Madison Street Capital Announces Award For Leadership

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Madison Street Capital (MSC) recently announced its recent M&A Advisors 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. The prize was given to Anthony Marsala, MSC’s Chief Operating Officer, in recognition for his achievements and expertise in the industry. He was one of a pool of impressive nominees, and selected by a panel of judges representing the most distinguished business leaders in this field. The M&A award began as the 40 Under 40 Awards in 2010 in the United States, and recognizes the achievements of young professionals in the M&A and financing arena who have made significant contributions to the industry and the community.

Mr. Marsala was both thrilled and humble in receiving the award. ” However, he gave credit to his team, stating “It would not have been possible without the support of such a dedicated and exceptional team of supporters.” Mr. Marsala is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of MSC. He has a 15 year track record in the investment banking industry. Through the National Association of Valuators and Analysts, he has received a CVA. Also, he was selected to participate in the Crain’s Leadership Academy Program of 2016.

Madison Street Capital is an boutique international investment banking firm dedicated to the needs of the small and middle-market. It is a leader in its field, and has a commitment to integrity, excellence, leadership and service. It is centered in Chicago, Illinois. With a focus of helping its clients succeed in the global market place, it first embraces their goals and objectives as its own. Then it proceeds to offer corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to best position its clients in a global market. It offers its services to both publicly and privately owned businesses.

From raising capital to successful M&A transactions and transfers of ownership, Madison Street Capital has built a reputation for excellence and earned the trust, and loyalty, of its customers. Its philosophy is that emerging markets are at the core of motivating the worldwide growth of its clients, and dedicates significant resources to those markets. The firm goes above and beyond any legal requirements for disclosure, to prove it can be trusted in an industry that has been a victim of uncertainty since the economic declines and scandals of 2008.

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    He was especially taken by the importance of the recognition he received in “this competitive industry. In focusing on integrity most of all, it has succeeded at providing the quality and care in service needed in troubled economic climates. It is the greatest fit that could have understood about will take place there by all means.

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