How Amra and Elma Beganovich Have Established a Successful Fashion Blogging Career

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Fashion blogging has gained instant popularity over the past few years. Many people, others even leaving their well-paying jobs to become full-time fashion bloggers, follow this career path. While it may appear to be a fantastic career, succeeding in fashion blogging requires hard work and perseverance. Amra and Elma Beganovich have managed to cement a top position in the fashion blogging world. The two sisters are the brains behind the two prestigious blogging brands, Amra and Elma and Club Fashionista.

Amra was an economist handling diverse bank projects while Elma was on the path of establishing a successful career as a lawyer. They have travelled and lived in different parts of the world such as London, Madrid, Paris, Miami, Washington D.C and others. Their love for fashion and traveling interest motivated them to start fashion blogs.

Origin of fashion blogging idea

Amra Beganovich was sharing some beauty ideas with her Swedish friend and she discovered she had mastered many concepts about fashion on Instagram. She proceeded to write her a first blog, which was a bit presentable. On the other hand, Elma Beganovich was a fashion lover who took pictures of beautiful landscapes, new styles, and architecture as well as documenting her experiences across the globe. The two sisters launched their first fashion blog, which received massive traffics and several brands began approaching them. Within a span of one month, they were receiving over 150,000 visitors on a monthly basis. The original news is available via Career-advice.


JustFab on youtube has developed a culture of putting the needs of its customers above everything. It launches stylish brands comprised of handbags, denim, jewelry, and shoes. The clients enjoy an amazing shopping experience since some of the products are available for purchase at a discounted price. Online purchases are shipped to the doorsteps of customers. The company offers a money return guarantee in case the outfits develop defects during the shipping process.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler established JustFab in March 2010. In September 2011, Kimora Lee Simmons was appointed as the Creative Director and President of the company. After receiving millions of dollars in funding from several established firms, JustFab became a global company with incredible presence in Germany, UK, and Canada. The company purchased the FabKids, a firm that specializes in the selling of children outfits.

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Gregory Aziz Seeking Talent

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National Steel Car and Greg Aziz, aka James Aziz, Hiring

Attention, people seeking to make some decent money – all from home. A computer and a creative mind are all that is required. Find out more. Gregory J Aziz wants you.


See Aziz’s profile Here.


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More Info on Aziz:


Greg’s NSC is a new content website that seeks to tell a story with the world, and its newest platform needs you, entry-level writers or seasoned writers alike. Editors, web designers and traffic analysts of all experience levels are welcome as well; if you wish to work any time of the day and make as much – or as little – cash as you desire, then this team of experts wants to welcome you onboard. You will need a PayPal account to get started and must fill out a simple W9 and Subcontractor’s Agreement to get started; you may even start this week as we have amassed a large batch of new clients and potential domain sites up and running, so what are you waiting for?


To apply, send 3-4 detailed paragraphs on your experience, interest levels, topics you can research or write about, position sought (freelance content creator, analyst, web traffic or SEO expert, writer, proofreader, social media guru) your thoughts on why you love teamwork, your writing comfortability and availability and anything else on earth you wish to share with us and can even have shared on the Twitter and YouTube page!!!

If you wish to apply for writing assignments as well, please submit two original – non-copied and Copyscape passable – pieces of your writing on each of the topics below. The word count below is listed for both, but feel free to exceed our expectations and put yourself at the top of the list with some great input and well-structured arguments – there is no maximum word count, only a minimum. Show us what you’ve got!

Our QA editors will spend this week thoroughly reviewing your writing and can reach you soon with a final verdict; if selected, you will be assigned an initial pay rate, based on cents per word and quality of your writing topics. Good luck, and let’s make a buck!


Test Topic 1

Why is it important to budget your finances? 150+ words (That short? Oh, my! The sky’s the limit!!!)


Test Topic 2

What is your favorite word in the dictionary and why? 100+ words (What does it mean to you?)

