How Amra and Elma Beganovich Have Established a Successful Fashion Blogging Career

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Fashion blogging has gained instant popularity over the past few years. Many people, others even leaving their well-paying jobs to become full-time fashion bloggers, follow this career path. While it may appear to be a fantastic career, succeeding in fashion blogging requires hard work and perseverance. Amra and Elma Beganovich have managed to cement a top position in the fashion blogging world. The two sisters are the brains behind the two prestigious blogging brands, Amra and Elma and Club Fashionista.

Amra was an economist handling diverse bank projects while Elma was on the path of establishing a successful career as a lawyer. They have travelled and lived in different parts of the world such as London, Madrid, Paris, Miami, Washington D.C and others. Their love for fashion and traveling interest motivated them to start fashion blogs.

Origin of fashion blogging idea

Amra Beganovich was sharing some beauty ideas with her Swedish friend and she discovered she had mastered many concepts about fashion on Instagram. She proceeded to write her a first blog, which was a bit presentable. On the other hand, Elma Beganovich was a fashion lover who took pictures of beautiful landscapes, new styles, and architecture as well as documenting her experiences across the globe. The two sisters launched their first fashion blog, which received massive traffics and several brands began approaching them. Within a span of one month, they were receiving over 150,000 visitors on a monthly basis. The original news is available via Career-advice.


JustFab on youtube has developed a culture of putting the needs of its customers above everything. It launches stylish brands comprised of handbags, denim, jewelry, and shoes. The clients enjoy an amazing shopping experience since some of the products are available for purchase at a discounted price. Online purchases are shipped to the doorsteps of customers. The company offers a money return guarantee in case the outfits develop defects during the shipping process.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler established JustFab in March 2010. In September 2011, Kimora Lee Simmons was appointed as the Creative Director and President of the company. After receiving millions of dollars in funding from several established firms, JustFab became a global company with incredible presence in Germany, UK, and Canada. The company purchased the FabKids, a firm that specializes in the selling of children outfits.

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Founder of Organo Gold

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Bernardo Chua is a successful business owner who is inspirational to many people. He is the type of person who is always willing to work hard to improve his company. He is a firm believer in protecting the environment and using strict labor standards. Not only does he pay his employees generously, but he works with suppliers who meet specific criteria.

Due to his hard work, he has received multiple awards within the industry. These awards show that his leadership style is efficient. Anyone who wants to become a successful business owner should follow his example.

Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is the founder and owner of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a growing coffee company. Coffee is an industry that has exploded in recent years. More people than ever before need to have coffee each morning. In addition, many people are willing to pay for quality coffee. There are various reasons why Bernardo Chua decided to start a company.

He was working for a large company and advancing in his career. However, he did not feel fulfilled in what he was doing. He decided to start a company to make a positive impact on his local area. Although the early years were difficult, Organo Gold is now a successful and profitable coffee business. Read more on Business for Home for more info.

Future Trends

Bernardo Chua has numerous plans for the coming years. He wants Organo Gold to become a household name. One of the reasons that his products sell so well is the taste. He only uses the best ingredients possible when making his coffee. He also has vibrant flavors that customers love.

Bernardo Chua is also an active member of the local community. He firmly believes that business owners should help people who live in the same area. He donates both time and money to the local school system to help children. He is an excellent example for other business owners.




Felipe Montoro Jens reports Brazil’s investments in PPPs

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The country of Brazil is home of Latina America’s largest economy, recently working its way out of recession, the federal government has been using public private partnerships more and more as a good solution to continue economic growth, cut deficits, and enhancing the lives of the Brazilian citizens.

