Guilherme Paulus Gives Back To The Community

Posted on September 13, 2018 By

Guilherme Paulus has come a long way from the young man that founded travel agency CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. (CVC) in 1972. Over the years the travel agency expanded. Guilherme Paulus’s work ethic and dedication resulted in CVC becoming Brazil’s top retail tourism chain. CVC has travel agencies in over 400 shopping malls. Brazilian travelers can easily book a trip to any location.

Guilherme Paulus’s success in the tourism industry is admirable. Guilherme Paulus worked hard to achieve success and make CVC a prominent tour company in Brazil and Latin America. In 2009 CVC gained more success when Guilherme Paulus used the help of a global investment fund to trade shares of CVC on the stock exchange. CVC makes about 5.2 billion dollars a year, and the profits continue to increase every year.

A successful entrepreneur in the tourism business Paulus has a social conscious. Paulus believes in giving back to the people of Brazil and support the PIET Project. The PIET Project is a nonprofit organization that provides training for young Brazilians to work in the tourism industry. CVC also helps to sponsor other projects like Alfasol – Solidarity Literacy. Both of these nonprofit organizations help to educate Brazilians to work and hopefully someday be leaders in the tourism industry.

Through these programs, young Brazilians can join several immersion programs that help them learn about the tourism industry. Paulus hopes that from these youngsters will emerge a new set of Brazilian entrepreneurs. Paulus believes that positive changes will impact Brazil and Latin America’s growing economy. CVC doesn’t just help young people it also sponsors a medical and educational institution which helps disadvantaged people of all ages with medical care and counseling services. The institution also provides education for future career opportunities.

Paulus continues to invest in new business ventures in the tourism industry. CVC has garnered many business contacts and partners in the tourism industry. The success with CVC has pushed Paulus into delving into the hotel business. Guilherme Paulus founded the JGP group hotel chain and established several hotels throughout Brazil. Paulus continues to succeed in all business ventures related to the tourism industry.