Hussain Sajwani: Founder of DAMAC Properties

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Hussain Sajwani is the founder and CEO of Damac properties. Orchestrate is amongst the world’s most prominent real estate booms that Hussain Sajwani has helped. In 2008, orchestrate crashed, and he also supported it. Hussain Sajwani tells a full story concerning how he built his empire and what he plans to do next in exclusive Arabian business interview.


Damac owner was asked to film a TV interview in the makeshift outdoor studio. This was following an address to the world economic forum in Davos. The American presenters were dressed in their best winter wear while Hussain Sajwani was wearing a business suit. He told himself that he never cared and always laughs when he remembers the situation.


There is a pre-interview that Damac owner recalls. The first question that followed concerned about his working as a child. He worked in their Deira based shop which belonged to their family. His father used to take him to the shop after school daily. He was at the age of between seven and eight years. Sajwani attributes some portion of his success from those days.


Most impressive the success of Damac owner is that it followed dramatic events in Dubai. The year I996 marked the beginning of property venture of Hussain Sajwani. It was the time in Deira when the construction of five- star hotel began.


The first project that Hussain Sajwani began was marina trace. He bought the land in 2002 and 2005 he started its early development in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan. Damac owner managed both property and catering business.


He also had investments in the regional stock market that were doing well between 1997 and 2002. He also had an insurance company that he owned in barman. Hussain also had a ceramic factory in Oman. This made him have a lot of money to make investments.


In 2013 December, the first real estate company in the middle east to list in the London stock exchange market was Damac. In an IPO it raised $ 379 m capping a stunning comeback. The company is looking very aggressive for opportunities notably in Europe as Hussain Sajwani says.

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