A Look at Jeff Yastine’s Long Career in Financial Reporting

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When people are looking for sound investment advice and economic trends, the first place they go to is the Winning Investor. The daily articles are nothing short of inspiring as the editor Jeff Yastine puts his 20-year-old experience in the stock market in every page. Jeff Yastine first joined Banyan Hills Publishing as the editorial director in 2015 before becoming the editor of Winning Investor and a weekly contributor of Sovereign Investor in the same firm.

After finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications in 1986, Jeff joined the Nightly Business Report as a senior correspondent for 17 years. In his own words, Jeff’s job was to find great stories from inspiring people who were in business and report through their eyes. Those 17 years in PBS were among his best as he got to meet inspiring people and cover stories that affected people. His first Emmy award nomination came as a result of a series he did called the State of Repair focusing on poor funding on infrastructure especially roads and bridges. Follow Jeff Yastine at stocktwits.com

Best Trips

In his time at PBS, Jeff took two trips to Cuba to report on Cuba’s involvement with private enterprise and spent a week along the gulf coast reporting on the oil spill and how it affected the economy. A few months after the famous Katrina, Jeff visited the location to look and report on the economic struggles of the people after the storm.

After a long and exciting career at PBS, Jeff moved on to the Oxford Club, LLC in 2011 as an editorial director. His job entailed overseeing editorial development by the in-house stuff and also freelancers working on two financial newsletters. Two years later he moved to Newsmax Media, Inc. as Director of Financial Newsletters and did it for another two years before going to Banyan Hill Publishing. Apart from being the editor of the daily newsletters, Jeff has become part of a team of global experts who thrive on helping honest Americans make sound investment decisions and obtain financial freedom. The Banyan Hill Publishing team under Jeff’s guidance highlights great trends, best investments and terrible trends to avoid. Watch:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxGq5uBBGEA

Jeff Yastine’s long career in financial reporting has been nothing but vain. He has warned Americans from making bad investments on various occasions such as the real estate crisis in the mid-2000 and the dot.com bubble. Jeff has covered some of the major stories affecting the USA economy over the years and interviewed some of the most influential business people in the world. With over 20 years business experience under his belt, Jeff is the person to follow and look out for as his career is only beginning. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg

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