Glen Wakeman Says It All Takes Tact

Posted on September 18, 2017 By

Glen Wakeman has had a successful career, spanning two decades, in entrepreneurship and finance. Currently, Glen is the CEO of a SAAS company called LaunchPad Holdings. Glen founded the company with the intention of helping people run better performing and planned businesses.

Glen graduated from Scranton University with a Bachelor Of Science in Economics and Finance in 1981. He also furthered his studies at the University of Chicago where he acquired an MBA in finance. Immediately after college, Glen started a career in business development and P&L positions at GE (LinkedIn). His stay there was very successful, and he helped in the growth of the company to a great capacity. While he worked at GE, Glen Wakeman was recognized as a role model in Growth Leadership. Glen Wakeman also founded the Nova Four and was the President of the firm.

Glen Wakeman has gained much success in business as a mentor and entrepreneur in his lengthy career. Currently, he has over 17, 000 employees and has over $15 billion in assets. At LaunchPad Holdings, Glen concentrates with guiding start-ups, new market entries, exponential growth, divestitures, and M&As. He also uses his proven methodology of the five key areas of governance, execution, human capital, risk management, and leadership.

Most of his success and influence also come because he is an investor and writer, who many people follow for guidance. He posts regular blog posts on emerging markets, administration, strategy fiscal matters, among other vital aspects ( Individuals who know his success are keen followers of all his posts as they say it helps them make wise decisions. Many have also attested to the fact that following Glen’s advice led them to high profitability in their organizations.

Glen Wakeman mainly blogs about transforming businesses using the proper type of leadership and influence. He also addresses issues like emerging markets and global affairs that could change the world. Other favorite topics in his blogs are angel financing and capital raising.


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