The Chief Executive Officer of Odebrecht Properties, Felipe Montoro Jens has over two decades of experience in the international corporate world reports on many public private partnerships in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens looks to Rio de Janeiro public private partnership project to expand the child education and daycare network. Rio de Janeiro is currently building 20,000 new day care centers, and 40,000 preschools in a public private partnership project scheduled to be completed by the year 2020. The private partners will be responsible for the construction of the buildings and maintenance of the facilities. Rio de Janeiro has hired the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is a World Bank affiliate, is hired as consultant to help define the specifics of the projects. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) as consultants was 2.3 million investment by Rio de Janeiro. Read more at Exame about Felipe Montoro Jens

The capitol city Belo Horizonte is upgrading the public lighting network to LED lights using a public private partnership. The public private partnership project in Belo Horizonte is the largest in history. The public private partnership projects will upgrade 182,000 lights by 2020. The Belo Horizonte public private partnership project has inspired Sao Paulo, among other cities to try and duplicate the success of Belo Horizonte’s LED lighting project.

The Brazilian federal government has also made a R $ 44 billion investment for 57 public private partnership projects over 22 sectors to start in 2018. Felipe Montoro Jens said the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) will be responsible for managing these projects. The Partnerships and Investments is the government organization that builds relationships between public and private parties to implement public private partnership projects. Felipe Montoro Jens reported these projects will include auctioning of some of the airports managed by the government company Infraero. Infraero is currently responsible to manage all the major airports in Brazil.



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Kerrisdale Capital And Sahm Adrangi Fire On Proteostasis For Breakthrough Claims

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In recent news, Kerrisdale Capital called into question the claims of Biotech firm, Proteostasis. Since this recent announcement and the keen words of Sahm Adrangi, Proteostasis’ stock value decrease more than 15 percent, cause the company’s share to drop nearly 40 million dollars. Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital and company founder, with decades of investing experience under his belt, he is one of the most well-known investors in the country today.

Proteostasis has recently claimed that they have made a breakthrough in their research for a treatment to cystic fibrosis patients, although Sahm Adrangi believes this claim is short-sighted and has been made prematurely. Sahm Adrangi has taken on the claims of big biotech companies in the past, so he is not in new territory here, as he is always thorough in his research and his statements. According to the data, Proteostasis has put out, there test period comprised of merely four patients, which is not enough to be considered accurate by any means. However, this biotech firm has already claimed to have made a breakthrough, saying all four patients had increased lung capacity on their drug. That being said, there are virtually no results shown in Proteostasis’ data and most of it is still incomplete, which is not a good thing for such a serious statement and medical research.

Some of the most concerning things Sahm has found is the size of the investment Proteostasis has in their so-called breakthrough product. Should this product prove to be ineffective, they stand to lose nearly all of their company value. This means that there is a high amount of pressure for the company to come through with this product, which leads Kerrisdale Capital to believe they may be fabricating some of their results. With such a small size of patients in their test run and no real data that shows complete and accurate results, there is a big chance that their testing was skewed.

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Ted Bauman Offers Insightful Investment Tips

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There are millions of small businesses in America’s industry of investment. With that said the most critical question for any business professional is where to focus in terms of investment. This is because there are days when the market shift takes a plunge into successful trading and then there are days when everything in the stocks exchange portfolio drifts to the risky side of business. Ted Bauman is here to assist investors in determining the right investment direction to pursue. His research services have been instrumental in developing other people’s business ideas. Most fundamentally, he dwells in businesses that offer low-risk investments.

Working as a writer, business professional and now a business leader and editor, his career started after he graduated college with a degree in history and economics. The alumnus of the prestigious Cape Town University worked as a senior editor in many organizations before joining Banyan Hill Publishing. For starters, he was a committed writer and editor for Smart Money Art, a director for International Housing Programs in Georgia and a business leader in the same department. His literary works include working for Journal of Microfinance, Cape Times, Small Enterprise Development, Urbanization and Guardian among others. Notably, these are projects based in South Africa. Read more at Seeking Alpha

Now working for the famous Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is the editor in chief of The Bauman Letter as well as a book called the Plan B Club. He also manages the editorial works of Alpha Stock Alert among others. Having joined the firm in 2013, he has accomplished a lot as a business leader. This is solely based on the fact that he has changed people’s views when it comes to business. All too often, Bauman has been followed by many who wonder where they should stash their cash. That is why he takes a keen observation on the market trends and their constant shifts.

