Flavio Maluffuelling the allegiance of Duratex and Eucatex

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Two companies Eucatex and Duratex have confirmed the continuation of their loyalty. To affirm their association, Eucatex had given its partner firm, Duratex, a farm in Capao Bonito. The firm is used for raw material creation. The firm is located new one of the Duratex branches. In return, Eucatex has been granted a contract to produce thin sheets of wood for Botucatu.

There is over R $ 50 million involved in this partnership. In Botucatu, Eucatex has established a plant. The plant has over 250 members of staff. The plant’s production capacity in hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per annum. Early this year, Duratex had expressed their interest in moving back into the processing plant. This was scheduled to take place in April.

The president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, had produced memos. These memos are to inform the employees of the plant of the future new arrangements. He as well went ahead and expressed his hope on approval by CADE of the collaboration. He showed his confidence in his company had an increase in production capacities especially of fibreboards following the union of production of the two firms. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

The deal will enable Eucatex to acquire the fibreboard processing system owned by the Duratex company. Apart from increasing fibreboard production, the acquisition will also increase their paper production. In a report, Flavio Maluf states that the arrangement will as well positively affect their sales. It will also reduce the losses that the firm was used to incur. The deal will furthermore improve the companies maintenance. The deal is also expected to enhance the influence of Eucatex in the markets. He has prospects that the company might as well expand its boundaries to other countries that were formerly not explored.

He as well states that the only thing keeping the deal from being implemented in approval by the CADE. Immediately after the adoption, he says, the company will be set to explore more markets abroad and improving their production. In his brief, he expressed his faith in the corporation of all members of the staff towards their goals.

Flavio is a graduate from a known university. Apart from being the president of the board members of the Eucatex Industries, he works as the vice chairman of the firm.

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