The History of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and CAOA

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In 1979, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira founded CAOA. This is after he had ordered a Ford Landau through a Ford dealership that was located at Campina Grande. The Ford dealership became bankrupt before the vehicle was delivered to him. He, therefore, took advantage of the situation and proposed that the ownership of the company be…


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Hedge funds are investment funds which are made available to a specific group of people who must be approved investors. This funds are not sold to the public. For one to partner with such investment firms, they must have risk management techniques gained from institutional investors, and they must have invested in a variety of…

New, Green Products by Sunday Riley

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Sunday Riley’s high-performance skin-care line has seen a growth in fans since her brand’s launch in 2009. Riley’s independent Houston company coined the term “green technology,” a balance between science-based active ingredients and botanicals. Her products reflect this technology. Retinol can make one’s skin turn red and flaky if used improperly, but Sunday Riley’s Luna…

How Guilherme Paulus Is Shaping Brazil’s Tours And Travel Industry

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Tourism is a major industry in Brazil with Rio de Janeiro being one of the most visited destinations offering foreigners and locals a fabulous peek into the heritage and natural spectacle. Tourism rates have sky-rocketed since the year 2000 onwards when awareness of the beautiful landscapes rose. But, from 2006 to 2008 the country experienced…

The Future According to Shervin Pishevar

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Since leaving the company he founded, Investment company, Shervin Pishevar has been silent and reclusive, then he suddenly logged into Twitter, and created a storm. One after another self-numbered tweets took the world by storm with more than 50 tweets over 21 hours predicting the future. He forecasts a substantial downturn in the U.S. economy,…

Randal Nardone: A Self-Made Billionaire

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Randal Nardone in an expert in finance and had productively worked with clients before. His passion and proficiency inspired him to establish Fortress Investment Group along with Wes Edens. Randal is currently the C.E.O of the Company, and his outstanding experiences has empowered him to contribute to the immense growth and development in the company….

OSI Food Solutions Gains Customers in 18 European Countries

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The Aurora-based OSI Group, L.L.C. has completed its acquisition of Baho Food and as a result, has gained a broader presence in the European market. Baho Food is a Dutch company that manufactures and supplies convenience foods, deli meats and snacks to the food service and retail sectors. Baho Food has five subsidiaries in the…

The Fortress Investment Group Journey

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Every journey in business has both its ups and downs and the Fortress Investment Group’s is no exemption. The publicly owned company firm boasts over $70 billion with real estate being among the assets it manages. It has more than 1600 investors and its offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Philadelphia, and New York City….

Dherbs, Inc., Explains The Difference Between A Detoxing And A Cleansing

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Dherbs, Inc., is a Los Angeles, California-based firm that distributes herbal supplements. It is a privately owned company that was founded by it Chief Executive Officer A.D. Dolphin. Their best selling products include full body cleanse products and detox products. This company has been shown on The Steve Harvey Morning Show and has been endorsed…

Richard Liu Qiangdong on’s Incredible Shipping Speed

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  The man currently increasing the speed of Chinese shipping to less than 20 hours for all products purchased, even including rural areas of China, is Richard Liu Qiangdong of In a recent interview entitled “An Insight, An Idea with Richard Liu” on, Richard Liu Qiandong responded about the state of Chinese businesses,…