The Bauman Letter is a newsletter subscription that seeks to disseminate critical business information to investors. The investment newsletter is here to help you make the right decision in the ever challenging market of shifting stocks and businesses. With it, you will discover a rather exciting world coupled with personal freedom, actionable strategies and personal growth strategies to protect you from fraudsters.

Ted Bauman grew up in Maryland. However, he relocated to South Africa to pursue formal education. That is how he managed to work for the South African government and businesses. Related:


Gregory Aziz: Passionate About Excellence

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1Gregory James Aziz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, has a passion to deliver excellence in the steel rolling stock manufacturing industry. Rolling stock, or inventory of vehicles that move on a railway, reached an all-time demand high in the early 1900’s. This was especially timely since the company was actualized in 1912. Greg J. Aziz purchased the company that was originally named Imperial Steel Car, in 1994. National Steel Car is a Canadian manufacturer, headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario.


The company experienced exploding progress before the great depression era, afterward it began to taper off over time. Mr. Aziz, an established entrepreneur, applied a robust plan to the once-thriving company. He increased employees from 500 to 3,000 in number, which propelled production viability from 3,000 to 12,500 steel freight cars by 1999. This intuitive strategy took National Steel Car to the top of the market, increasing the company’s Canadian and American client base.


Gregory J. Aziz, an Ontario native, studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. He studied at Ridley College beforehand. The astute businessman gained experience and a sense of excellence from his family-owned wholesale food business named Affiliated Foods. The family-owned business ballooned as a major importer and distributor to the regions of Central and South America, Europe, North America and Eastern Canada. Greg Aziz later indulged a bit in bank investments while in New York during the 1980’s and 1990’s.


This afforded him the grand opportunity to leap at the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994. National Steel Car had passed through multiple franchises at this point. Here, Mr. Aziz seized the chance to launch forth his plan for continuous company improvement and excellence. Gregory J Aziz focused his efforts on employment, production, and engineering expansion solutions in order transform the company’s success on growth, profits, and returns. Read This Article for more information.


Today, Gregory J Aziz National Steel Car is a forerunner in railcar advancement and technology. Under his leadership, National Steel Car is the only manufacturer that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The company holds firm to this unique privilege 18 consistent years without interruption. Mr. Aziz’s company continues a reputation of excellence, commitment, and quality in North America.


James Aziz has meticulously cultivated a valued, talented, professional team of highly trained employees who continue to accelerate the company to new levels of success. The prestigious company consistently earns the TTX SECO award since 1996. This illustrious honor is given to companies who exemplify the highest business standards of quality, cost, delivery, service, and finance & administration. This grand feat solidifies Gregory J Aziz’s passion for excellence with National Steel Car and it’s tremendous success.


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Kevin Seawright comes to Newark, New Jersey

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Kevin Seawright is a prominent financial advisor who recently became the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Newark Economic Development Group. He is considered a veteran of economic development with over 13 years of experience helping to develop East Coast communities. Seawright will be working with Chief Executive Office Alisha Glover and Senior Vice President of Real Estate Franklyn Ore to spur the economy in Newark. Together they will be working with business owners to encourage growth and develop new businesses.

Kevin Seawright earned a Certification in Executive Leadership from Notre Dame University’s Mendoza Business School. Out of school, he worked for the Baltimore municipal accounting department. He successfully restructured the Baltimore parks and recreation area which eliminated the deficit and brought in a profit. Throughout the years, Seawright has worked for a number of public and private companies which has led to his popularity and support. Read more about Kevin SeaWright at

In 2015, Kevin Seawright created a company called RPS Solutions. The goal of the company is to increase homeownership in the Baltimore area. They work to help low to middle income families get qualified for home ownership by finding more reasonable deals in local neighborhoods. Thanks to RPS, people who might not normally qualify for home ownership can get qualified even with substandard credit. They have also worked on recovering abandoned buildings and restoring them to new units as part of the redevelopment.

