Gregory Aziz: Inspiring A Whole New Generation Of Business People

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Unless something major happens to change your mind when you find a product that you like you typically stick with it for quite some time. This is something that is true for all consumers, even consumers that purchase items as large as a freight car for shipping purposes. CEO and owner of National Steel Car Gregory James Aziz understand that people will continue to come back to a business if they appreciate the product that they are being given. Not only did he work with the company to create a product that keeps consumers coming back, but he is sure to offer a price that makes them competitive in the first place. In fact, National Steel Car holds both the ISO 900I: 2008 certification and the TTX SECO award for having one of the highest qualities. This honor has been bestowed upon the manufacturing company since Gregory James Aziz took over in 1994.


Greg Aziz began his career in business by obtaining an economics degree from the University of Western Ontario. From there he saw an opportunity to purchase National Steel Car from the Dofasco company. Dofasco had been having a hard time keeping the company under control due to distance problems and they believed that it would be better for them to sell the company instead. Hamilton, Ontario looks like a great community to Greg James Aziz, so he moved forward with the purchase and started to work on the company immediately. He saw so much promise within the walls of the building and he pushed the existing employees with encouragement towards a better level of quality.


Now, his efforts seem to speak for themselves. The company is a worldwide manufacturer of railway freight cars, but they have also earned a stellar reputation as an engineering company. National Steel Car is now standing on the cusp of innovation with a leader who is dedicated to furthering their presence in the global community. Gregory James Aziz has been dedicated to the company for about as long as he has been a part of it. Instead of purchasing the company and letting it maintain the same level of quality and simply exist, he pushed it to create a product that has many people professing a profound commitment to his brand. He is a champion of the industry because he has pushed harder than many people in his field. It is his hope is that his legacy with this company will secure many other future businessmen desire to produce the same results.


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