Deirdre Baggot Shows How to Succeed in the Healthcare Business

Posted on November 3, 2018 By

In the healthcare industry, few professionals have stood out as did Deidre Baggot, a PH.D., MBA, and BSN of the healthcare industry.

Deirdre became an expert in administration and leading businesses in the healthcare world. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and has graduated from the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville where she became a nurse and from the University’s Quinlan School of Business in Chicago, Illinois, the University where she acquired her MBA.

Deirdre has more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry, having started her career in 1997 at a local hospital named “Northwestern Memorial Hospital.” As a nurse and a resource coordinator, Deirdre acquired a couple of years of experience with nursing before moving to the University of Michigan to work as a manager of the local health system. Her role in the University would earn Deirdre her first-ever award for excellence.

Deidre Baggot maintained this position until it was time in her career to move back to Denver, Colorado, where she worked at the Cardiac and Vascular Institute as a senior manager and business developer. In the institute, Deirdre Baggot worked with duties and departments she had never tackled before, such as sales & marketing or merging & acquisition (M&A), effectively increasing her portfolio of professional experiences and skills.

The Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Colorado, during her role as administrative manager of the corporation, established numerous new clinics in different locations. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on Crunchbase

It wouldn’t take long for Baggot’s impressive experience in the healthcare industry to call the attention of other companies in the business. She was approached by the GE Healthcare Partners of California, where she became one of the company’s Vice Presidents.

Her fame wasn’t limited to the business world only, as the media featured Deirdre in a variety of programs and shows, telling the story of the nurse who became a business manager and a successful leader in the healthcare world.

Deirdre Baggot has shown many professionals around the world that it is possible to start humble and work your way to the most influential positions of the industry. Baggot always had a passion for the job and for the entire healthcare business, and her administrative skills took her very far.

Deirdre Baggot admits that most of her days, during the past years, have been all about meetings and gatherings. She attributes most of her success to networking and successful socialization. Deirdre believes that it is crucial for the development of a compelling career path.