How Amra and Elma Beganovich Have Established a Successful Fashion Blogging Career

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Fashion blogging has gained instant popularity over the past few years. Many people, others even leaving their well-paying jobs to become full-time fashion bloggers, follow this career path. While it may appear to be a fantastic career, succeeding in fashion blogging requires hard work and perseverance. Amra and Elma Beganovich have managed to cement a top position in the fashion blogging world. The two sisters are the brains behind the two prestigious blogging brands, Amra and Elma and Club Fashionista.

Amra was an economist handling diverse bank projects while Elma was on the path of establishing a successful career as a lawyer. They have travelled and lived in different parts of the world such as London, Madrid, Paris, Miami, Washington D.C and others. Their love for fashion and traveling interest motivated them to start fashion blogs.

Origin of fashion blogging idea

Amra Beganovich was sharing some beauty ideas with her Swedish friend and she discovered she had mastered many concepts about fashion on Instagram. She proceeded to write her a first blog, which was a bit presentable. On the other hand, Elma Beganovich was a fashion lover who took pictures of beautiful landscapes, new styles, and architecture as well as documenting her experiences across the globe. The two sisters launched their first fashion blog, which received massive traffics and several brands began approaching them. Within a span of one month, they were receiving over 150,000 visitors on a monthly basis. The original news is available via Career-advice.


JustFab on youtube has developed a culture of putting the needs of its customers above everything. It launches stylish brands comprised of handbags, denim, jewelry, and shoes. The clients enjoy an amazing shopping experience since some of the products are available for purchase at a discounted price. Online purchases are shipped to the doorsteps of customers. The company offers a money return guarantee in case the outfits develop defects during the shipping process.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler established JustFab in March 2010. In September 2011, Kimora Lee Simmons was appointed as the Creative Director and President of the company. After receiving millions of dollars in funding from several established firms, JustFab became a global company with incredible presence in Germany, UK, and Canada. The company purchased the FabKids, a firm that specializes in the selling of children outfits.

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Dr. Rohrich

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Dr. Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a universally known specialist, creative pioneer and teacher in Plastic Surgery. He is Professor and establishing Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, held the Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery from 1993 to 2014, the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from 1999-2014 and is the beneficiary of the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Recognized Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery (gave by a thankful patient). Dr. Rohrich is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has a clinical practice at University Hospitals/UT Southwestern Medical Center and the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Dr. Rohrich experienced childhood with a farm in North Dakota and finished his undergrad and postgraduate instruction with most elevated respects at North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. He got his restorative degree from Baylor University College of Medicine, graduating with high respects. After general surgery and plastic surgery residencies at The University of Michigan Medical Center, he did additionally preparing in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University in England. Dr. Rohrich finished a hand and microvascular cooperation at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. He joined the Division of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern in Dallas in 1986.

Dr. Rohrich is an individual from the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the Plastic Surgery Research Council, the American Society for Esthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), and the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons. He has filled in as a Director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and as President of the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Rohrich is a Founding Member of the Board of Governors of the National Endowment for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rohrich presently fills in as President of the Association of Academic Chairmen of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rohrich has likewise filled in as President of the ASPS, the biggest association of Board Certified plastic specialists on the planet and is past-individual from the Board of Directors of the ASPS, the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation (PSEF), the ASAPS and the Esthetic Society Education and Research Foundation (ASERF).  Follow Rohrich Instagram


Dr. Samadi is Leading Prostate Doctor for the Big Name Politicians Who Received the Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential nominee has in the last recent months underwent a surgery to help with the cancer diagnosis he received. Anytime someone receives the cancer diagnosis or receives news that they may possible have cancer, they should seek out someone who is able to treat the diagnosis, with the best expectations as possible.

When it came to the former running mate, Mitt Romney wanted to make sure that he seen the best doctors available and this led him to seek out the help of Dr. David Samadi. Once the news of his health broke out, the news outlets had broadcasted about the possibility that he would then run for the U.S Senate seat that would be vacated in Utah.

