National Steel Car Earned TTX SECO Award Annually Under Gregory Aziz

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Gregory James Aziz is guiding the helm of National Steel Car. The company has been a fixture in Canada’s economy and is, in fact, the largest producer of steel freight railroad cars in the entirety of North America. National Steel Car is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario and employs more than three thousand people in the region. Greg Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car and he has held leadership positions within the company since the mid-1990s.


Prior to that he was working as an investment banker and living in New York City. It just so happened that National Steel Car was assigned as one of his clients. The team that met with him was incredibly impressed. It just so happened that they were looking for a new addition to their leadership team and decided to offer the position to Gregory J. Aziz. Gregory Aziz accepted and soon relocated to Canada to become the company’s CEO.


1Gregory James Aziz has been so successful in these capacities that he helped National Steel Car earn the prominent title of North America’s largest producer of steel railway freight cars in all of North America. In fact, during his first five years he successfully expanded the workforce from a mere 600 people to the size the workforce is today at nearly 3,000 people working for National Steel Car. His business philosophy is to always invest in human capital. He believes in bringing in good people, paying them well and ensuring they have a positive working environment.


This philosophy has paid off handsomely, as National Steel Car has become one of the most desirable places to work in Canada and jobs are heavily vied for. In addition to expanding the workforce, in his first five years he also considerably grew the volume of freight cars that were being built by employees of National Steel Car. The number jumped from around 3,500 freight cars being manufactured every year to an impressive 12,000 cars being built by National Steel Car. Go Here for more information.

Greg Aziz has also helped National Steel Car to earn many prominent awards that have helped bolster the company’s global reputation. The company has earned the industry’s most prestigious certification of the ISO 9001:2008 in manufacturing and engineering every year for eighteen years. Additionally, National Steel Car has garnered the TTX SECO award for having the highest quality steel cars every year since 1996.


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