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Academy of Art University began in San Francisco in 1929 as an advertising art school. Richard Stephens was a painter and magazine editor who founded the school. He served as the president until his son Richard took over for him a few decades later. In 1992, his granddaughter Elisa took over as president and has been ever since.

Academy of Art University currently has just under 12,000 students. This includes full-time and part-time students. The school offers about 25 different programs and gives associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

They have a 100% acceptance rate which is great because it promises anyone who is willing to put in the effort a chance to get a degree from a well-respected institution. Additionally, the school owns a vast amount of property in the city so they have plenty of resources to accommodate their students.

The university has been partaking in New York Fashion week for years and recently ran its 21st show. Ten graduates who recently finished school at Academy of Art University debuted women’s wear collections and men’s wear collections.

The designers were a diverse group from all over the globe and they definitely impressed the audience.

Hailun Zhou is a graduate from China who showcased lots of outerwear, separates, and dresses with many unconventional materials, like vinyl and PVC. Eden Slezin was next and was noted for using lots of vintage denim in his collection. He is a big supporter of sustainability in the fashion world.

Dina Marie Lam was inspired by the passing of her aunt and wanted a feeling of transition in her pieces. Carlos Rodriguez wanted a sense of warmth and comfort to be part of his collection, so he used a lot of wool.

Joanna Jadallah was inspired by the story of her ancestors fleeing Palestine. She made sure that her culture and these emotions we apparent in her work. Cana Klebanoff showed pieces that were inspired by the armor of Japanese samurais.

Ryan Yu focuses on the construction of his garments because he thinks this is very important. Jelly Shan was very inspired by Chinese culture.


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