A Brief Introduction to Kabbalistic Wisdom

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The quest for spiritual growth does not seem to be ending anytime soon. Kabbalah is an ancient secret knowledge that has attracted the attention of the majority of people. It means, “to receive” and deals with the study of ways of gaining fulfillment in life. Satisfaction refers to connecting to the universal energy and maintaining that connection forever and more information click here.

Kabbalah teaches that relationships, careers, and health all emanate from one trunk. In essence, the way you look at the world has a role to play when it comes to finding a lasting fulfillment. The universal principle of Kabbalah cut across all religions and ethnic diversities. The main advantage of studying it is that one is not arm twisted to think in a particular way. The underlying intention is to share information for the betterment of lives.

Why you should Study Kabbalah

Enrolling at various Kabbalah centers in the world provides you with a chance of understanding yourself better. Even though the demands of daily life can deter you from seeking your real purpose in life, with Kabbalah, you can soar through all the situations and achieve your true-life potential.

Source of Teachings

It is believed that Kabbalah teaching existed since the beginning of time. Even so, the first written record is known as The Book of Formation. This ancient document was written over 5,000 years ago and was aimed at understanding secrets of the universe. Subsequent teachings were revealed in Israel and they continue to be observed to date.

Facts about the Kabbalah Centre

Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda TZVI Brandwein incepted the Kabbalah Centre in 1965. Unfortunately, Brandwein’s death left a huge gap, and this drove Philip and his wife to re-establish the Centre in 1984. The New York City-headquartered organization was registered as a non-profit organization. Over fifty branches exist, and they all take part in providing Kabbalistic teachings.

Kabbalah Centre’s instructions recognize that all religious belief systems stem from the same universal wisdom. God is referred to as the Light, and all individuals are encouraged to develop a healthy relationship with God. Kabbalah center has attracted several global celebrities such as Madonna who occasionally reserves her Friday night for the sake of Kabbalah practices.

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