The Legacy of Ted Bauman

Posted on February 2, 2018 By

There are a lot of food things to say about Ted Bauman. In fact there so many good things to say about him that the best way to start is with a blanket term and then break it on down to the different ways he contributes to society. First of all, the best way to describe Bauman is as an intelligent individual and professional businessman. But he’s more than that, as his concern for current events and care for family, as well as community, is in many ways superlative. But, to just say all these things about him without actually getting to the different layers and sides of the man is an injustice to his reputation. The details of what make him so fascinating are worth a closer look.

The first thing anyone ought to know about Ted Bauman is that he is an editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. He edits The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and the Alpha Stock Alert as well. These periodicals specialize in protecting assets, privacy issues, international migration and also how to make low-risk investments. These days, he’s a good-old-fashioned southern boy and hails from Atlanta GA, with pride. This is true even though his origins are Washington DC and his place of education is South Africa where he holds a degree from the University of Cape Town. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

He is expertly capable of giving advice on the way the world works, because of his service record in South Africa on different levels for more than 25 years. These positions range from executive to fund manager. If there is a crown jewel and his repertoire, then it is the project Slum Dwellers Internationals that helps millions of people in just about three dozen countries. Now, he doesn’t like to brag. But, the simple fact is Bauman’s intellect is on a genius level. That’s why he works from the home after taking care of home. That is to say that’s how most of his days look.

He finds that he does his best work early in the morning or write out the gate. And on especially heavy-load days, he wakes up before the sunrise to get things started and meet his obligations. As an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, he understands that it is most important to stay current and gather sources of information for his readers. When he’s in a groove and hitting a hotspots production-wise, Ted Bauman behaves very stingy with his time and is not afraid to tell others please do not disturb. This is how he gets things done, and a lot of people depend on him to get things done.

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