Honey Birdette Opens New Lingerie Stores

Posted on May 23, 2017 By

There are quite a few people who are using Honey Birdette for their lingerie needs, and they are noticing that they may wear better lingerie with a better design. The lingerie that is made by the company was designed to make women feel good, and this article explains how the company is expanding to the American and European market, and the company is creating a much better image around the world. Many women will feel much better about themselves when they are wearing the Honey Bridgette line, and they will change their overall style based on these lingerie pieces.

#1: The Company Is Growing

The company must grow quite a lot if they want to reach the mass public, and they are looking at locations in America and the UK that will help them find a larger audience. They waist to reach women who are buying from them online, and they may sell to these women in the store rather than online. The crossover customer is quite important, and they are buying from the company at a rate that is quite high.

#2: The Brand Image

Honey Birdette has an image that is quite different from other companies in the industry. They are a soft brand that makes beautiful lingerie in the reserved style. Women who are wearing these pieces will feel beautiful, and they will feel differently about their bodies when they slip into this brand. A woman who does this will begin to feel a change in her self-esteem and her overall appearance.

The Honey Birdette brand will help women look their best, and it is showing women that they may wear anything they like. They may find the colors and styles they need, and they will have new stores to visit in America and Europe in the near future.