George Soros: The People’s Politician

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Presently in his 80s, George Soros is no longer chief & command of the fund he created in 1969. He has passed the baton to his younger son Jonathan and Scott Bessent, who was a former collaborator of Stanley Druckenmiller”, Soros’s partner during one of his most successful eras.

To this day the fund manages $ 29 billion, with an annual return of more than 20% due to Soros own effective methods. Soros remained at the top of the ranking of hedge fund owners established by Forbes magazine, with a gain of $ 4 billion. For this reason, his word on the markets, remains one of authority.

These days it seems that Soros is preoccupied with the direction of European politics. He commends Mario Draghi, a finance expert who saved the euro by saying he was ready to do everything to preserve the integrity of the area. Yet, Soros doesn’t believe Draghi’s efforts will last very long without a continued effort.

Soros believes that Europe current division is its greatest tragedy. As an American citizen born on the Old Continent, in 1930 Budapest, Soros dreams of a Europe capable of responding to the challenges it faces. Especially in the face of the aggressiveness of Moscow. Soros believes that Vladimir Putin’s attack on Europe is a threat to the European way of life, which he stresses, should stand for freedom.

According to the successful philanthropist, Europeans do not realize that they are in danger. In his own words, liberty is like oxygen. He alludes to this analogy to represent that liberty is a free good that you only miss when you are deprived of it, as was his generation.

For Soros, Europe does not attach too much value to its own model, founded on law, compared to that proposed by Russia. Soros finds nationalism and religion, based on force very unattractive, because, by his own analysis: “The crisis of the euro has changed everything. Instead of relations between member countries of egalitarian essence, it is relations of debtors to creditors that have settled between the Europeans.” Europe, he said, “must again unite if it wants to solve its difficulties.” Soros is 100% right. Visit this site to know more at

This isn’t the first time he’s voiced opinions against injustices

in politics. In 1992, the American financier had stunned the world with his opinion of the Bank of England. Now, twenty-two years later, the founder of Soros Fund Management, visited Paris to promote his latest book, “The Tragedy of the European Union, Disintegration or Renaissance?”, which Saint-Simon published .

George Soros remains a public figure, voicing strong opinions, acting as a mediator for the people. He has donated over $8 Billion in grants, in over a three decade period, through his Open Society Fund. He has even been recognized as the #1 at funding outside political groups in America. Old age doesn’t seem to be slowing down his Philanthropic nature, or strong sentiments for the people. George Soros is a validated leader, whose outspokenness for European’s and American’s liberties cannot go unnoticed.

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