How Fabletics has Secured a Niche in the Fashion Industry

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Fabletics is a highly profitable e-commerce firm that is recognized for the high-quality product athleisure wear products that it offers. The company was founded by Kate Hudson and TechStyle’s executives, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Fabletics has currently expanded its market by establishing brick and mortar stores in different parts of the United States. The company is always dedicated to ensuring that the athleisure wear that it offers are stylish and affordable to many people. The brand’s reputation has been growing over the years, and it is competing with industry giants such as Athleta, Amazon, and Lululemon. Fabletics has managed to generate about $250 million for the period that it has been in the sector. Its tremendous success has been facilitated by the reliability of its subscription program and the excellent customer service that it provides.


The subscribers of the company’s products and service are required to register an account that allows them to track their purchases. Fabletics’ website allows individuals to pay for commodities by using credit cards and different types of online payment methods. It provides two subscription plans, which are regular and VIP. The firm’s VIP subscribers enjoy advantages such as being offered gifts every month and free returns. Many people prefer shopping at Fabletics since it sells most of its products about a half their regular prices. All new clients are offered a short questionnaire that asks them about their lifestyle and taste to enable the firm’s stylist to provide them with the best products.


Kate Hudson has ensured that her company can reach customers in all states across the country. Fabletics has opened over 30 brick and mortar stores, and it is still determined to increase the number to improve its accessibility. The shops make it easy for the firm to attract people who prefer seeing products physically before they acquire them. The company has used the reverse showrooming technique to increase its profits. The strategy involves allowing people to view products on the internet, and they can later buy them from the brick and mortar stores. According to Hudson, the reputation and productivity of a brand are influenced by its relationships with clients.


Research indicates that the clients’ reviews that a company gets substantially affect its success in the market. Hudson has made sure that the marketing strategy of Fabletics considers remarks that are offered by clients. Many individuals who have never used a product get information about it by reading crowd sourced reviews that have been provided by other consumers. People trust customer reviews more than the information that is offered by the traditional advertising methods. Leading search engines like Yahoo and Google always display the results of highly rated websites on the first page. Companies that have been reviewed positively tend to attract many customers, and therefore, their returns are high.


Hudson has currently employed outstanding marketing approaches to improve the profits of the company. She uses her mobile phone to make videos that inform the public more about the products that are offered by Fabletics. The fashion company is growing at a rapid rate, and its profits increase by 35 percent every year.

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