How Vinod Gupta Became An Icon In Information Technology Department

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Vinod Gupta success story is among the best when it comes to self-made success. He was born in 1946 in India. Vinod is a prominent entrepreneur and a businessperson. His name went viral after due to his victory after he managed to invest 100 US Dollar that he had borrowed as a loan into 680 million US Dollars. Vinod Gupta managed to discover a gap within business-to-business marketing information niche.


Vinod Gupta launched a company by the name InfoUSA which was merely a list-compiling Company. Fortunately, the company peaked and took off steadily resulting in great success. Gupta managed to acquire many companies in his previous former post, Chief Executive Officer of this company before it changed to InfoGROUP. This led to more success that earned this company more fame and honor. Vinod Gupta finally created a juggernaut within Information Technology Industry.


Guptas Investment Company is currently called Everest Group LLC. It provides venture capital for database technology startups and acquires the struggling business as well. It is mainly focused on implementing information technology in promoting and developing various firms towards achieving their objectives. Vinod Gupta is proud of creating and providing multiple employment opportunities for the under-served populations. President Bill Clinton touted Vinod Gupta for his inclusive hiring practices. Vinod Gupta devoted much of his resources towards his favorite charitable organizations. Among his philanthropic activities is funding f various schools in India. Read This Article to learn more.


Vinod Gupta is currently serves as the Managing General Partner of the famous Everest Group. Everest Group is a company that offers startup capital for businesses that are in the database technology department. This firm deals explicitly with the provision of private equity and business acumen to the poorly performing businesses. Everest Group also offers extensive consulting services to all businesses. All credit goes to Vinod Gupta for his creativity and unique management skills. He has become a significant icon in the information technology industry.


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