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Greg Aziz- The Economist Who Revived The National Steel Car

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Gregory James Aziz is the president and chief executive officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is a leading railroad freight car manufacturer in the world. The company has its headquarters in Ontario Canada. National Steel Car is one of the most successful engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. It has already established a name for itself especially in the North America region where it is the biggest railroad freight cars, manufacturer.


Gregory J Aziz was born in London, Ontario in the year 1949. He was born from a humble family. He first joined Bradley College where he developed the love for economics studies. To fulfill this urge, he joined the University of Western Ontario, for more advanced studies and for specialization in economic studies.


Greg grew up conversant with business management since his family owned a food business. This is where Greg Aziz went to immediately after completing his degree. His academic experience enabled him to help his parents grow the food business to a global level. They had operations from as far as Europe and the whole of South America and North America. His involvement in this family business opened his eyes and made him yearn to have his own business. He felt the need to replicate the same success they recorded with the family business. He wanted to start a company that would go global as well.  Read This Page for related information.


Greg J Aziz later moved to New York where he worked in the banking sector for some time. He was able to learn more about business operations especially on the financial aspect of the business. He had accrued the knowledge and experience that would see him run a business successfully. In his first attempt into the business world, he bought National Steel Car from a company called Dofasco. At the time of purchase, National Steel Car was collapsing. It was performing so badly in terms of production rate to an extent it was no longer a viable business plan. However, Greg Aziz had the belief that he could turn things around for this company and revive its operations successfully. After taking over the management role, the company started recording steady and rapid growth.

In a few years, the company had business operations in the whole of North America as well as some parts of Europe. Greg Aziz being a believer in teamwork encouraged his team of workers to work harder. As the business operations expanded, he also expanded the workforce. At the start, he only had about 600 employees but as of today, he has thousands of them. The production rate also increased significantly. From the production rate of about three thousand five hundred cars in a year, the company started producing over twelve thousand cars.

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How Fabletics has Secured a Niche in the Fashion Industry

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Fabletics is a highly profitable e-commerce firm that is recognized for the high-quality product athleisure wear products that it offers. The company was founded by Kate Hudson and TechStyle’s executives, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Fabletics has currently expanded its market by establishing brick and mortar stores in different parts of the United States. The company is always dedicated to ensuring that the athleisure wear that it offers are stylish and affordable to many people. The brand’s reputation has been growing over the years, and it is competing with industry giants such as Athleta, Amazon, and Lululemon. Fabletics has managed to generate about $250 million for the period that it has been in the sector. Its tremendous success has been facilitated by the reliability of its subscription program and the excellent customer service that it provides.


The subscribers of the company’s products and service are required to register an account that allows them to track their purchases. Fabletics’ website allows individuals to pay for commodities by using credit cards and different types of online payment methods. It provides two subscription plans, which are regular and VIP. The firm’s VIP subscribers enjoy advantages such as being offered gifts every month and free returns. Many people prefer shopping at Fabletics since it sells most of its products about a half their regular prices. All new clients are offered a short questionnaire that asks them about their lifestyle and taste to enable the firm’s stylist to provide them with the best products.


Kate Hudson has ensured that her company can reach customers in all states across the country. Fabletics has opened over 30 brick and mortar stores, and it is still determined to increase the number to improve its accessibility. The shops make it easy for the firm to attract people who prefer seeing products physically before they acquire them. The company has used the reverse showrooming technique to increase its profits. The strategy involves allowing people to view products on the internet, and they can later buy them from the brick and mortar stores. According to Hudson, the reputation and productivity of a brand are influenced by its relationships with clients.


Research indicates that the clients’ reviews that a company gets substantially affect its success in the market. Hudson has made sure that the marketing strategy of Fabletics considers remarks that are offered by clients. Many individuals who have never used a product get information about it by reading crowd sourced reviews that have been provided by other consumers. People trust customer reviews more than the information that is offered by the traditional advertising methods. Leading search engines like Yahoo and Google always display the results of highly rated websites on the first page. Companies that have been reviewed positively tend to attract many customers, and therefore, their returns are high.


