A good review for NewsWatch TV

Posted on August 23, 2018 By

NewsWatchTV is a famous 30-minute TV show that airs on a few TV channels in the US; like AMC, and Ion Network. NewswatchTV started its services to the TV audience since 1989. It has been showing over 1000 episodes about certain subjects like; government news, medical news, fashion, electronics, travel and tourism, business issues, celebrity interviews, and public service announcements. A few of the celebrities that got interviewed by Newswatch are Julianne Moore, Phil Mickelson, Carrie Underwood, Dr. OZ, Diane Lane, Dale Earnhardt Ted Danson, Olympian Carl Lewis, and Brooklyn Decker.

Many popular companies have also appeared on the show like; Goodyear, Bounty, Nascar, Suave, Discovery Channel, Ford Toyota, Legos, LG, Sports Authority, Dewars Whiskey, American Heart Association, Kelly Blue Hooks, and D-Link. Newswatch TV is hosted by Andrew Tropeano, Michelle Ison; and it also shows reports by Susan Bridges, Chris Vaughnn, Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Scott Steinberg. NewsWatchTV can also be seen on any streaming website of the country, and it reaches more than 96 million views. The staff that works there has a lot of broadcasting experience; and because of the show’s success of reaching more than 700 million people; it’s known as the one of the most successful independent news shows on television.

Because of such an amazing success; Newswatch won a “Platinum” and “Gold” for the Marcom Award; and an “Excellence” for the videographer award. That wouldn’t be the first time they win awards; There was a time when they won a “Silver Telly” award. The Marcom Awards, rewards companies for the best marketing and communication. They notice how much creativity, hard work, and generosity, the professionals put into it. Marcom was founded in 1995; it’s one of the largest, and most respected creative competitions in the world. They receive 6,000 print and digital submissions from many countries. NewsWatchTV is one of their lucky winners.