Malcolm CasSelle Puts Faith in WAX Taking Cryptocurrnecy into the Future

Posted on July 22, 2018 By

Malcolm CasSelle really believes in his new P2P market platform WAX, in fact he believes in it so much he is calling it the future of cryptocurrency. Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX for short, utilized blockchain technology to operate in decentralized markets. This means any games using the WAX network can trade digital assets and currency between each other, offering players a return of investment for their virtual wares. As experts are looking at blockchains and tokenizations to carry cryptocurrency to the future, speculation is that in the next decade traditional banking may be virtualized. CasSelle certainly thinks so, and as an early stage investor of Bitcoin his opinion carries a lot of weight.

CasSelle has a bachelor’s degree from MIT, which he followed with a Master’s degree from Stanford, both of which are in computer science. He formed his first company in 1995 and has staying in the virtual sector ever since. CasSelle is a top level executive, entrepreneur, and talented investor. Currently he is the CIO for OPSkins, and now the president and CEO for WAX.

CasSelle has been part of numerous companies that have been involved in various sectors of the digital marketplace. He has gone from website creation, to online paywalls, to social media, and now to in-game asset sales. CasSelle has a wide range of experience and is primarily responsible for OPSkins being a global leader for in-game asset sales, as well as the top Bitcoin merchant on the planet.

WAX allows for cross game trading and selling which many peg as not just the future of gaming but of finance in general. With blockchains and tokenization the possibility of a universal marketplace looms ever closer. Digital assets which can represent any currency or trade medium, bought and sold over a market that requires no middleman, giving each side what they need in their respective currencies.

CasSelle sees WAX as the beginning of all this, the first step towards the mainstream of gaming taking interest. Such a development would change the way in-game assets are sold, and would add trade to the market. Such a development could lead to the whole finance sector going completely virtual.