Hudson has currently employed outstanding marketing approaches to improve the profits of the company. She uses her mobile phone to make videos that inform the public more about the products that are offered by Fabletics. The fashion company is growing at a rapid rate, and its profits increase by 35 percent every year.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Osteo Relief Institute Is Fantastic

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When people get arthritis, they are in a lot of discomfort. Osteoarthritis is a common form of this type of ailment. There are many people that have it, and they can do exercises to help relieve the pain. They can also look into medical options too.


At the Osteo Relief Institute, people have received help. It is an institute that helps in tremendous ways. People do well after they get help for osteoarthritis at the Osteo Relief Institute (LinkedIn). They can do so much more than they used to be able to.


The Osteo Relief Institute is equipped to handle osteoarthritis. Their staff is educated and professional, and they are easy to talk to. They will help in many ways to ease the pain that people experience with osteoarthritis. It gives them more peace than if they didn’t go to receive their services.


Osteo Relief Institute has helped so many people. They are so much better after they visit them. The cost for using the Osteo Relief Institute will be discussed when a person has a consultation with the staff members, and they can see what the situation is. They will discuss whether or not their services are covered by insurance and other types of financial arrangements.


People that have used their services are pleased with what they do. They love how they are treated when they are there. It makes sense to them, and they tell other people about their experiences with them. They tell their friends, relatives, and co-workers to visit them if they have osteoarthritis. It can make a huge difference for them, and they will benefit from it too. Many people are finding out how much the Osteo Relief Insitute can help them. Since many people use their services on a regular basis, the company will continue to do well into the future.

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Canadian MicroBreweries and Steam Brewing

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Canada recently ranked high with awards for the 2017 U.S. Open Craft Beer Championship that was held in July. While many countries won awards Canada took home twenty-four awards. Ten of the awards that Canada won were gold medals. Other than Canada, no non-United States brewery has ever taken home this many awards ( Some of the high placing awards that Canada won were for Berliner-Style Weisse and American style fruit beers.


The United States definitely has a booming craft beer industry but Canada is also a brewing force to be reckoned with. Canada has been introducing a lot of new pilsners, ales, and lagers to the marketplace that can’t be found elsewhere. One famous craft beer brewer is Eli Gershkovitch. Eli has been putting Canadian craft beers on the map since 1995. Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and chief executive officer of Steamworks groups. In the early 90’s he traveled through Europe and sampled some new beers from microbreweries in Germany. He realized the flavors were nothing like he could find in Canada. While he wasn’t ready to give up his law degree and starting home brewing, he did have an instant interest in these new brewing styles.


Eli Gershkovitch opened his first brewpub in 1995 in Gastown. Steam brewing was basically unheard of in Canada at the time. It could possibly have been so unfamiliar due to the legal complexities of founding and operating this type of business. Eli was able to put his law degree to work and open his brewpub. Locals fell in love with this new type of beer and Vancouver natives and tourists flocked to his establishment.

Microbreweries are extremely popular with millennials. Canada has proven it has an extensive market of craft brewers who all have unique brews to introduce to the marketplace. Some must-try craft brews from Canada are Tofino Brewing Company, Brassneck Brewery, Village Brewery, Paddock Wood Brewery, Half Pints Brewing Company and Cool Beer Brewing Company. With so many new craft breweries on the rise, Canada is expected to stay on the map for creative and refreshing complex brews

More about Eli Gershkovitch on Twitter

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How Big Data is playing an Instrumental Role in Boosting Supply Chain Performance

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After the introduction of visibility solutions, many transportation departments relied on measuring on-time performance as a key performance indicator (KPI). They reviewed a carrier scorecard every quarter. On-time performance was the most popular KPI for air and ocean carriers. On the other hand, motor and rail carriers measured and reported their KPIs as service types and scheduled departures respectively. Many companies rarely bothered to measure the multi-leg and multi-mode shipments. The today’s KPIs that cover physical, regulatory, and financial metrics of the supply chain were more uncommon.


