Barbed Interviews With Charlamagne Tha God

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Charlamagne keeps “The Breakfast Club” show captivating by bringing on barbed interviews where he is always making his guests squirm. In 2012 when Justin Biber came to promote his album “Believe” Charlamagne told him off with the people he had started hanging with. He said that it was well and okay to work with black rappers on records but that he hanging around would only bring him trouble in the long run.

Having Lil Kim on the show, he went ahead to praise her for her beauty. However, he couldn’t hide his dislike for her numerous plastic surgery where he claimed he couldn’t understand why she would have so much plastic surgery. The next turn was with Jay Z earlier on the year where he wanted to know if Jay Z would have had it so prominent in the industry if Notorious B.I.G who was his close friend had not been shot and killed.

When talking about his interviews, Charlamagne Tha God says that he hardly ever thinks about what he is asking. He claimed that he only loved having stimulating conversations’ with people. On all his interviews the recent one with Kanye West is the one that geared up so much attention. During a 40 minutes interview, he did his best to pummel away at Kanye where he referred to him as “Kanye Kardashian. He dismissed Mr. West most recent album, saying it was whack. He also called him a hypocrite for denouncing corporation yet calling on them when he is on stage. See This Page for additional information.

Mr. West who is also known for his prickliness on the media decided to take this one on a stride. He requested for more airtime for Charlamagne to talk which he did even calling Kanye “Walking Contradiction” for his strange relationship with the fashion world. When the video went viral, it became the talk on various blogs where Charlamagne was declared to be smart and a hero.


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