Helane Morrison: Bringing Integrity Back into the Corporate World

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Helane Morrison and her Defined Character
Helane Morrison is a Chief Compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners. She is a woman who has a well-defined character. Integrity and ethics are a top priority for her. These are only two of the qualities that she has applied to everything in her life. Her character is something that has been apparent. She is qualified to enforce regulations and laws within the corporate world because she also has a background in law. She is a highly credible individual who has a remarkable background.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling
It has been claimed that Helane Morrison is one of the Chief Compliance Officers who is indeed shattering the glass ceiling in the Corporate World. Corruption is not being tolerated at all. The upholding of all rules and regulations is being enforced. There has been an overall sense and feeling of unease and mistrust from Americans within the financial sectors. Faith has been lost in Wall Street. It is now time to raise the trust level for the American people and start to fully enforce integrity while incorporating solid ethics again. The chaos is coming to an end in the Corporate World.

Helane Morrison and her Remarkable Background
Ms. Morrison holds the following positions at Hall Capital Partners, LLC:
* Managing Director
* Principal 
* General Counsel
* Chief Compliance Officer
* Member of Executive Committee
She has been with this firm since November, 2007. She has her BS and she obtained her education from Northwestern University. She also earned her J.D. from the University of California. This was at the School of Law. She was previously employed at Securities Exchange Commission. The positions that she held included:
* securities enforcement
* litigation
* regulatory matters
Helane Morrison is a woman who is well-versed in many areas. She brings integrity with her everywhere. This includes the Corporate World. Helane Morrison’s background with the SEC and beyond is indeed remarkable in every way. 

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