When looking into opportunities for bolstering the supply chain performance, innovative KPIs nowadays concentrate on trading partners and functions other than diverting all the attention to the performance of the specific functions of a particular carrier. The opportunities to capitalize on big data go beyond enhancing career performance. Ideal KPIs’ practices take into consideration the business operations and trading partners. By evaluating the KPIs of the supply chain and factors that contribute to variability, firms can attain a cost-effective, swift, predictable, and compliant supply chain.


A look at Edisoft’s history


Edisoft opened its doors 22 years ago with a mission of offering innovative EDI solutions, which would allow businesses of small to medium sizes to establish strong connections with their trading partners and trade smoothly. The firm created a product that integrates EDI functionality into main ERP and accounting software systems. It came up with a global team of software and EDI specialists and focused on a rigorous R&D program (LinkedIn). The outcome of the efforts of this team was the Edisoft Merchant collection of unique products, a comprehensive EDI solution structured to work perfectly with the original databases of the well-known accounting systems.


What services do Edisoft offer?


Edisoft is a customer service driven firm that is committed to delivering exceptional services to its clients. Edisoft offers a broad range of consulting, support, and execution services around its products to allow its customers to work efficiently, speed up operations, improve productivity, and minimize costs ( Edisoft boasts exceptional mastery of EDI from both technical and business perspectives, and it will work tirelessly to help clients in achieving their goals.



Glen Wakeman Says It All Takes Tact

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Glen Wakeman has had a successful career, spanning two decades, in entrepreneurship and finance. Currently, Glen is the CEO of a SAAS company called LaunchPad Holdings. Glen founded the company with the intention of helping people run better performing and planned businesses.

Glen graduated from Scranton University with a Bachelor Of Science in Economics and Finance in 1981. He also furthered his studies at the University of Chicago where he acquired an MBA in finance. Immediately after college, Glen started a career in business development and P&L positions at GE (LinkedIn). His stay there was very successful, and he helped in the growth of the company to a great capacity. While he worked at GE, Glen Wakeman was recognized as a role model in Growth Leadership. He later moved to Doral Financial Corporation, where he later became the President and CEO due to his exemplary performance and zeal. Additional, Glen became the chairman of the Doral Bank Board. Glen Wakeman also founded the Nova Four and was the President of the firm.

Glen Wakeman has gained much success in business as a mentor and entrepreneur in his lengthy career. Currently, he has over 17, 000 employees and has over $15 billion in assets. At LaunchPad Holdings, Glen concentrates with guiding start-ups, new market entries, exponential growth, divestitures, and M&As. He also uses his proven methodology of the five key areas of governance, execution, human capital, risk management, and leadership.

Most of his success and influence also come because he is an investor and writer, who many people follow for guidance. He posts regular blog posts on emerging markets, administration, strategy fiscal matters, among other vital aspects ( Individuals who know his success are keen followers of all his posts as they say it helps them make wise decisions. Many have also attested to the fact that following Glen’s advice led them to high profitability in their organizations.

Glen Wakeman mainly blogs about transforming businesses using the proper type of leadership and influence. He also addresses issues like emerging markets and global affairs that could change the world. Other favorite topics in his blogs are angel financing and capital raising.


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NetPicks’ Socially Responsible ETFs Strategy

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NetPicks trading company has taken up the responsibility of educating people on how to trade faster than before. The company has put a lot of emphasis on sustainable development and the need to prevent environmental degradation while implementing technological advancements. NetPicks’ primary focus has been to educate people on how to invest in a socially responsible manner.

Exchange Traded Funds also known as ETFs have increased in popularity across the world with the most recommended class being socially responsible. ETFs, unlike mutual bonds, are passively managed. USSIF has identified the following four groups of strategies as essential to maximizing your social value and financial returns:

  • Positive screening, which Involves selecting firms, organizations, and projects based on unique criteria set up
  • Negative screening, which includes identifying factors such as social impacts, some investments are exempted.
  • ESG Integration, which includes ESG factor analysis which plays a crucial role in one’s financial returns.
  • Themed Investing considers the theme of the project such as sustainable development themes.

