Gregory Aziz The Man Behind National Steel Cars Successes

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Gregory James Aziz popularly referred to as Greg is the Chief Executive Officer of National Industries, Inc. Greg also holds the position of chairman and President of National Steel Car Limited which is one of the leading railroad freight car manufacturing firms in the world. The National Steel Car Company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz originally hails from London, Ontario and was born on April 30, 1949. Greg in pursuit of education attended Ridley College and then proceeded to the University of Western Ontario for his undergraduate studies where he majored in Economics.


James Aziz after school immediately ventured into business in 1971 and joined Affiliated Foods which was a wholesale family business dealing in foods. Greg helped the company to grow, and within 16 years, the company had become the leading importer of fresh foods from different parts of the world and mainly from Central and South America including Europe. In addition, the company was able to conquer a wide market and as a result became the leading distributor of fresh foods to a wide array of wholesale markets in different parts of the US and Eastern Canada.


James Aziz then moved to New York in the late 1980s and began his banking career. He worked on several investments banks and in 1994 he successfully negotiated a deal of purchasing National Steel Car which was previously owned by Dofasco. After Purchasing the Company, Greg began the journey of transforming the once upon a time great Canadian company into one of the leading manufacturers of railroad freight car in the whole of Northern America.


Under Greg J Aziz, Leadership National Steel Car managed to expand its manufacturing capabilities from the previous 3500 cars to about 12000 cars within five years. The tremendous growth was as a result of Greg emphasis on team building, human and capital investment and the company’s strong engineering capabilities. In less than a decade Greg was able to revolutionize the company regarding profits and increased employment opportunities. The Company that used to employ about 600 people grew fivefold to nearly 3000 people.


Besides being an entrepreneur, Gregory J Aziz is also a philanthropist and has been involved in a myriad of charitable activities. Some of the charitable activities that Greg, National Steel Car, and his family have been involved in include sponsoring of major events of the Hamilton community such as sponsoring the Salvation Army and the Theatre Aquarius among others.


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