Meet the CEO of the National Steel Car: Gregory Aziz

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Success and accomplishments of goals take a long time sometimes. However, what matters is the focus and being aware of exactly what you are working hard to have. Sometimes we got to start from other ventures to help us get to our destination. Many young investors end up giving up because they are not ready to start small. The dream of Gregory J Aziz to own the National Steel Car Company took him long enough, but he finally got to live his dream.


Gregory Aziz attended the University of Western Ontario where he studied Economics. This was the foundation of his entrepreneur life. Through the schooling, he got to understand the basic skills of running a business. In 1971, Greg Aziz began working for his family business that specialized in wholesale of fresh foods. His skills in business were still polished because, after 16 years of running the business, the firm moved to the next level and became a global business.


In the 1980s, James Aziz remembered he had to pursue his dream, and so he moved to New York in search of banking opportunities. This was laying the foundation of purchasing the National Steel Car from Dofasco. He aimed to buy the small Canadian Company and make it the most prominent company in freight car manufacturing in North America.

In 1994, Gregory Aziz finally purchased the company from its previous owner Dofasco. Although the company was not in good shape then, the biggest part of his dream had been accomplished. All that was required of him was to apply everything he had learned in school and when running his family business to uplift his business, and this he did. James Aziz encouraged team building activities which helped his employees cooperate with each other throughout the organization. Greg knew that it would be impossible to achieve success without teamwork. He also ensured that he minimized the use of resources while maximizing the output of the company. Click Here to learn more.

Five years after the purchase of the firm, Gregory Aziz was already making major milestones. The company’s output rose to 12000 freight cars annually from the initial output of 3500 railroad cars per year. This meant that the employees in the National Steel Car Company could not sustain the labor anymore. The firm, therefore, employed 2400 more employees to cover the workload.

Gregory Aziz continues to prosper in the business as the National Steel Car is the most prestigious conglomerate in the freight car manufacturing in North America. It is only through patience we get to achieve our dreams.



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