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Pride aside, we all may be seeking, praying, or expecting assistance during detrimental times. Oh, how it would be a huge relief to know your location has an extra blanket of coverage, to help remove stressful burdens on you and your family. If you stay in the Dallas Texas location, the assisting solution to your issue(s) may be a program named Stream Cares.

Stream Energy is the developers of the program Stream Cares. They witnessed the hardships of people during a natural disaster, and decided to get involved with the recovery process. When one of the biggest hurricanes by the name Harvey, rampaged through Texas, there wasn’t many companies across the country standing up asking “How may we help you?” However, Stream Energy was one of the beginning responders to their surrounding communities needs. Stream Energy is a big company name that enjoys being for the people through their philanthropist status.

A company which normally sells energy-saving Services, has collaborated with according to Patch, “Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity” (2018, pg.1). Instead of sending their best with a check, the individuals within the company participates at ground level. The employees also get to Showcase their love for different causes. One problem the company has an open heart and work towards helping often, is the homeless. Each year, United with an organization named Hope Supply, Stream Energy funds the ability for children without homes, to eat and enjoy themselves. During the water park activity, the youth will be able to have fun, obtain money, and receive other necessities. Furthermore, when Texas was in the path of destruction as tornadoes hit, destroying various places. This Corporation and others with the company played a role in earning a lot of money to assist the individuals affected by the disaster.

Stream Energy finds it important to make life better for many types of people, including people associated with the military. Not only do they show gestures and deliver words of thankfulness, but their actions have lead to paying for outings at different types of eateries for veterans, their families, and children events. They also have funded other services for the group.

As you can see, this company is not an every man for themselves establishment. They have worked towards bringing satisfaction to multiple people whether they are a customer, or not.

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