Men typically will develop prostate cancer as they age and in 10 cases, 6 of them will be diagnosed in men over the age of 65 and the possibility of being diagnosed prior to age 40, is extremely rare. For most cases, the average of the age men are diagnosed at is 66 and in Mitt Romney’s case, he turned 70 in the year 2017.

What you might not know however is that Mitt Romney has joined a number of other politicians who have underwent treatment for their prostate. The former secretary of state had underwent a surgery to remove the prostate gland and when former presidential running mate John Kerry ran in the year 2002, he had also been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He received treatment and surgery as well and has had no issues since.

Dr. Samadi is the chairman for the Urology Department and the chief of robotic surgery in the Lenox Hill Hospital and has spent much of his career as being distinguished for being able to help those out who have received the prostate cancer diagnosis. If there could be one doctor that almost everyone would recommend for treating prostate cancer, it would be Dr. Samadi.

During the course of his time as a leading prostate cancer doctor, Dr. Samadi has performed over 7,000 different robotic surgeries on the prostate. He is very well educated in regards to his knowledge of prostate experiments to treat prostate cancer and he prefers to have patients undergo surgery instead of radiation as it increases the chances of recurring later on in life. When he is done performing surgery on a patient, nearly 90% of his patients are completely cancer free following their robotic prostatectomy.


Trade to Trade Well With NetPicks, Not Make Money

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For people that want to know the secrets of success with traders, there is one saying that sums it up the best from NetPicks. Trade to trade well, not make money. This is the one saying that can change the mindset of trading so that people will be able to not only make some profits, but become confident in their trading. For one thing, people might open trades with smaller amounts of money than with the other mindset. This can cause some huge losses even if cut short. One thing about trading with barely more than the minimum needed to make a trade is that once the loss goes beyond the limit, one is often left to watch as the market takes away their money.  Check on for some guiding tips on forex trading.

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One of the best pieces of advice that NetPicks has for people is to not get too eager to make money. One of the reasons for this piece of advice is that people who are too eager to make money are going to lose a lot of money. They are also going to be faced with some psychological pain from the loss. When one trades in a way that is disproportionate to the money they have, then they are able to move on more easily when they lose on their trades.  Trading tips here.

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With the right mindset, a trader can easily find a strategy that is going to do wonders for them. Then the trader can join the club of success. They will have enough money to not only enjoy comfort, but also a life a luxury if they choose. Many successful people do different things with the money they have earned. For one thing, they may set up a foundation for helping people. They could also share their secrets with others so that they can succeed as well.  To get connected, hit on

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The Legacy of Ted Bauman

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There are a lot of food things to say about Ted Bauman. In fact there so many good things to say about him that the best way to start is with a blanket term and then break it on down to the different ways he contributes to society. First of all, the best way to describe Bauman is as an intelligent individual and professional businessman. But he’s more than that, as his concern for current events and care for family, as well as community, is in many ways superlative. But, to just say all these things about him without actually getting to the different layers and sides of the man is an injustice to his reputation. The details of what make him so fascinating are worth a closer look.

The first thing anyone ought to know about Ted Bauman is that he is an editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. He edits The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and the Alpha Stock Alert as well. These periodicals specialize in protecting assets, privacy issues, international migration and also how to make low-risk investments. These days, he’s a good-old-fashioned southern boy and hails from Atlanta GA, with pride. This is true even though his origins are Washington DC and his place of education is South Africa where he holds a degree from the University of Cape Town. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

He is expertly capable of giving advice on the way the world works, because of his service record in South Africa on different levels for more than 25 years. These positions range from executive to fund manager. If there is a crown jewel and his repertoire, then it is the project Slum Dwellers Internationals that helps millions of people in just about three dozen countries. Now, he doesn’t like to brag. But, the simple fact is Bauman’s intellect is on a genius level. That’s why he works from the home after taking care of home. That is to say that’s how most of his days look.

