Sawyer Howitt’s take on entrepreneurship.

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Sawyer Howitt is what would be referred to as a business young guru. He has been a shining light among millennials on the subject of finance.He understands the subject and is constantly advising on how businesses both young and old can achieve better financial results as well as how to run finances in a business. He is a firm believer in growing of brands which in turn produce customer loyalty.A good brand reputation has become very important especially in this age of social media where brands can easily get their names tarnished over small incidences some of which could be due to genuine human error or circumstances beyond the brands control or reach.Sawyer advice on the need for brands to create deeper and more meaningful relationships between themselves and their customers.When this is achieved sawyer believes that a brand is able to make better products for its customers as well as the ability to weather any storms that they may face since their customers understand the core values of the brand.They believe what the brand stands for and can thus choose that brand over others anytime.

Sawyer is constantly advising young entrepreneurs to take on the challenge of acquiring the relevant education on entrepreneurship to this end he is set to pursue a degree in finance and entrepreneurship from Caltech Berkeley.This education he believes gives the young entrepreneurs an edge as they are able to understand the field more and what it takes to succeed.

Sawyer is also very insistent on the need for entrepreneurs to look for mentorship.He is one of the young business leaders who are very passionate about giving back to society and its why he has several mentorships programs that he runs as well as donating his time and money to them.The need for old entrepreneurs to mentor young ones has seen him engage several older more successful entrepreneurs in mentorship programs where they can guide others like him and enable them to reach their level of success.

He is always advising millennials on the need to prove themselves not by forcing themselves in but by showing their skills and value to the organizations they work for.They should not fear to show that they are a valuable asset to the company and work to earn their position in this organizations.Millennials can be the biggest assets to any organization as they are young dynamic and efficient.They are also very flexible and are able to easily adapt to changes that are especially positive to there work.  Check more:

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