggot always had a passion for the job and for the entire healthcare business, and her administrative skills took her very far.

Deirdre Baggot admits that most of her days, during the past years, have been all about meetings and gatherings. She attributes most of her success to networking and successful socialization. Deirdre believes that it is crucial for the development of a compelling career path.