Richard Dwayne Blair Builds Individualized Financial Plans For Each Of His Valued Clients

Posted on August 16, 2018 By

Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, and he started the company in order to help families, individual people, and entrepreneurs get a better grasp of the financial situations. After finishing up his college education, he went to work in the financial services sector and has been working in the same industry for more than 25 years, to-date. Blair has focused in on helping people to plan ahead for their retirement and works really hard to give people the knowledge they need to avoid some of the many mistakes that people make when planning for their retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair knows that everyone is in need of some kind of financial plan that will help to keep them focused on getting ahead rather than falling behind. He serves clients in the Austin, Texas area where he helps them to build a financial roadmap that they can stick to during every phase of their life. Blair teaches his clients a Three Pillar Approach, which helps them to come up with a customized financial plan rather than a generic, cookie cutter plan that probably won’t work. The first Pillar of the plan helps to clear-up a client’s long-term goals, tolerance for risk, weaknesses and strengths, and potential growth opportunities. During this phase, Richard Dwayne Blair also builds a relationship with his client, which is good to have as they will be working with one another for many years. This also helps him to gain a deeper understanding of the goals and needs of each individual client so he can provide the best information and advice for them and their situation.

Richard Dwayne Blair built the second Pillar to help put together an investment strategy that will stand the test of time. It is customized to fit each client’s needs, and Blair is an active part of his clients’ financial plan as he moves around assets and manages them as he sees fit. By having Blair work on their financial goals in an active way, risk is greatly reduced for each client. The third Pillar has to do with rolling out the strategy that he and his clients have built, and this is where the real work begins.