NetPicks considers ETFs that focus on environmental and gender issues to be the most socially responsible investments. The top four “Green” ETFs include Etho Climate Leadership U.S. ETF, Gender Diversity Index ETF, iShares Social ETF, and iShares Low Carbon Target. NetPicks encourages that you consider the risks and expenses involved as well as the area of investment to ensure that you make the best decision while selecting the right ETF.  Related article to read on

About NetPicks

NetPicks is an online trading company that was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman. The company’s sole purpose is to provide high-level trading education. NetPicks deals with Forex, Futures, Stocks, and Options & ETFs among other services. The headquarters of NetPicks are in Irving, Texas where it has dedicated and passionate traders who ensure that you attain your trading goals. The company provides its regular traders with tips and tutorials that guide traders who are interested in using their services.

Read important review about the company here.

The company’s trading system was designed to enable a trader to choose a particular objective and then allow the system to do its work. The system allows a trader to learn as fast as possible using training videos and committed staff. NetPicks is the best in the industry and strives to ensure its traders achieve success.  Get connected now, click on

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Getting Tips from Netpicks and Different Ways to Profit From the Markets

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One of the most important things to do when thinking about making trades and investments is to know as much as possible about the markets that are being considered. For one thing, some markets have more than one way of earning. A trader might not have to rely completely on trades in order to make profits. He can also look at different ways to earn from the assets that he has invested in. In order to get all of the information on what can earn from the markets, the trader is going to have to look up sites like Netpicks.

One example of the type of market that has more than one way to earn is the stock market. There are some stocks that actually pay traders for holding onto them for more than a year. These awards are often given in the form of dividends. Netpicks has all of the information that one is going to need when it comes to finding stocks that award dividends. Netpicks also has other forms of information about stocks that can encourage people to hold onto the stock that they have paid for. One thing that is certain is that the stock market is a huge world to be a part of.   Helpful info available on this related link.

However, people will earn the largest amounts of money in a short amount of time through trades. Therefore, it is important to follow the advice of Netpicks when it comes to market conditions. Then there are other ways to earn in other markets.  For the recent timeline activities, hit

 Netpicks advises people to look into ETF for money. Another piece of advice is to think about more than money when considering an investment. One of the best things to look at is social responsibility. When that is considered, people may find a good product from the market to invest in. Wanting for more knowledge, head over to this.

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Matthew Autterson Does What He Can to Help People

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Throughout his career, Matthew Autterson has done a lot of different things to help people out. In fact, it is his passion to help those who are in bad situations and he knows that he will be able to help people with all of the things that he is doing. He knows what he can do to help people and he uses his resources to show others what they are able to get out of different situations. There have been many times when Matthew Autterson did not want to help people, but he always knew what he would be able to do if he continued working hard and helping people out with the issues that they were having.


As things got better for Matthew Autterson, he decided that he should do something to actually help more people out with the things that they were doing. He knew that he could try different things and that most people would be able to benefit from the things that he was doing. He had a lot of help with different people and he gave them everything that they needed to experience the different opportunities in their lives. He focused on people who had neuro-related disabilities so that they would be able to experience the different opportunities that they can use to make things easier.



With his biomedical company, Matthew Autterson is able to show people what they can do and how much better their lives can get. He not only wants to improve their quality of life, but he wants to make things easier for them to get the things that they need. He knows that he can try different things for people to try and get the best things that they need out of the experiences that he has done for people.


There have been different options that people can use and Matthew Autterson is able to do these to help people. He tries his best to help people and has always been dedicated to that type of help. It is what has set him apart from other people and has given him the chance to experience more in the industry that he is a part of. The biomedical business continues to be a positive thing for people to try and for people to be able to use so that they can be as successful and have the most convenient options possible for their own lives.