A Day At Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall

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Mention Roberto Santiago anywhere and people will start a conversation on the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. Since it opened its doors 28 years ago, the mall has been uniting people of different cultures. The mall is ever full of people seeking to experience different cultures through cuisines, shows and games.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is ideal for all sorts of activities, from weddings, receptions, office parties, and even graduation ceremonies and parties. It is also ideal to take your loved one on a romantic date and if you have kids, there are tons of things that they could do here.

The first time I visited Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, I started at the amusement park which is also the gaming room. Having gone out with my nieces, I took them through a series of games at the park. Heck, we couldn’t go through the whole lot. Later in the day, I took my nieces to the food court and they wanted to try everything. The cuisines served there are not your regulars. Prepared by some of the best chefs in the industry, your mouth is bound to water.

It was one of my niece’s birthday, by the way, so I took her into the stores and selected her some beautiful dresses. Later on, I had their parents pick them and decided I would enjoy some adult time. So I started by going to the VIP theatre rooms. I will tell you for free I wasn’t ready for such an exuberating experience. Sure, I know everything would be classic, but the 3D part wasn’t expected. I even took some beers and popcorns to the theatre. Amazing, right?

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About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a self-accomplished businessman who is known for his blogs and the Manaira Shopping Mall. His career began in the hoteling industry. This was on completion of his Business Administration Course from the University of Joao Pessoa. Before that, he had studied at the Pio X Marist College.

When Roberto Santiago first started his career, he worked at the Café Santa Rosa. A few years on and he began his first company. This he did all while continuing to work for Café Santa Rosa. His first company dealt with the manufacturing of utilitarian and decorative items. Today he is known to be one of the wealthiest men in the country, owning the biggest mall in the state of Paraiba.

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