Felipe Montoro Jens And Others Offer Brazil Sound Advice

Posted on October 5, 2018 By

Long ago, Brazil fell victim to the capricious nature of the market. Unfortunately, they’ve made no substantial efforts to deviate from this path of economic ruin. In fact, their poor infrastructure only intensifies the severity of their already critical state. Industry specialists are broaching this matter with grave concern and hope that their shrewd advice will inspire Brazil to take action. According to a recent study, Brazil ceased nearly 2,800 construction jobs in 2017. Brazil continues to put a pin in ongoing infrastructure works, and it’s depleted their financial resources by a startling $10 billion. Visit on his twitter account for latest updates

No doubt unconducive to a thriving economy, Brazil will soon be clinging to hope if they don’t revamp their infrastructure operations. Felipe Montoro Jens, a knowledgeable industry expert, predicts that Brazil will cease to exist if they continue to impede the progress of their construction works. Jens maintains that the public sector is to blame for this fiasco, stating that their “inability to execute projects” has left Brazilians paying the price. Meanwhile, Ilana Ferreira with the National Confederation of Industry upholds that the “stoppage of work is technical.” Moreover, José Augusto Fernandes pins Brazil’s declining economy on the country’s flagrant disregard for the “losses and conflicts their operations generate.”

While getting to the root of the issue could prove advantageous, Brazil’s barely staying afloat, making immediate action mandatory. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, numerous solutions could mend Brazil’s infrastructure. Said resolutions include training employees, refining macro-planning techniques, evaluating execution modality patterns, carrying out all proposed plans, and streamlining contractual agreements. If Brazil continues to sit idly by while their economy unravels, the demise of the country will not only be probable but inevitable. In the hopes of avoiding that unfavorable reality, Fernandes, Jens, and Ferreira strongly urge Brazil to heed their advice.

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