He finds that he does his best work early in the morning or write out the gate. And on especially heavy-load days, he wakes up before the sunrise to get things started and meet his obligations. As an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, he understands that it is most important to stay current and gather sources of information for his readers. When he’s in a groove and hitting a hotspots production-wise, Ted Bauman behaves very stingy with his time and is not afraid to tell others please do not disturb. This is how he gets things done, and a lot of people depend on him to get things done.

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Successful Businessman Roberto Santiago

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Joao Pessoa has produced some of the most exceptional, successful entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs in Joao Pessoa have in some cases been born and raised in the city. One of the beloved entrepreneurs is Roberto Santiago. Roberto Santiago has created many companies thus creating many jobs for the people in and around the city of Joao Pessoa. The employment, social, and economic sectors of the Paraiba government have prospered because of the successful malls in Joao Pessoa. The business is so high that another mall is not needed in Joao Pessoa because it will not be able to compete with the malls that Roberto Santiago has built.

Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba. As a child, there was nothing like Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa. He attended the University Centre of Joao Pessoa to receive his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He got a job working at Café Santa Rosa after he completed his college education. While working at Café Santa Rosa, the desire to venture into entrepreneurship grew inside of him. He left his job to start a cartonnage company. The cartonnage company supplies the packaging needs of any business that is in need. He had so much success with the cartonnage company that he used some of the money he earned to invest in land development.

In 1987, Roberto Santiago bought a piece of property with the hopes of turning it into a profitable mall in Joao Pessoa. The mall was carefully developed for two years before the grand opening in 1989. The mall has been a success since the day that it was opened. Although the mall has undergone many renovations since it began they were only to improve the experiences the people had while visiting the mall. One of the most critical renovations was the addition of a food court to the mall. People can be hungry after they shop, so he added the food court to eliminate the search for food once the people leave the mall.

The mall also has a grand concert hall named the Domus Hall. The Domus Hall has held many concerts, graduations, and other public events. He had the hall built because he wanted not only to be able to serve the people entertainment but whatever the large venue needs of the community may have been.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping malls have been successful because he built and designed the mall to cater to the needs of the people in Joao Pessoa and surrounding areas. The Manaira Shopping mall has played a major role in the development of Joao Pessoa and Santiago’s business profile. He continues to amaze the people of Joao Pessoa with malls.


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Your Kids Can Benefit From Rocketship Education

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If you have been sending your kids to a public school, you need to think of different options. Public schools often do not have the educational background that’s good for kids. Your kids might not grow up with the schooling that they need, and this is why charter schools are the better choice. Charter schools are funded by the public, so parents finally get to have a say in who teaches their kids and the type of education that they will receive. Also, you’ll find that charter schools are completely free and will not cost you a thing.

The problem that often comes with charter schools is that they are far and few between. This is why Rocketship Education has been created, so that it is able to bridge the gap between proper schooling and affordability. If you are a low-income family, the first thing you need to consider is the fact that Rocketship Education is there to help your kids out. The beauty about choosing Rocketship Education is that it’s a company that has been around for a long time. They have worked with tens of thousands of students, so you can feel good knowing you’re choosing a proper educational program that is going to benefit anyone who goes there.

Plus, Rocketship Education puts parents in the driver’s seat. You get to choose the parents and any of the other schooling that goes into place. If you feel it is time for a change, you’re going to want to consider Rocketship Education and see if this is the right fit for your kids. If you would like to learn more about Rocketship Education or what types of schooling programs they have put into place, you can contact them or visit their website for more information. Their website will give you some advice on how to get your kids started and anything else that you’re going to need to get the job done. They will then be going to a school that is sure to help them grow in the area of education and what they are able to learn.

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Jeff Yastine: Regtech Technology is Essential for Businesses

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Jeff Yastine has earned the trust of investors in the international platform in the recent times. The financial expert has helped very many investors in the US to make profits and avoid getting involved in activities that will only result in losses. Yastine has been working with Banyan Hill Publishing, and he is in charge of writing the Total Wealth Insider. The successful editor understands the challenges most consumers face in the tough markets, and he has been doing his best to make sure that the investments they are making are profitable. When Yastine started his career in finance, he did not know that he was going to become so successful. Several years later, the businessman has become one of the most respected professionals in the department.

