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OSI Industries began as a small business operating under the name Otto & Sons. It used to sell ground meat to restaurants in early 1909. Later on, the organization became the official supplier of ground beef mainly in West Chicago. Around 1975 it changed its name to OSI Industries and continued to supply McDonald’s business.

Recently, OSI has been working on expanding its domestic and international market. A significant player in this achievement is Sheldon Levin who joined the company in the late 1970s and contributed to developing the business to several parts of the world. The achievements involve acquiring ownership of various companies around the world.

In order to penetrate and expand towards North America, OSI in the year 2017 acquired ownership of Tyson Foods. It was specialized in production and supply of poultry products to Northern America. OSI Industries opted to purchase and expand the poultry products and also introduced a variety of products and services to meet the growing demand. Tyson Foods was a large company, and its purchase increased production and supply.

Not only did OSI Industries penetrate the domestic market but also expanded to other places such as Europe. In the year 2016, the company purchased Flagship Europe, a firm that distributed sandwich fillings, sauce, dipping, and several other products all over Europe. After the purchase, the name was changed to Creative Europe to give an impression of better service delivery to its customers in Europe. The name was also to help it achieve a strong position in the marketplace. The purchase was a great achievement as it created new territories and a better market in Europe and its surrounding.

In Spain, the company set up a plant known as Toledo. It is well known for its high production of poultry products and safe food handling services, as seen in its capacity to handle refrigerated produce. It also has a recycling and cleaning plant, which places it in a better position in the Spanish market for its environment-friendly operations.

Netherlands and Germany were the other regions that the company ventured into. It purchased Baho Foods, a company that dominated the Netherlands, Germany and many other European countries. It supplied meat and several food products to the greater region of Europe. Purchase of this company meant a big deal to OSI as it was able to provide its products and services to evolving customer needs in Europe.

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