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OSI Industries began as a small business operating under the name Otto & Sons. It used to sell ground meat to restaurants in early 1909. Later on, the organization became the official supplier of ground beef mainly in West Chicago. Around 1975 it changed its name to OSI Industries and continued to supply McDonald’s business….

Contribution of Gareth Henry to the success of Fortress Investment Group

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Gareth Henryis a seasoned businessman who better understands the global investments arena. He has established global relationships, a fact that has helped market him to companies seeking to build strong relationships with clients and led to his position as the Managing Director of Fortress Investment Group. At the company, his key responsibility was to oversee…

Rodrigo Terpins Helps Make People Understand Rally Car Racing

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Rally car racing has never been as popular as what it is with Rodrigo Terpins. He knew the rally car racing industry sometimes suffered and he worked to make sure he could help people with all those issues. He always had a lot of faith for the future when it came to these opportunities and…

The Development Of National Steel Car

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  National Steel Car originates in Hamilton, Ontario and deals with railroad freight car engineering and assembly management. The firm is the largest known freight car assembly company in the entire world led by Gregory James Aziz as the chief executive officer, chairman, and president. After graduating from Ridley School, the leader majored in his…

Stream Energy Is There For People

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Stream Energy is a company that takes pride in the services that they offer their clients. Since they do a great amount of business, they make good profits. They are also a company that feels compassionate for people that are less fortunate. Stream Cares Is Great For Helping People Stream Energy set up Stream Cares…

How Vinod Gupta Became An Icon In Information Technology Department

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  Vinod Gupta success story is among the best when it comes to self-made success. He was born in 1946 in India. Vinod is a prominent entrepreneur and a businessperson. His name went viral after due to his victory after he managed to invest 100 US Dollar that he had borrowed as a loan into…

Guilherme Paulus Gives Back To The Community

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Guilherme Paulus has come a long way from the young man that founded travel agency CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. (CVC) in 1972. Over the years the travel agency expanded. Guilherme Paulus’s work ethic and dedication resulted in CVC becoming Brazil’s top retail tourism chain. CVC has travel agencies in over 400…

Career Highlights of Finance Executive Gareth Henry

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Gareth Henry is the current managing director, partner and global head of investor relations at the investment firm Angelo, Gordon & Co. He accepted this position recently and has looked to continue expanding the clientele of the firm. Henry has had a very long and successful career in the finance industry. Most of the time…

James Dondero: The Philanthropic Example

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Many people believe in doing work for different causes, but do they know how to truly give where it matters most? There is only one man who does and his name is James Dondero. Giving is one of his strengths while spotting a good investment is another. One could say that they both go hand…

Who Is Gregory Aziz, The CEO And Chairman Of National Steel Car?

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  Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. He also holds the position of CEO and Chairman at National Industries and he is very dedicated to his career. Aziz’s proudest achievements are regarding National Steel Car and he is continuously striving to improve the company.   Background on National Steel…