In the tight markets, business owners are looking for all the possible ways to earn some profits and make life better. However, the governments have a say in whatever is happening in the economy, and this results in numerous regulations. There are so many reasons why governments impose business regulations on their subjects. Jeff Yastine has served in the international platform for a long time, and he had observed how most investors face difficult times when they are asked to deal with these regulations.

When governments impose regulations, according to Jeff Yastine, it is crucial for business owners to brace themselves so that they can effectively deal with the additional expenses that come with the rules. All businesses will have to spend huge amounts of money dealing with the rules. For instance, the organization will have to hire new people to deal with the activities taking place. Some of the companies may even be forced to introduce a compliance department so that they do not find themselves in the wrong side of the law. Jeff Yastine, however, has the interests of the businessmen at heart, and this is why he is trying to offer them some great advice concerning the regulations.

Jeff Yastine urges all investors to be extremely careful when adding expenses in their businesses. Dealing with minimal expenses results in higher and better profits, and this should encourage people to look for a way to reduce their expenses. Technology has been introduced into the market so that things can get better for the consumers. The Regtech method has recently been introduced into the tight market, and Jeff Yastine believes that it will assist consumers when dealing with new regulations. Purchasing this form of technology will make a business grow, regardless of the type of regulations. Learn more:



Paul Mampilly Sees The Next Big Stock To Invest In

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At Banyan Hill Publishing stock picking professional Paul Mampilly publishes Profits Unlimited. This is a newsletter that costs $97 a year and is published every month. Each month he highlights a company that he thinks is going to be a great investment going forward. One of his ads about Profits Unlimited talks about a healthcare company that he thinks is going to revolutionize precision medicine. This ad was released in July 2017.

When talking about this healthcare company Paul Mampilly says that this company is about to release what amounts to the greatest medical breakthrough ever recorded. He says it’s more important than any vaccine or drug that has been developed and will change how the industry approaches treating diseases.

Before revealing the company Paul Mampilly spills some details while still being rather vague. He says the company is located in the mid-West, for example. He also says that it’s a company worth $1.5 billion presently. Other hints are that it was founded at the beginning of the 1990s and the chief executive officer has been in the industry for 25 years. He says that the company has developed a DNA sequencing technique that will enable doctors to determine whether their patients will develop a disease and how it can best be treated.

All indications are that the company he is pointing at is Myriad Genetics, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a company that is based on providing personalized medicine including DNA sequencing services. They’re mainly focused on cancer but they are developing tests for other types of diseases as well.

When Paul Mampilly started recommending that his readers invest in Myriad Genetics stock was worth around $25 a share. Back in the summer quarter, its value as a company was $1.5 billion. It is now valued at $2.2 billion. It looks like his readers who took his advice have made a pretty good profit.

Paul Mampilly used to trade on Wall Street. He got tired of that lifestyle, though, so he retired and moved his family out of New York City. He now helps average investors know what stocks to invest in based on his research. He also provides consulting services through his company, Capuchin Consulting, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. In the past he had worked for companies like Deutsche Asset Management and ING Funds. For Kinetics Asset Management he managed their hedge fund for over five years.

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Agora Financial Financial Recommendations You Can Use to Achieve Your Long-term Financial Goals

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Hard work is the key to success for sure, but it is investments that would help create wealth. It is not possible to create wealth without making right investment at the right time. People who are looking to have a secured financial future must ensure that they keep a check of what is going on in the financial markets to make accurate financial and investment decisions that would assist in achieving long-term financial goals. Agora Financial, a leading publishing house based in Baltimore, Maryland, is known for its in-depth financial analysis and accurate market predictions. The company has helped millions of investors over the years to secure their money and grow it consistently with its financial advice.

