Innovative Health Care Products by Jeunesse

Posted on January 11, 2018 By

The new year is a great time to start making changes to your daily routine to live a healthier lifestyle. Most people know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are key components to healthy living. There are also many products on the market that can help an individual realize these goals too.

One company that is dedicated to helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle is Jeunesse. Jeunesse is a direct distributing company that has launched a very successful array of healthcare products known as youth enhancement products. These products include several items including skin creams, dietary supplements, energy drinks, and cosmetics.

There are a total of nine product lines by Jeunesse. Half of these products are specially formulated dietary supplements with specific goals in mind. Am Essentials is an herbal supplement designed to take in the morning. It is used to reduce the signs of aging, increase energy, and help the individual achieve a better mood. The PM Essentials formula is designed to take at night to help aid the body’s ability to get a restful slumber. The M1ND dietary supplement is designed to help increase clarity, memory, and concentration. The Finiti line is to help restore the body. These supplements are designed to work together, or individually, as needed by the user.

The most recent line of products released by Jeunesse is their cosmetics line, APT-200,NV. This product line includes a primer, foundation, and bronzer that is designed to nourish and replenish the skin while beautifying it. The products work together to give the user a professional, airbrushed quality look right at home.

Jeunesse was formed in September 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Both of these individuals have been active participants in the direct sales industry for many years. In fact, Ms. Lewis is noted as being one of the most influential women in the industry. They jointly run the company as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer. The company’s headquarters is located in Lake Mary, Florida. They have over thirty offices that serve and support markets in over 100 countries.

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