Jason Hope; Dedicated to Pursuing Anti-Aging Efforts

Jason Hope is a resident of Arizona. He is a philanthropist and investor with a great passion for everything technology and life improvement. He is on a lifelong quest to find ways in which technology can positively impact the world primarily through fighting anti-aging effects. This need led to his $500,000 donation to SENS Foundation….

A Look at the Technology Entrepreneur, Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, futurist, entrepreneur and investor based in Scotland, Arizona. His primary interest is in technology. Jason Hope grew up in Tempe. He graduated from the Arizona State University with a bachelor in finance. Jason also has MBA from W.P College Carey School of Business. Jason Hope created a mobile communication company…

How Big Data is playing an Instrumental Role in Boosting Supply Chain Performance

After the introduction of visibility solutions, many transportation departments relied on measuring on-time performance as a key performance indicator (KPI). They reviewed a carrier scorecard every quarter. On-time performance was the most popular KPI for air and ocean carriers. On the other hand, motor and rail carriers measured and reported their KPIs as service types…