Netpicks Online Strategies for Surviving an Unstable Market

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The stock market sometimes is unstable, and that opens rooms for a choppy market. Most inexperienced investors tend to act fast and irrationally in such a market, and it can be detrimental to the general performance of the stock. To avoid making devastating mistakes, one must understand the market and use the strategies provided.

A ‘choppy market’ is a market condition where the stock price keeps fluctuating, but the instability of the market does not affect the movement of the price in either direction. Netpicks has provided strategies that will help people survive and profit from the market.

The Lock and Walk strategy is one of the strategies that you can use. NASDAQ channels like Proshares Ultra QQQ and Ultrashort QQQ have used the strategy before. The strategy presents a 67 points cutoff rule that enables investors to close their trading sessions for the day and reopen in the next session. The Lock and Walk strategy does not guarantee any results. Before using the strategy, it is important to consult an advisor.

About Netpicks

Netpicks Online, founded in 1996 is a trading company that offers the trading strategies for investors. They also offer education and information. The team provides information on the systems and signals, forex market, and the future stocks. Netpicks concentrates on guiding the regular traders in stock trading.  Be sure to click this useful link, to learn more about NetPicks..

The Company has employed experienced staff members with the knowledge in the stock market. They also have the passion for market trading. All the staff members have engaged in stock trading and know the secrets of successful trading.  Additional reading on

Netpicks has designed trading systems with three goals in mind; to provide an opportunity for a full-time career, ease of trading, and the Part-time career. The team guides the investors in determining their trading goals and objective and gives the investors a chance to choose a system based on their trading goal. They also offer support from the first day of trading. They provide market indicators and step by step guidance on trading.  For a view of their timeline activities, hit

The Company’s website contains blog articles, workshop materials, videos, and webinars.  Check

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Mr. Vincent Parascandola: a Respected Guru in Financial Management

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Mr. Vincent Parascandola is an American financial expert and the senior executive of AXA US. Mr. Parascandola has a degree in the area of computer science from revered Pace University-Lubin School of Business. He also schooled at Xaverian HS and is skilled in estate planning, asset management, retirement planning, and financial management.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola’s career

Mr. Parascandola is an experienced professional, and he has been in this line of work for more than two decades. He initiated his career in the financial realm as a financial expert at The MONY Group in 1990. Before joining this company, he worked for Prudential Insurance and Irving Trust Company. During his tenure at the MONY Group, Mr. Parascandola rose above ranks to become the president of the company. His duties revolved around providing services as a sales manager and managing director of the firm. Mr. Parascandola began working at AXA Equitable in 2005 and slowly climbed the corporate ladder to his current position. AXA Group is an insurance company that provides a variety of services, such as life insurance covers, retirement, and investment solutions. AXA also advises clients on a broad range of issues involving insurance. This company is also involved in various community-based activities and provides scholarships to needy students. AXA Group works in collaboration with more than 5,400 representatives across the United States.

Mr. Parascandola’s role at AXA

Mr.Vincent Parascandola has been with the company for 17 years and is in charge of securities registration. His senior most position was the president of the continental department. As the head of this division, he was involved in recruitment, sales, training, management development, and handling matters about compliance. During this time, he worked at the company offices based in Hawaii and California. He has held his current post as the senior vice president since 2014. Mr. Parascandola has been involved the development and mentoring of more than 225 interns in New Jersey. He is also a speaker and has spoken on various platforms in May 2014. For example, he gave a commencement speech during an academic event held at Pace University. Mr. Parascandola has received numerous awards throughout his career. These include the Career Development and the Master Agency Awards.


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Contrary to the expectation of many investors, the sell-off of the technology sector in early June caused a stir among many investors. Previous market behavior made most investors feel like the market is invincible.

