Goullet’s Diverse Leadership in Diversant

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Diversant is certified Minority Business-Owned IT Enterprise and is owned largely by African Americans. They offer a wide range of services including increases in staffing and direct hire. They also offer services for war veterans. One of those programs is called STAR, which provides veterans with job training, mentoring and even job placement. Diversant works…

Doug Levitt’s Unique Greyhound Journey

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Doug Levitt is a singer and songwriter as well as a former foreign correspondent (for ABC and NBC among numerous other channels) in London. For about seven years straight and for about 700,000 miles, he rode Greyhound buses all over the country in order to get the stories of the people who rode them. He…

Spring is Here and So is Handy

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Spring leaves as quickly as it arrives. Before spring turns into summer, it may be wise to have a bit of spring cleaning work done. A living room, kitchen, or bathroom might benefit quite a bit from being tidied up somewhat. Cleaning a home is not necessarily a task worth avoiding. When an interior is…

Highland Capital management is still a major player in the financial industry

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The stock market is rapidly recovering after a long slump, and many people are turning to their financial advisers to help them plan for their future. They are looking for the best possible financial products, and several companies are more than happy to help. One of the most popular companies for those that are looking…

Talk Fusion Makes My Business Work

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Talk Fusion is the best thing I ever got for my business because we are spread out all over the world. We are a web company that does not have to have a traditional office, and the only way to talk to my team is on Talk Fusion. It is the perfect place to work…

Choose An Elegant Coworking Space

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A life of elegance lies just outside the grasp of most people. It is the epitome of western culture. We all have a deep thirst for luxury. As we go throughout our daily lives, we want something better and more advanced. As society and technology are becoming faster and sleeker, people want to maintain pace…

Retail Industry – Energy Saving

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In an article on Slide Share it appeared that as of January of 2016, the people of Venezuela depends on the water for electricity. However since then, Venezuela has been suffering a major drought as of the result of El Nino. The people here depends on the water to supply the country 18 hydro-electric dams….

Richard Blair on Short-Term Housing

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More travelers than ever before are turning away from hotels and choosing to find accommodations in private homes or renting the entire home. For example, travelers can book a month long stay in the Beverly Hills mansion where President Kennedy spent his honeymoon or the largest apartment in central London. Most homes that are available…