Business person and Economist- Hussain Sajwani

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In the recent news interview with American news presenters, Hussain Sajwani was forced to conduct the interview in his business suit during winter. During the interview, all the presenters had their warm winter wear. Hussain Sajwani can never forget the day, he said while relaxing in a clubhouse at Damac Hills which is opposite the Trump Estate. During that winter Mr. Sajwani was addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos. Many people have always wondered why he does not keep warm when visiting other nations like London during winter, but Hussain said that he loves cold.


The interview though small it was important and it touched about his life and his participation in the family business while he was a small boy. During the interview, the now prominent business person in the world talked about how his father Ali Sajwani took him to his shop every day after school and he learned a lot. According to Hussain Sajwani, his father is probably the first United Emirate citizen to have visited China in 1965 for business. Sajwani attributes his current success in business from what he learned from his father, and he was quick to say that today he can easily adapt to the market. Forbes has listed Hussain Sajwani as the 10th richest Arab in the world. In 2007 his organization DAMAC Properties was listed as the fourth largest public firm.


Hussain Sajwani is a prominent business person from the United Emirates. He was in 1952. He was a hard-working boy ever since he was young and after his high school, he was lucky to be the first Arab from the United Emirates to win a scholarship to study in the United States of America. He joined the University of Washington and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in In Engineering and Economics. After his graduation in 1981, Sajwani went back to his home country and he began to serve at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. After two years he left the firm to establish his own catering business which did well. Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties which was founded in 2002 becoming one of the largest developing companies in the world.

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