How Guilherme Paulus Is Shaping Brazil’s Tours And Travel Industry

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Tourism is a major industry in Brazil with Rio de Janeiro being one of the most visited destinations offering foreigners and locals a fabulous peek into the heritage and natural spectacle. Tourism rates have sky-rocketed since the year 2000 onwards when awareness of the beautiful landscapes rose. But, from 2006 to 2008 the country experienced major economic issues that crippled the tourism sector.

Even so, Brazil is still one of the most visited country in South America. To support this cause, Guilherme Paulus established CVC Brasil, a tours and travel company at the age of 24. He co-founded it with a politician friend who financed the company since Guilherme Paulus was the originator of the idea. Since then, CVC has developed into a major trend setter in tourism. Paulus has also founded GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2015. Since then, the firm has been operating over 15 resorts as well as hotels in some of the more admired tourist sports in Brazil.

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The company has more than $500 million of Guilherme’s wealth as it transforms the hotel industry into a revolutionary services and products provider majoring in deluxe services. His investment has also pain off through acquiring major brands in the hotel industry including Linx, Prodigy, Saint Andrews as well as Wish, which cater to client’s various needs. Being a testament to the hotel’s growing influence in Brazil, Wish Foz do Iguacu, a five-star rated hospitality resort was recognized for its tremendous input in serving clients thereby being voted the best resort in the country.

Guilherme Paulus is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for problem solving. His successful career is appended to his dedication to helping clients to purchase high-quality travel products and services. Under his guidance, CVC has included a cruising package to the portfolio. Perhaps it’s also important to note that the company offers lucrative travel packages at affordable prices to cater to low-income earning families. In 2017 Guilherme Paulus was awarded The Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his unmatched effort in transforming the tours and travel industry into a pocket –friendly sector that caters to clients from all walks of life.


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