Glen Wakeman Uses LaunchPad Holdings To Empower Startups

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Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Corporations and has been part of the finance sector for two decades. Glen started his career after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, and Finance. He attended Scranton University and holds a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Glen’s financial background enabled him to develop his career and gain experience in other roles. He helped to develop companies, and businesses.


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Glen is an established businessman and has great leadership skills. He specializes in risk management strategies and leadership skills. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman is an accomplished writer and an investor. Through his writings, it is clear that he is knowledgeable about finance, and administrative matters. He counsels upcoming entrepreneurs on investment on how to succeed in business. Glen writers about leadership skills, international issues, and upcoming markets to help new entrepreneurs succeed. He is considered a contemporary revolutionary by his colleagues and his friends refer to him with business issues (PremierGazette). Glen Wakeman is a respected entrepreneur in his field and others. He has worked with others to create and develop projects. He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to invent innovative performance solutions. He explains that being innovative is important for one to succeed in business.




Glen Wakeman teaches people on how to become good leaders, and rise through the economic ladder. Glen is respected for his wisdom, and knowledge on finance matters. He gets new clients regularly, and people are eager to learn from him. The approach he uses to teach is unique and appealing. Glen pays attention to developing business ideas for successful ventures. He wants people to enjoy creating visions and seeing them come to life. He is a corporate expert for many aspiring business people. They look up to him for advice and inspiration. Glen Wakeman has lived in different countries when he assisted firms to thrive. He has always been motivated to help others succeed. He helps new entrepreneurs grow their businesses at LaunchPad Holdings through his business planning software. Glen prefers using innovative techniques to grow business ventures. The company has unique features with helpful tips to assist new entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

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