Education Technology Sweeping the Nation

Posted on June 7, 2018 By

Technology in the classroom is expanding more rapidly, after a couple of stagnant years. Many education programs with technology are creating a strong connection with learning and having fun. This sense of community creates a culture at the school that radiates positivity. Many classrooms are modernizing and making lesson plans that are interesting and actually work.

Teachers want to see a variety of things from these education technology programs. One important thing is that these programs actually work well. One company named ClassDojo is finding out what challenges face teachers and users every day. Co-founder Sam Chaudhary wants to listen to the voice of educators and help create a learning platform. ClassDojo is now used in over 90% of United States schools (K-8).

ClassDojo has a great platform to encourage students to work hard and change. It is currently being tested every day in schools, where teachers are seeing major improvements in their students. ClassDojo helps the students learn and most importantly: helping parents contact the teacher through a simple app. Students can be proud of what they achieve through the ClassDojo application that lets the teacher upload pictures onto the class story and give trophies to students for their hard work.

Applications like ClassDojo are creating a sense of positive community that encourages students to work harder, stay engaged, and be proud of the work they accomplished. These programs are bringing a true connection between the technology we use and the ways we use it. This change is happening from the ground-up and really making the classroom a far more unique place to come and learn daily. It is helping students feel empowered and making them push to learn the lessons and create beautiful art masterpieces.

Overall, companies like ClassDojo and others such as Schoology- an iPad system that helps with teachers instructions are working hard every day to develop a bond between learning and technology. These programs are at the forefront of education and technology growth.

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