Currently, the same investors are left with worry and doubt on how to carefully tread the dark and murky waters of Wall Street. Well, worry not. There are strategies that when carefully followed, one can benefit from the unsteady nature of the market. These strategies are;

The lock and walk strategy

The strategy implies to being proactive. This plan is crafted to respect, resistance and support levels in the Nasdaq100. However, there are rules to be followed. The important rule is that once you gained 67 points in earnings, the strategy is crafted to shut down until the next trading session comes to term.

You can sort for policies from other well-known approach companies. Netpicks is an example of an online strategy company.

Netpicks Company

Netpicks is an online strategy company. It has its headquarters in Irvin, Texas. Over the years, Netpicks maintained high-quality product delivers to its clients. Most of the customers are regular traders who seek to gain from the market shares. Netpicks provides quality trading education. The customers have benefitted from the information which consists of; system signals, forex, options, stocks, futures, and the ETFS.

Netpicks remained an influential company in the industry due to many factors. The leader of the enterprise, Mark Soberman, has years of experience in the industry. He employs highly skilled professionals who have experience in trading. These enable them to provide accurate information and insight on the trading experience and how to maximally gain from trading.

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Also, the online trading system of Netpicks is easy to use. You log in, select the option you want, and leave the rest to the program. The ease of use coupled with the accurate and efficient information provided by Netpicks guarantees the clients with unparalleled personal trading experience.  Useful link here

Despite the unstable situation of Wall Street, you can still trade and gain. You can choose to follow the lock and walk strategy or login into Netpicks and let the professionals solve your problem.  For NetPicks contact info, hit this.

Read more about NetPicks, visit

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Securus Technologies Making Crime Prevention Easier

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Working on the police fugitive task force division means that I could be assigned to just about any cash in a moments notice. If there is someone in our town who is putting the citizens in danger, we need to spring to action quickly so that this suspect is apprehended and put behind bars where they belong. We got the call that a fugitive was in the loose and doing home burglaries that were violent in nature.


In the last week, this fugitive had robbed four homes and tied up or beaten the residents each time When the last couple refused to give the fugitive cash, he tied them up and then beat them until they were unconscious. We were aggressively looking for anyone who could give us a lead, but nothing was materializing fast. On a hunch, we headed over to the local prison to see if any inmates had recent dealings with our fugitive.


These inmates are not receptive in any way to talking with police, but we did have an ace up our sleeves. Securus Technologies put the inmate telephone monitoring system in our jail, and it is vital for helping officers to pick up specific chatter from the inmates that could help make things safer on the inside. We were going to use the LBS software to try and detect conversations concerning our fugitive, and we were shocked how effective the Securus Technologies monitoring system worked.


Within a few hours of our confronting officers, we started to hear one inmate talking about our suspect. He didn’t mention any names, but he did say who the suspect was meeting to sell his stolen goods. He mentioned selling jewelry once a week to a fence, so we decided to intercept the next meeting and bring the suspect in without any incident.

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Career Profile of Brazilian Advertising Expert José Borghi

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José Henrique Borghi is a prominent Brazilian businessman specializing in the advertising industry. He is the owner of Mullen Lowe Brasil, a very successful ad agency based in Brazil. José Borghi is recognized for creating some of the memorable advertising campaigns including Luciano, Sazon, and Mammal of Parmalat among others. Borghi realized he had advertising potential in his youthful years, but he did not have an idea of how successful he would be in the future.

José Borghi kicked-off his advertising career in 1989 after successful completion of Advertising and Propaganda course at PUC Campinas. Initially, he served at Standard Ogilvy before proceeding to work for other advertising firms such as Talent, Leo Burnet, FCB and others. At that time, Borghi had amassed sufficient experience to enable him launch his own agency. He partnered with Erh Ray and they co-founded BorghiEhr. According to José Borghi, they had no investors or financiers to fund their ad agency, but they eventually succeeded and more information click here.

By the end of 2006, the agency had achieved tremendous success, and was acquired by Lowe and its name changed to Borghi Lowe. The agency had expanded both in the domestic market as well as internationally. After another merger between Mullen group and Lowe & Partners was concluded and Mullen Lowe agency was formed. José Borghi assumed the role of co-CEO together with Andre Gomes.

