Jeff Yastine in Financial Journalism and Editing

Posted on March 9, 2018 By

Jeff Yastine of Banyan Hill Publishing is serving at the publishing agency as the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. He also frequently contributes to Winning Investor Daily and the Sovereign Investor Daily which are two other publications of the agency.

In his works at the Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine focuses on providing investors with insight on business, monetary trends, economic trends, as well as highlighting rising opportunities in the field of finance.

Jeff Yastine started his career at the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He was an Editorial Director. Before joining the agency, Jeff Yastine had amassed over twenty years of experiences in feds such as financial journalism and stock market investment.

Over the course of his career, Jeff Yastine has had many accomplishments. One of those was being nominated for an Emmy award while he was working as a correspondent and anchor for the PBS Nightly Business Report for about 15 years from 1994 up until 2010. During that stage of his career, he has interviewed many of the most prominent investors in business at the time such as Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, and many other professionals.

Another massive accomplishment of Jeff Yastine was that his reporting and analytical approach to his line of work helped warn investors about an approaching crisis. Jeff Yastine and several other professionals recognized the signs of the crisis that occurred in the mid-2000s in the industry of real estate. Jeff Yastine was also instrumental in warning business people about the dot-com crisis in the year 2000.

Later on, Jeff Yastine was a reporter on several national events including the oil spill of Deepwater Horizon that happened in 2010. Before that, he was on-sight and reporting what financial impact the Hurricane Katrina had in 2005. Jeff Yastine has also done reporting on the manufacturing plant established in the south-west of the United States of America, and hundreds of other topics and events.

During his career in financial journalism, Jeff Yastine was sent to Cuba two time, on both occasions reporting about the role that foreign investors had on the national economy of the country. The first visit was when those investments were on the rise in 1994 and then again in 2003 when it was already apparent that investors were there to stay.

In 2002, along with several thereby journalists, Jeff Yastine was an award as the tea created a special report on the bond market of the US. In 2007, Jeff Yastine was nominated for a Business Emmy. Read more: