Meet Julia Jackson, of Jackson Family Wines

Posted on May 30, 2017 By

In the sort of casual interviews that pop up in Sonoma wine growers trade publications, or No-Cal wine business magazines, Julia Jackson can be heard declaring Sonoma the best cabernet region. Sometimes focus falls on the family’s Jackson-Kendall imprint, and other times the discussion is purely about the Cambria label. Whether speaking as someone who grew up within a wine dynasty family, or in her more official capacith as spokesperson for Jackson family wines Julia commonly heaps praise on her parents. Her late father Jess Jackson; the founder, rooted in the work of Jackson Family Wines for many years. Her mother, Barbara Banke, for her amazing business acumen, her managerial skills that keep the family’s businesses on top. Learn more about Julia at

In an interview that appeared here:, the Scripps grad elaborates on the role both parents played, showing her and telling her, how woman were perfectly equal and capable and appreciated in a traditionally boys club kind of industry. Her dad always voiced support. Her mother set an example, continuing to this day, of what a female leader could achieve. Julia jackson, now herself an adult operating in a leadership capacity, wants girls growing up now to have role models to nourish them, and opportunities they wouldn’t normally have without an assist or a dose of inspiration, and women to be recognized for challenges they have overcome. The Cambria line of wines with the Jackson empire, is in particular run by 3,strong supportive Jackson women. Julia’s founding of Cambria Seeds of Enrichment, in 2014, acknowledged this. The organization awards grants yearly to non-profits who share Julia’s vision.

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