José Henrique Borghi is recognized for his potential and ability to focus on his goals and what he craves. He has worked so hard in his life because he understands that success is not achieved for free or by luck. Through his hard work, he has won numerous awards in Brazil and on the global platform. He has created ad campaigns for large companies like Coral Paints, Globo, Fiat, Asian Motors, America On Line and others. Borghi’s work in Brazilian advertising industry is highly appreciated and learn more about Borghi.

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Boraie Development Creates Better Places For Everyone To Live

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Central Jersey Working Moms has produced a news piece about Boraie Development that details how they have creates some of the finest residences in New Jersey. Boraie Development has become one of the most-important development companies in the northeast, and it is a place where someone may look for the best places to live in the state. This article explains how someone may change their financial position when they are living in a nice place through Boraie Development, and it talks about how the company is helping make New Jersey a better place to live.

#1: Why Is Boraie Development Important?

Boraie Development has been building many different places in New Jersey that are better for people to live and work in. They want to make each city they work in better, and the company looks into places like Atlantic City, New Brunswick and Newark that will grow. Boraie Development has ensured that these communities will offer the best places to build, and they will negotiate a new development in that spot.

#2: The Growth Of The State

Omar Boraie is dedicated to New Jersey because it has been his home for many years. There are many people who will find that the state grows every year because Omar finds new places to grow, and he seeks out locations that will make each city look better. He works diligently to help each new community find a bit of growth that they did not have before, and he seeks out places where these communities may make changes to the way they are structured.

#3: He Gives Back

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development give back to the state every year in a number of ways, and they ensure that the state is a much better place to live. They want to give to things that increase the profile of New Jersey, and they will ensure that these charities and organizations have the funds they need. Omar has given to Rutgers University, and he has contributed to many causes that include helming children and needy adults.

According to Rutgers, the Boraie Development family has spent decades helping the state of New Jersey improve, and they work may be seen around the state. Someone who is searching for a better way to live may come to one of the fine residences that have been created by Boraie Development, and they will live in a modern building that is made for city life.


Age Is Not A Barrier For Sawyer Howitt

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     There are many talented and skilled teenagers around the world. Age is not a restriction for many of them including Portland native, Sawyer Howitt. Howitt became apart of his father’s company, the Meriwether Group, at the age of 17. He serves as the Project Manager, where he oversees the operations carried out by the team. The position requires a strong leader, therefore, making Howitt the perfect fit for the job.

Howitt developed a huge interest for business and finance. Throughout high school, he set up most of his classes around those subjects. He started to focus more on his interest of business. He obtained various administrative internships in order to gain some experience. Howitt has what it takes to become an entrepreneur. He has the knowledge needed as he has an understanding of the operational and financial side of operating a business. At the Meriwether Group, he is known for taking on any and all assignments that may come his way. He is skillful with complicated spreadsheets and presentations, to more smaller tasks like taking notes for an important meeting. He worked at Kure Juice Bars for a short time to gain customer service experience.

Giving Back

Sawyer Howitt is very active in his community, making sure to give back in order to make a difference. He has helped to mentor at risk youth, led many philanthropic organizations in support of women’s rights, and been involved in an international ethnic study group.

Howitt’s Future Plans

As a recent graduate of Lincoln High School, Howitt goes on to attend the University of California, Berkeley. He is planning on obtaining a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. Howitt has a blueprint for his future. He wants to help other young and upcoming entrepreneurs, as well as businesses, in a significant way.

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Make Money By Hosting Wine Tasting Parties!

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There is a great way of making money from home. There is not a lot of physical labor involved and you get to make new friends while you’re at it.

Host a wine tasting party. With the Traveling Vineyard, hosting a wine party is easy, and can be quite lucrative.

After you have arranged a wine tasting party with the Traveling Vineyard, you will be supplied with a wine tasting kit. In the kit, you will find invitations, wine, snacks to go with the wine, party favors and gifts, and of course, the most important thing, order forms!

