Who Is Gregory Aziz, The CEO And Chairman Of National Steel Car?

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Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. He also holds the position of CEO and Chairman at National Industries and he is very dedicated to his career. Aziz’s proudest achievements are regarding National Steel Car and he is continuously striving to improve the company.


Background on National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a Canadian company based in Hamilton, Ontario. It is a company with history, as it has over 100 years of existence and demonstrated quality work. The main work fields at National Steel Car are manufacturing and engineering and they pride themselves over the fact that the company is much more than just a place where people go to work: it is a mission, a cause and a place where every person matters. See Related Link for more information.


The contribution of Gregory J Aziz to the company

It has always been a great honor for Greg Aziz to work and have a leading position in National Steel Car and his leadership and skills have hugely made an impact on the success and direction of this company. Due to his work and vision, National Steel Car has received TTX SECO awards for being number one in the industry. Greg James Aziz has always placed huge accent on excellence, he has delivered amazing results and has expected the same from those around him in return.


The future for National Steel Car and its Philanthropy

The company is one with great history, which has definitely already left its mark on the world. Besides continuously trying to keep up with the changing world around and bringing innovation on the steel car manufacturing market, with James Aziz as its leader, the company has also launched in philanthropic work, as he firmly believes in its importance within the community. The Hamilton community has been largely impacted in a favorable way through the charitable actions of National Steel Car and it has employed over 2000 residents from Hamilton, Ontario. It has also contributed financially to the Hamilton Theater and the Hamilton Opera.


All in all, Aziz is not just another CEO of a company. James Aziz is someone always looking for opportunities of self-development, always doing his best to encourage others to succeed and he is dedicated to helping the community. He also is a family man, who sponsors and takes part in many charitable events in Canada, together with his beloved wife, Irene.


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