Seawright believes in community involvement from serving as a Babe Ruth Museum board member to campaign manager for Otis T. Rolley during his bid for mayor of Baltimore. He has helped with many fundraisers for residential development initiatives. He is a leader in financial development who strives to produce positive outcomes. Kevin Seawright will be an asset to the Newark Economic Development Group and will be involved in the development of all Newark areas.




Jeremy Goldstein on how Corporations can swerve Through Conventional Stock Options

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Stock options have over the years been granted to employees in various corporations. This type of compensation provides employees with the chance to sell their shares at a relatively predetermined price over a certain period of time. In the recent years however, corporations have opted out of issuing employee stock options for various reasons. For starters, companies want to save money. While this is a major reason for most companies, there are other reasons that we must look at as well.


Disadvantages of Stock Options

When the value of the specific stock options drop, employees find it impossible to redeem their options. This is always accompanied by the fact that the drop must be reported to the stockholders who in turn, are slapped by the loss incurred.

Employees have become more enlightened on this matter. Unlike in the past where they did not understand this method of compensation, they have now grasped all the details and have comprehensive information of how stock options operate. They also know that at certain times, they become worthless and cannot be used to compensate them fully.

Accountants are always in charge of managing the finance department and ensuring proper resource allocation. So far, stock options only burden them more than benefiting them. On the other side, employees prefer the normal salaries more. Learn more:



There is a symbiotic relationship between employees and stock options. That is if the share value of a company rises, stock options rise. In turn, employee’s earnings rise. Since the rise in the share value affects their personal earnings, they are more determined to excel by making sure that they deliver excellent results by attending to clients in ways that they never have.

The Internal Revenue Service has strict rules that complicate the supply of equities to workers. Especially when the particular workers are top executives, the business may suffer toxic tax burdens leading to loss. That is where a corporation should issue stock options because they have lesser tax burdens.


Finding Viable Solutions to this Elephant


Jeremy Goldstein, a successful lawyer in New York City has a solution to these problems. He advocates for the issuing of knockout options. According to him, this is the surest way of exempting a company from tax burdens and other irregularities. Goldstein, who owns a private law firm named after himself, has been offering financial legal advice to corporations that experience challenges linked to compliance. As such, he is qualified to guide such corporations as he has the experience.


Wes Edens was the Catalyst in Purchase of Springleaf Financial Services

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Successful investor and businessman, Wes Edens was the catalyst in the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services the subprime lender is formerly known as American General Finance and created an extremely lucrative return on investment for Fortress Investment Group with the purchase. Wes Edens is Chief Investment Officer and Head of Private Equity serving as President and Co-Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group and has established a representation as a shrewd businessman and intellectual investor that it created a tremendous career of high rates of return on investment in private equity, hedge funds, and real estate vehicles that can be categorized as distressed assets, illegal credit Investments, and undervalue assets. Fortress Investment Group has assets under management totaling over $67.5 billion which provides the resources and capabilities to execute analytically sound investments from around the globe.

With the leadership of Wes Edens, Fortress Investment Group expanded and in 2007 to be the first buyout company traded on Wall Street. Mr. Edens was the catalyst for the Springleaf Financial Services purchase that totaled over $125 million. The purchase of Springleaf catapulted Fortress Investment Group into the largest consumer finance company in the industry. Springleaf is a company that specializes in providing financing for the majority of the population of Americans by providing simple basic lending instruments that individuals can use to finance the basics of their everyday lending needs. Fortress Investment Group has a high intellectual and knowledgeable staff that utilizes resources and technical analysis and evaluation techniques that provide opportunities to generate returns on investment that are well above the general norms on the market.

With the purchase of Silverleaf Financial Services, Fortress added a key instrument to his portfolio that created a windfall return on investment that was more than 27 times the initial investment. Wes Edens has provided the needed leadership and guidance within Fortress Investment Group to provide the key insight into the development and evaluation of some of the best alternative asset investments within the investment community. He’s established a reputation as one of the leaders and pioneers in the subprime lending category and with the purchase of Silverleaf Financials; Wes Edens has solidified his position at the top of this investment sector. Wes Edens is a successful businessman and investor and was the catalyst for the purchase of Silverleaf Financial Services the subprime lender and created a very lucrative return on investment for Fortress Investment Group.


Netpicks Offers Options of Trading Systems

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One thing that makes Netpicks one of the most effective sites for providing financial trading advice is that it has advice for different trading systems. Therefore, a wide variety of market traders are going to have something that can benefit them. One of the frustrations of finding advice on trading is that many of these websites only cater to one type of trader.

Fortunately, Netpicks is like a one stop shop for many different types of traders. This includes day traders, swing traders and other types of traders. Netpicks has strategies for every type of trader, and they all work (

One thing that Netpicks offers on their webpage are different trading systems. This will help users learn how the markets of their choices work. People can learn a lot whether they want to trade in the stock market, the Forex market or a wide variety of markets. Therefore, people are always going to have something to look at even if they decide they want to change the type of trader they are. For instance, people who are considering changing from a swing trader to a day trader are going to find a wealth of information on this website to help them as they make the transition.

One thing that is recommended by Netpicks is extensive reading and then a lot of practice. One thing that will help people when they practice is if they think about their strategies. They can do this without losing tons of money. With practice accounts, they can actually figure out the markets. Then they can take the same thing that they have learned from the practice accounts to their real accounts. Then they will be able to make some huge profits from their trading activities. Afterwards, they have the options to share their experiences with other traders.

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As the Editor of the Bauman Letter, the Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club newsletter, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and writer, Ted Bauman’s mission is to help people learn about ways to accrue wealth by investing.

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Ted Bauman is currently the Editor of the Bauman Letter. He began his writing career by working with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Mr. Bauman has held the role of editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club, which are part of Banyan Hill Publishing. Mr. Bauman’s strengths include privacy issues, asset protection, and strategies involving low-risk investing.

The Bauman Letter, a 16-page, monthly newsletter, provides subscribers some important tips, like ways to gain wealth, and maintain their wealth. This newsletter is made up of six sections. The first section and the second section are both written by Ted Bauman. The second section is titled, “Forbidden Knowledge.” The third section is titled, “Unfiltered Insider.” Both the second and the third sections are written by a different associate in the Council of Experts. The fourth section, the “Chairmans Corner,” includes input from Ted’s father, and founder of the newsletter, Bob Bauman. The fifth section of the newsletter, “Your Voice,” includes a question and comment section that is from their newsletter subscribers. Ted Bauman finishes each issue with a “Final Thoughts” section, which provides extra insights into many different topics.

Ted Bauman’s educational foundation includes a post-graduate degree in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Ted Bauman has also served for over 25 years in many different positions within the non-profit sector. His primary role in non-profits was to be a top fund manager who oversaw projects involving low-cost housing. Ted Bauman is also responsible for creating Slum Dwellers International, an initiative that has helped nearly 14 million people in 35 countries.

Mr. Bauman has also worked in a consultancy role, writing about subjects that he has had passion for, and one’s considered important for subscribers. Bauman’s subjects of interest included finance, housing, urban planning, and international migration. Some of his clients included the government of South Africa, and agencies in Europe that were responsible for creating grants. Bauman has also been hired by the World Bank and the United Nations to work as a consultant on important housing and development projects.

Born in the Washington, D.C., area, but having grown up on the Eastern Shore, Ted Bauman migrated to South Africa, where he lived and worked as a young man. Bauman currently resides in Atlanta, Ga., with his family.