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A wine guide from the Traveling Vineyard will be there to show what kinds of snacks will best accompany each type of wine.

These are not flavored fruit wines, like those that are easy to find at your local grocery store. They are from carefully selected chateaux in France and other countries. The guests at your wine tasting party will love them.

Most wine sales are impulse buys; that is, most of the sales are spur-of-the-moment sales when the buyer sees the bottle and thinks inwardly that it might be a nice thing to have a glass of wine. Think of the sales possible if the party guest knows in advance that they will be asked to buy a selected wine.

After your first wine tasting party, or at the party, ask one of your friends to host a party and invite all of her friends, and then ask the same people to come to that party. You will have a list of repeat customers, plus new customers. As a reward for hosting the party, the host will receive gifts and discounts on a bottle or two of wine.

Think of the possibilities. Traveling Vineyard is truly a business that will produce income based upon how much effort is put into it. The more wine tasting parties you have, the higher the sales will be. And do not forget that you will make new customers at each party who might want to host a party, also.

Try the Traveling Vineyard. There is nothing to lose, and fun times and money to be had!

For more information about the company, just click here.

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It’s Time To Call Clearabee For Rubbish Removal

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Rubbish Removal is a top priority for some London neighborhoods, and we thank them for it. Because trash and rubbish removal must be maintained on a full time basis, in order to be effective. When your trash needs have exceeded your ability to handle them, it is time to call Clearabee.


Clearabee is ready to serve all your rubbish removal needs, there is nobody prepared better for this locally. Trash is something nobody wants to deal with. Eventually, your yard and home need someone to help pick up the garbage. It get more obvious, everyday. Our company maybe the most convenient rubbish removal in the whole city, but let the competition come. Our company does our job, the right way, the first time.


Don’t make a move, or even do Spring cleaning without calling us first. Our company knows rubbish removal and trash pickups. Our company puts customer service, as our top priority. Don’t wait another minute, don’t wait another day. Our company wants to be your top name phone call, when you have trash that has become unmanageable. Don’t be shy. Don’t be worried and don’t be weighed down by the garbage in your life. It is all just rubbish in the end.


London must be involved in keeping the streets clean. This is one reason more, that users find Clearabee helpful in busy times. Clearabee needs to be marked in your speed dial. It maybe the most important number you can carry, when it comes to rubbish removal.

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How the Charter Schools at Success Academy Help Prepare Students to Flourish in College

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Charter schools were formed as a way to provide students from low income families with the type of education needed to enter college. The charter schools that make up Success Academy are founded on the philosophy of providing children with unlimited possibilities. These schools are located throughout various regions of New York City, which include Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. The team behind the schools that make up Success Academy believe in taking action to bring about the type of changes needed in the educational system to help empower low income students. They firmly believe today’s children will become tomorrow’s leaders.


Their Educational Approach


The people involved with the charter schools in Success Academy strive to create a good foundation at the elementary level. Teachers and other school officials work together to ensure every child makes a smooth transition into their system in regards to both their emotional well-being and academic development. The curriculum for the elementary level is designed to encourage reading through both fiction and non-fiction materials. It also teaches problem solving through math skills and challenges inquiring minds through science. Elementary students are encouraged to voice their opinions and explore any related fields they might show an interest in such as art.


The school’s focus on encouraging children to learn continues throughout their middle school and high school years. The programs created for the middle school curriculum revolve around internationally recognized standards for entrance into college. These programs focus on critical thinking, subject mastery and question based learning. To help students develop independence and creativity the schools in Success Academy offer a variety of elective programs that include chess, musical theater and robotics.


The high school years are the final step in the process of educating children to become college graduates. In addition to providing students with programs that encourage critical thinking and problem solving, the high school curriculum at Success Academy also focuses on public speaking and academic writing. Not only is the high school curriculum designed to help students gain entry into college, but it is also designed to help them flourish and graduate from a traditional four-year college.

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