MB2 Dental: Freeing Dentists’ Time up to Focus on Their Patients

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Running a successful dental practice is no easy feat. The medical side of the practice is very time-consuming for dental hygienists and dentists alike. Depending on the procedure a single patient can require several hours of work in a single day tying up dental professionals from other patients not to mention not being able to attend to customer service needs. That is why MB2 Dental offers something extra special to aid dental practices to become more successful and have higher levels of customer satisfaction. MB2 works with a large group of affiliated dentists and practices. They essentially take care of all of the office work and beyond.

Being an independent or group practicing dentist is very difficult. They have to worry about scheduling, billing, marketing, training employees, and so much more without the help of a company doing it for them. MB2 Dental takes care of all of those needs plus accounting, bill collections, ordering and upkeep of supplies, keeping everything in compliance with regulations, and recruiting new employees just to name a few of their services. The goal of MB2 is to let the dentists focus on patient care and their highly trained staff take care of everything else. MB2 offers dentists more than just in-house services, they also become part of a larger network of dental providers.

MB2 Dental Solutions offices branches are now in five states, Alaska, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Founder and CEO Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, created MB2 in 2007 after many years of practicing dentistry with many frustrations he felt could be handled better. Who better to fix problems in the dental field than a dentist who has seen everything first hand, nobody. From modest origins to now, a decade later, the company has over 1,000 employees and more than 80 affiliated dental offices. The success of their business has been largely due to following through with the services they promise affiliates. Everyone wins when work is properly done, patients are cared for and happy, and dentists are not forced to stress about thousands of details in addition to their normal duties.

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