Agora Financial is not like any other publishing house out there, but the one that has a vast network in the industry. The company goes to length to ensure that the information it shares with its readers is accurate and credible. It is for this very reason, the reporters of Agora Financial does not sit in the office all day but instead travel across the globe to find the information they can use to make accurate and reliable financial prediction and analysis. Such information is helpful in making investment decisions and minimizing risk associated with investments. As there are unlimited investment choices available these days, it is necessary for people to do their research before putting in the money. It is where Agora Financial can help the readers to make financial and investment decisions that are viable and fact-based.

Agora Financial has more than a million subscribers, and it continues to grow at a massive pace till date. The company provides financial prediction and analysis to other finance-based news channels as yet. In the past, the company has made accurate financial predictions ahead of any other publishing house, which helped its readers to pull out the money from the market before the fall or increase the profits by investing at the right place.

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Bradesco Not Looking Beyond its Talent Pool in Search of a new CEO

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On October 11, 2017, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, 91, resigned as the chairman of the board of directors of Banco Bradesco SA. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the bank’s CEO, was immediately named as Brandao’s successor. In a press conference that marked his resignation, Brandao stated he had wilfully resigned to allow a younger leader to preside over the board. His decision fosters Bradesco’s spirit of continuity and renewal.

However, it is not Brandao’s resignation that is putting Bradesco on the map but Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s succession. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named the president of Bradesco in 2009. He assumed office as the fourth president of Bradesco, succeeding Marcio Cypriano. As per the bank’s bylaws, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is set to leave office in March. Although he will step down as president, he will continue being the chairman of the board of directors, representing Bradesco Foundation, the controlling shareholder of Bradesco.

Although many professionals (including those from outside Bradesco) were eyeing the vacancy that will be left by Luiz Carlos Trabuco, insiders who spoke in anonymity to Bloomberg disclosed that the succession contest had culminated in the naming of seven Bradesco’s staff. They include Mauricio Machado de Minas, Alexandre da Silva Gluher, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Josué Augusto Pancini, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, Octavio de Lazari, and André Rodrigues Cano. They are high-ranking Bradesco’s staff in charge of departments and subsidiaries. Apparently, professionals not currently part of Bradesco have not been considered in the Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s succession contest.

Bradesco is sold on the idea that chairpersons, CEOs and other high-ranking executives should be appointed from within the company’s existing talent pool. It is an idea that gained prominence courtesy of Brandao. According to him, bringing professionals from outside Bradesco, at the expense of Bradesco’s employees, to fill key leadership positions amounted to discouraging Bradesco’s staff. In addition, Brandao supported his stance with the argument that promoting a Bradesco’s staff to a leadership position would be less costly for the company as it would be unnecessary to spend resources training himher on Bradesco’s culture.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco

He is the serving chairman and the outgoing CEO of Banco Bradesco SA. Luiz Carlos Trabuco seems to be following in Brandao’s footsteps. Both started out their careers as clerks at Bradesco and ascended the corporate ladder to join the bank’s higher management team. In fact, just like Luiz Carlos Trabuco now, Brandao was both the chairman and the CEO of Bradesco between 1991 and 1999.

Before being appointed the CEO of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the president of Bradesco Seguros, an insurance subsidiary of Bradesco. Pundits are convinced that it is Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s performance at Bradesco Seguros that prompted Bradesco’s appointing authority to name him the fourth CEO of the bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco spearheaded the expansion of Bradesco Seguros. At the time he exited the subsidiary, Bradesco Seguros had doubled in size. In addition, Seguros’ revenue contribution to its parent company increased by five percent. What’s more, Luiz Carlos Trabuco leveraged his position to contribute to the launching of Bradesco’s shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s tenure as the CEO of the Osasco-based Bradesco has seen the bank acquire several smaller banks as well as receive numerous awards. Just a year into office, Bradesco acquired Ibi Brazilian, and in 2011, Bradesco purchased Ibi Mexican. In the same year, Bradesco was ranked high among the world’s “500 Greenest Companies.” However, it is the 2015 acquisition of the Brazilian branch of HSBC that marked a significant milestone in Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s tenure. The purchase, estimated at $5.2 billion, significantly moved Bradesco closer to its rival, Itaú Unibanco.

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