Krishen Iyer Helps To Get His Clients On The Right Marketing Path

Posted on November 6, 2018 By

Krishen Iyer has built his company utilizing his extensive expertise in online marketing. That, coupled with his highly refined technical skills, has brought him a high level of success at Managed Benefit Services. He the CEO and founder of the firm.


The company provides its clients with customized marketing solutions that entail bringing them together with lead-generating firms. Krishen Iyer excels at client relations, and he effectively meets their company’s unique marketing needs with client-specific strategies. Managed Benefit Services primarily focuses on the needs of healthcare, dental, and insurance professionals. They provide full-service marketing services and consultation services.


Krishen Iyer grew up in California and continues to live in the Fresno area. The headquarters of the company are in Fresno. He graduated from the San Diego State University, and he achieved his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Urban Development. After his graduation, he took a position in the insurance industry. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident in, among other things, his curious nature, his interest in technological developments, and his attention to the smallest detail. This has helped him in school as well as in his career endeavors.


His days are busy working with clients and accomplishing his other responsibilities and daily activities. Krishen believes it is most productive for him to work with his clients in the earlier part of the day. This then allows him the time to plan for their needs throughout the rest of the day. He places a great deal of emphasis on communications with other people. The input obtained from conversation and collaboration helps create great ideas. Krishen Iyer provides provides his clients with insightful marketing ideas that help build their businesses with a strategic, cost effective plan.