Talkspace: Meeting Your Therapist Online

Posted on May 2, 2018 By

Physical fitness has become even more popular over the years. Keeping up with your health surely can reduce your chances of getting diabetes or even heart disease. However, mental illness often does not get as much attention as it should. It’s no secret that stress or difficult life situations can challenge your mental balance. If we suffer a tragic event and can snap back quickly it shows a strong psychological mental state of mind. The reason to be mentally fit is because it allows us to express creativity, face our drama head on and handle stressful events more calmly.

Consider methods to help tighten your mental fitness. Begin setting aside time to relax or decompress your mind. With technology today, you can probably find an app on your phone that could either help you meditate or listen to soft soothing music to calm your mind. By doing this, research shows it can help stimulate your memory and create what is called “visuopatial processing”.

When experiencing a crisis in your life it’s never fun to go about it alone. It can be a challenge to keep your mental focus and health together and today’s busy world and demands. If you seek help, the cost for a traditional therapist can be very intimidating and way out of your budget.

At an affordable cost of $128 a month, Talkspace, a new revolutionary online app that connects you with a therapist for via text message sessions his leading the mental health market. Your initial primary therapist immediately introduces themselves and begin jotting down all of your information. From there you are give one or even three therapists to choose from. It’s that easy. All sessions are conducted through your phone, an iPad or even your desktop. Sessions last up to 50 minutes and you can connect whenever you need.

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