Jeff Yastine Has an Optimstic Take on Cybersecurity

Posted on March 31, 2018 By

With the Recent breach into Equifax’s database, it was becoming increasingly obvious that there is a growing need for the development of more advanced cybersecurity systems. The company lost the credit histories of nearly 145 million people, a complete hijacking of private information. Just this year, AMD and ARM found themselves in deep water when researchers identified a pair of security flaws in the companies’ processors. Catastrophes like this signify the need for a more in-depth approach to guarding stored information on the Network.

Already, there is a high level of investments being poured into cybersecurity, but as Jeff Yastine points out, the number of investments will only continue to grow in the coming years. Within his company, he has witnessed a growth of investments in cybersecurity stocks inside the Total Wealth investment portfolio. As the investments grow, so do the opportunities to invest in new markets. Yastine believes it is important to pay attention to trends. Visit Facebook for more updates.

Cryptocurrency values may be in a state of fluctuation, but the rate at which they are being developed continues to grow. Jeff Yastine mentions in a personal article that Entrepreneurs are beginning to invest heavily in blockchain technologies, and these technologies carry within them the potential to store information in a much safer way. Security Application currently being developed are integrating blockchain tech into their apps. Companies like AMD and Intel who are creating the hardware that stores and processes data will also need to step up security measures and quality checks if they are to remain relevant in an evolving market.

When taking a look at today’s cybersecurity situation, Jeff Yastine seems to be optimistically observing the growing trends. Around $7.6 billion has been invested in cybersecurity startups during the past year. Venture Capitalists who invested this extraordinary amount of capital, nearly doubled the total dollar number of the previous year’s investments. In an article he wrote, Jeff Yastine referenced a prediction that made a couple years ago by CSO Online. The prediction was that spending totals would increase by as much as 15 percent, year-to-year, before the year 2022. Recently the federal government announced that in 2019, it intends to devote $14.9 billion of the proposed budget to invest in cybersecurity across all federal agencies. If this goes through, then spending will have increased by 14 percent since 2017. Read: